Evaluation- Process, Pros, Cons & Team Efforts


This photo films brief was about creating 6 moving image style posters to advertise a new TV series that would be featured on the channel Sky Atlantic. Working in the same groups as the Open Short Film brief, we had creative control of making up our hypothetical TV series and how our moving image posters would look. The 6 moving image posters were to be featured in tube and bus stations, so therefore they had to advertise the TV show correctly whether they were by themselves or whether all 6 were together. The final moving image posters had to be a GIF style video which had it on a loop, and we could either edit it in the style of time lapse, stop motion, cinemagraph or parallax.

The process for this project wasn’t so smooth for us, and we faced a lot of issues when it came to finding models, the day of our shoot, and mainly editing the posters.

Again, we have worked really well as a team, helping each other out, communicating and supporting each other. We have managed to create 6 moving image posters in time for hand in which we are proud of, bearing in mind we struggled.


There were a few good positive sides to this particular project. The main one being that we were very organised and prepared for the day of our shoot. We all fulfilled the same job roles as the short film project. I was in charge of styling/accessories/props, Emily was in charge of sourcing the models and props, and Rachel was in charge of sorting out the makeup and props also. We all did really well at sorting everything out on time and getting the right equipment etc to make the photos how we had imagined them to be. I had some really good ideas of how to dress our characters from the start of the project and was more than excited to fulfil my role.

The models that Emily managed to find fit the character profiles well and were really friendly to work with on the day, Emily also did a good job of providing some good quality props from our old secondary school. Rachel did a really good job with finding a makeup artist who could do SFX makeup as well as normal base makeup.

I personally feel that I did a really good job also with providing the clothes and accessories for our character portrait shots. I managed to supply a good quality hospital gown, casual canular and electrotherapy pads for our Hatch character to wear, and all of these put together looked really good, and worked well for the images/scene we were trying to portray. The lab coats, clipboards and glasses also looked really good for the portraits of the two scientists. It really put them into character and looked good in the pictures I took.

We organised and split up our time really well on the day of our studio slot (21/05/18). We assigned two posters to each group member, meaning that it was fair and an equal amount of shooting was being done by each group member. I took the two scientist portraits, Emily photographed Hatch and a prop poster, and Rachel photographed two prop posters. We also had a really good system going on on the day. We split our small studio space in half and had the portraits being taken on one side and the prop shots being taken on the other side of the room. This worked really well as no one was in the way of anyone while they were taking images, and it meant that we could photograph more than one thing at a time, which saved us a lot of time and hassle.

Again, no arguments with this project, just a few different opinions and ideas that we resolved and overcame and put together to create our final pieces.



As well as positives, there are always negatives to a project. The main issues being that we were really struggling to find a female model to play one of the scientists. We put  numerous posts and emails out there trying to find someone, and we had women replying who were up for it… until we mentioned about the SFX makeup and a bit of blood. This turned a lot of people off of the idea and we were struggling to find a female model right up until the day before our shoot. Luckily a lady messaged me last minute on Facebook who was up for it as she was into acting and modelling and she was excited to work with us and play our character. The next big issue was that the girl we had sorted to play our Hatch character, had some issues with trains and travel on the morning of our shoot and therefore couldn’t make it to Ravensbourne. So at 9:45am, we had no model to play our main character and we were due to start shooting at 10am. Luckily, our makeup artist improvised last minute and she was more than happy to help us out and play Hatch. In a way, it was a blessing in disguise, as she fit the role perfectly, probably a bit better than the original girl we had sorted. Saffie, the MUA had the perfect look so we were happy for her to fill in as our character. She did the makeup for the two scientists while also getting herself ready into the alien character. She was working hard all morning and pulled off playing the character really well. We were so thankful towards Saffie as she really helped us out.

After the shooting was done, we then had issues with editing it and putting our 6 posters together. For some reason, exporting and rendering out of Premier Pro was not working, and compressing the files so much that they were then turning out to be really bad quality. I then tried it again in Photoshop and had a bit more success with it except, my laptop then wouldn’t let me render the files/sequences I had made so I had to send them to Rachel for her to render them for me. I was a bit disappointed with how the final posters ended up coming out. As we had issues with editing, rendering and finalising, they don’t ‘morph’ as well as we were hoping. They turned out to be more of a transition/fade. Although this technique still worked for our posters and got the same idea across, I was a bit disappointed. As we didn’t have a lot of time or help to edit them, we had to try to the best of our ability. For that, I am proud of us as a group as we managed to still create 6 moving image posters that advertise our TV series, ready for hand in.

Another thing I am disappointed about is the fact that our final posters don’t have the TV series logo or the Sky Atlantic logo on them. While editing, I was so stressed out and focused on trying to get the transitions right and exported in good quality that it slipped my mind, and before I knew it, Rachel had rendered them and uploaded them for us to see. Adding the logo at such a late date would mean that we would have to start right from the beginning again, an add the logos to the JPEG edits, to then remake the sequences and re-render the videos. Our laptops were struggling with making them in the first place, so it wouldn’t have worked well with remaking then. And as I already said, we were tight for time before hand in.


Team Efforts-

Like the short film project, we all worked really well together and really helped each other out to create everything in time for hand in. We all fulfilled our job roles better than we all expected meaning that we organised everything to the best of our ability to make our project run as smoothly as possible. Emily did a really good job at finding the male model to play the scientist as he fit the character profile really well. And Emily also did a good job with sourcing a lot of the science props. Rachel did really well with sorting out our makeup artist really early on, and also she was really helpful with helping edit the posters.

I personally feel that I did really well in supplying good quality and appropriate outfits and accessories to dress our characters up in. Which made the character portraits look really good. I also did well at helping Emily source some models last minute. And overall I feel that I contributed well to the shooting, editing and supporting the other group members.

We all worked really well together and supported each other with making everything work. I am pleased that we have managed to create 6 moving image posters and am pleased with how they look.

Turning Our Images Into Moving Image Posters- Using Photoshop

The editing process for the 6 moving image posters proved to be a lot harder than we thought.

First of all, I tried to edit on Premier Pro. On Premier Pro, I created a short sequence of the portrait images, and in the middle of the playbacks, I put a cross fade effect, which allowed the images to fade/transition into one another, giving the kind of effect we were after. I then rendered the sequences from the In to the Out points so they’d run smoother and not jump. Although it wasn’t 100% what we wanted, as it didn’t morph as well as we had imagined in our heads, we were on a very tight time schedule to get these finished in time for hand in, so we had to try and do the best we could and get them done.

When I then tried to export them out of Premier Pro, it compressed the files down so much that whatever format and quality I tried to export them in, it was too pixelated and jumpy and it would only work by exporting them as Quick Time MP4’s, when we realistically wanted them as GIF’s, that would loop over and over again, meaning our images would constantly morph. I tried as best as I could to export them as GIF’s but nothing was working and they wouldn’t play on my computer. I tried numerous times and spent very long hours trying to nail this, but it just wasn’t happening.

In the end, I tried them in Photoshop. I created the same repetitive sequence that I did in Premier Pro, with the repeated images and then the cross fade in-between. I ran each image for 3 seconds, and each cross fade for 0.75 seconds. This gave enough time for the image to be viewed in enough detail, and then to also see the transition/morph happen.

This is what the sequence and changing of images looks like in the Photoshop files-

Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at 2.54.58 pmScreen Shot 2018-06-03 at 3.09.13 pmScreen Shot 2018-06-03 at 3.09.40 pm

I made the files for the three portrait posters of Hatch and the two scientists and Rachel made the 3 prop posters, After I had made the sequences for the portrait posters, I then had to render them so that they would run smoother and export out of photoshop as a good quality video. However, my laptop was struggling to do this for some reason, and it just wasn’t letting it happen. It was exporting them properly and then wouldn’t play anything back once it had rendered and exported.

To overcome this issue, I sent my 3 photoshop files over to Rachel, and she managed to render and export them for me as her laptop could handle it. Once they were done, Rachel uploaded them onto the shared Google Drive we have for me to see and I was happy with how they looked. I was also grateful that Rachel could help me out with rendering them for me.

I opened one of the rendered files Rachel had made from my original Photoshop file and it played the same sequence except it was smoother and had flattened it all into one layer.

Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at 3.10.00 pm

Editing Our Chosen Images- JPEGS

These are the edits of the RAW images we chose. Emily edited the images of Saffie/Hatch. I edited the images of the scientists, Lucy (Pippa) and Thomas (Bryce), and Rachel edited all of the prop images, the egg, petri dishes and flasks.

In the portrait images I edited, I didn’t do a lot of retouching, as I didn’t want it to look too edited. As we did most of the work with the lighting when taking the images, all they needed was to be made a bit darker on the shadows and a bit lighter on the white backdrop. I also slightly retouched the skin, making it look a bit smoother, and I also enhanced the red blood and effects within the bite marks on their face and neck.

Rachel mainly edited the actual prop rathe than the background. As the props were well lit anyway, they didn’t need a lot of work but the slight adjustments Rachel did make has made them look really good for the posters. Emily also made the ones of Hatch look good in terms of some slight lightening and darkening of areas, hiding the bald cap line and enhancing some of the green tones.

Which Images We Chose To Use- RAWS

These are the images we chose to use and merge together for our final 6 moving image posters. We chose these particular images for each of the posters as we all felt that they fit together the best, and gave across exactly what we want to portray in our posters. These images had the best moods, lighting and angles to make the posters look how we wanted them.

Now we need to edit these pictures to enhance the shadows and also lighten the white tones in the images. We also need to slightly retouch the skin and get rid of the marks on the background.

Our Images- Contact Sheets

Overall we took around 1000 images of the three actors and the three prop posters. These are a few contact sheets from the pictures we took on the day. I took the images of Bryce and Pippa, Emily took the images of Saffie and the petri dish and Rachel took the images of the egg and the test tubes. We kept the images in the exact same positions or as close as we possibly could so then when it came to morphing, they would be the same and give the best effect. When taking the portraits, I made sure we got them in the same positions by making little marks on the backdrop so the models knew where to line themselves up and so we knew where to place the props.

Now we had all of our images, we needed to go through and select our favourites to then edit and turn into moving image posters.











Normal Egg/ Cracked Egg-



Normal Petri Dish/ Cracked Petri Dish-



Normal Test Tube/ Overflowing Test Tube-

Our Shoot Day- 21/05/18

The final day for us to shoot our Sky Atlantic posters was Monday 21st May, and Matt had allocated us an all day slot from 10am-4pm. This was more than enough time to get everything shot and filmed as we worked really well as a team and had everything organised.

Emily managed to get all the models there for 9:30am and Rachel got the MUA there for the same time. We felt that 9:30 was early enough so Saffie could quickly do some basic skin makeup on Bryce and Pippa while we were still setting up the studio ready to start shooting at 10am.

On the morning of the shoot, at 9:45am, the model we had planned to act as ‘Hatch’ had some issues with the trains and ended up not being able to make it to Ravensbourne. We were then really stuck with what to do as we didn’t have anyone else to play our character and we didn’t have enough time in the week to book the studio out again. In the end, we got our makeup artist Saffie to play Hatch. She did the makeup on Pippa and Bryce and then started getting herself ready in the alien form of Hatch. This wasn’t an issue to us as Saffie fit the look just as well as Kiera did, if not a bit better, so in a way it was a blessing in disguise to us as she ended up playing the part really well and doing a really good job with the SFX makeup.

When we were in the studio setting up, I thought it would be a good idea to split the studio space we had in half. As we were already sharing the studio with another group on the other side of the curtain, we already had a small amount of space. I thought it would be more practical if we split our small space in half, and have the portraits of the people being taken on one side of the room and then the prop shots being taken on a table on the other side of the room. Emily and Rachel agreed this would work well so thats how we set up our studio space.

We split the image taking fairly so that everyone got an equal chance at taking photos. We assigned each of ourselves two posters each, meaning we would all have an equal amount to do. I took the images for the 2 posters of the 2 scientists, Lucy and Thomas. Emily took the images of Hatch and the petri dishes and then Rachel took the images of the test tube and the egg.

Overall, our shoot day was very successful, we took all of the images we wanted/needed to, managed to set everything up fine, had all of our props and equipment and overall, worked really well as a team. We finished shooting a bit early meaning we had enough time to pack up and be out of the studio just before 4pm.

Final Equipment & Props Lists-

These are the final equipment and props lists to go through and make sure we have everything for our studio shoot slot tomorrow.

Photography Equipment-

  • 3x Canon Cameras
  • 6x Canon Camera Batteries
  • 3X SD Cards
  • 3x Hot Shoe Adaptors
  • 3x Macbook Laptops
  • 3x Macbook chargers
  • Hard Drive
  • QP Cards
  • Elinchrom digital 1200RX
  • Octolight Softbox
  • 2x Elinchrom Small Square Softbox
  • 2x Elinchrom Pro HD 500RX Flash Heads
  • Elinchrom Quadra Ring Flash
  • Backdrop
  • Backdrop Stands Set
  • 4x Light Stands
  • 1x Polyboard and Stand
  • 2x Small tables
  • White cube

Props & Clothing-

  • Hospital gown
  • Nasal Canular
  • Sticky Head Pads
  • Blouse/ Smart top
  • Pencil skirt or smart trousers
  • Smart shirt
  • Jeans
  • Shoes
  • Pens, Pencils, Whiteboard Markers
  • Scissors
  • Smart glasses
  • Science Goggles
  • Clipboard
  • Petri dishes
  • White board
  • Food colouring
  • Eggs
  • Egg Stand
  • Books
  • Measuring jugs
  • Measuring cylinders
  • Funnels
  • Peppets/syringes
  • Test tubes
  • Test tube holders
  • Bunsen burner, mat and tripod




What Props and Costumes I Have Provided


As Emily managed to get majority of the props from our old secondary school, there weren’t that many left to get. We just needed a whiteboard, scissors and mainly a large egg. Luckily, Emily’s mum had a whiteboard and marker set at home, so she could bring that in.

We weren’t having much luck with the egg. We originally wanted a large ostrich sized egg that we could photograph normally and then crack and photograph too. We wanted to have a larger sized egg so that it looked better in images, the cracks would be bigger and therefore look better on camera. We couldn’t find any online anywhere that were either the right size or shape and none of them would be delivered on time. To overcome this issue, I bought some large eggs, that we could crack on the day of the shoot and then enlarge them even more on Photoshop. I also managed to find green food colouring to change the colour of the liquid from clear to green. 

Clothing and Accessories-

As well as extra background props, I was in charge of the styling for the character images. I followed the mood boards I made and looked at the character references and chose to dress each character in the following.

Hatch- hospital gown, nasal canular, electrotherapy sticky head pads

Lucy- white lab coat, clipboard, science goggles, smart looking glasses

Thomas- white lab coat, clipboard, science goggles, smart looking glasses

I supplied these items for the characters as I thought they would look best and really help them get into character.

Models & Makeup Artists- Who We Are Using…


Finding models for this project was a lot harder than we all anticipated, Emily was really struggling to find people who were willing to take part. Everyone we asked was up for modelling for us, until SFX makeup was mentioned, and people were very put off of the idea. I managed to help Emily find someone to model for our Hatch character and also the female scientist, Lucy.

The girl we found for Hatch was an old school friend and she fit the look we were after with the short hair and androgynous style features and she was up for it when I first messaged her about it. I then passed her details on to Emily so she could sort out the dates and times with Kiera (the model).

Emily found the male model who would play the male scientist Thomas, she managed to find a guy called Bryce, who fit the character profile we had made.

The one character that Emily struggled to find a model for was the female scientist. She came to me and Rachel for help looking for someone as our shoot day was getting closer and we needed someone asap. We all put out various posts on lots of modelling groups and pages and was having no luck. Then a few days later, a girl called Pippa got in touch with me regarding one of the posts I put out and luckily she said yes to modelling for us and was also fine with having special effects makeup applied on her.

Makeup Artist-

Rachel found us a SFX makeup artist who had confirmed she could make it for our shoot right at the start, so we were confident we always had a makeup artist there. We were trying to find a second MUA to speed up the process of getting everyone ready on time, but we couldn’t find anyone else, so we just stuck with just the one MUA.

The SFX MUA that Rachel found was a girl called Saffie Dunlop. Rachel showed us images of the looks and effects she had previously created and we were all really impressed with her skills and knew she’d be perfect to create the SFX looks for our shoot for the alien and bitten scientists.

What Props We Managed To Get

For the props, all 3 of us were looking on Amazon, eBay and even some theatrical hire places, and it all worked out to be very expensive to purchase or rent them for a few days for our shoot and some of the delivery dates wouldn’t have been in time. With little money between us and little time left before the day of our shoot, we had to result to other resources.

We tried to think of places where we could try and get or borrow the props we needed for free. Emily and I got on well with the technicians at our old secondary school and had the idea of emailing them to ask if we could borrow some equipment. Emily emailed them and very fortunately they responded saying it was perfectly fine for us to borrow as much equipment as we needed. On the day we could collect it, Emily was the only one able to go and get it so she went down and they let her take as much as we needed.

Emily managed to leave our old secondary school with…

  • 2 wooden test tube holders
  • a bunsen burner, mat and tripod
  • 2 large measuring cylinders
  • 4 medium sized test tubes
  • 2 funnels
  • 2 peppets
  • 2 pairs of protective goggles
  • 2 large beakers
  • 2 small beakers
  • 2 circular based beakers
  • a metal test tube holder

This was more than enough to create a science lab scene with. We just had to get a few more items from our homes such as scissors. pliers and a whiteboard with pens. Emily also ordered some glass petri dishes from Amazon as we didn’t want to ruin the ones we borrowed form the school, as we were going to be smashing them.

Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 5.34.07 pm

How We’re Going To Use Lighting- Diagrams & References

Portrait Lighting Idea-

We want our character portrait to look very dramatic and also quite eerie through the use of shadows and lighting. Similar to these images below, we want to try and cast a shadow over half of the face so it is almost hidden and can’t be seen, and then we want half the face to be well lit, having a strong dramatic contrast. Having strong shadow creates an eerie and dramatic effect to pictures, which will look good when our posters transition/morph into the characters being bitten and as an alien.

Portrait Lighting Diagram-

Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 6.36.32 pm

This is a rough sketch of how we will light our portraits on the day of our shoot. We are thinking of having a dark coloured polyboard on one side of the model, a low lit flash head on the opposite side of the model and then also use a ring flash. The ring flash will be used to fully light up half of the face, and the dim flash head and black polyboard will be used to create a shadow over half of their face and body. We still aren’t sure whether to use a white or black backdrop as a white backdrop will make it look more medical/lab like but black will create darker lighting and shadows.

Prop Lighting Idea-

When it comes to lighting our props, we want to have them quite well lit but maybe have a small amount of shadow on some of the props/set up in the background. As long as our main prop featuring in the poster is well lit, then the rest doesn’t matter so much. We are thinking of having quite a small set up and using a big light, or a few flash heads so that we can light the small area well. We want the main prop well lit so that the main focus is on that and that you don’t get distracted by the background props/set up.

Prop Lighting Diagram-

Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 6.47.47 pm

This is another rough sketch of how we will light our prop poster shots. We have decided that the Octalight with an Elinchrom 1200 RX flash head will give us more than enough light and flash to light up the main prop and the set. We are going to have a whiteboard in the background which will also help reflect light and brighten it up.


Props & Equipment- Moodboard

When it comes to the props and equipment to use in our images, we are all going to try and source as much as we can. We felt as a group that this role was one to be shared equally. These are our moodboards for the kind of props, equipment and set ups we want for our posters. We need to set the science and make it look realistic that we are photographing in a science lab so therefore we are going to need items such as beakers, test tubes, racks, tubes, measurement jugs, scissors, pliers, tools, a bunsen burner and jars.

Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 5.32.07 pm

SFX Makeup- Moodboard

Rachel’s role in the group was to sort out the makeup artists and create the kind of looks we wanted in our posters. Rachel created these mood boards to send to makeup artists to see if they’d be able to achieve the looks we wanted. As a group we were all happy with the ideas and moodboards that were being sent out. The first moodboard is for the alien style SFX makeup. We all agreed to keep the alien still very human like so you can still tell its a human that can change from human to alien. The second moodboard is for the SFX makeup when it comes to the images of the scientists being bitten. We want a simple yet effect looking bite/wound and some blood to make it look like they have been badly hurt by Hatch.

Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 5.33.46 pm
Alien SFX Moodboard

Models- Moodboards

While I have been sorting the styling and Rachel sorting out the makeup, Emily has been sorting out models and trying to find the right person to fit our character profiles. She has been trying to find three models to play Hatch, Lucy and Thomas. Emily has created some moodboards to help visualise the kind of person we are after.

To play Hatch, we are after an androgynous looking girl to play the role. Taking reference from Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things, we want her to act, look and be like her. Emily is trying to find a girl with very short or shaved hair and to also have boyish features.

Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 5.32.28 pm
Hatch Moodboard

The moodboard for Lucy, shows that we are looking for a very pretty and mature woman, preferably a bit older than a teenager/young adult. As long as the woman Meily finds has long hair, pretty features and a smart look, she will work very well for our character.

Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 5.32.49 pm
Female Scientist Moodboard

For our male scientist we want to find a more scruffy and nerdy looking guy to play him. We want the male to look the opposite to the female scientist so it changes our images a bit and they don’t both give off the same vibe. Scruffy hair, facial hair and a young wish face with glasses is the kind of look we are after and hoping Emily can find.

Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 5.33.02 pm
Male Scientist Moodboard

6 Poster Ideas- Recap & More Detail

Poster 1- Hatch/ Child-

This poster will start off with an image of our model looking like a normal human, with no makeup or anything on, the poster will then change into an image of the same model dressed up as an alien version of herself through morphing. The costume int arms of the hospital gown will be the same, the only thing that will change will be the face/SFX makeup. The poster will have a plain background so all of the focus will be on our main character.

Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 3.02.07 pm
Poster 1- Hatch

Poster 2- Female Scientist-

This poster will start off with an image of our female character “Lucy” looking normal. She will be a mature looking woman, dressed in a lab coat as she is a scientist. Again, the background will be plain so she is the main focus. The poster will then morph/change into the same woman but she will have been bitten and is bleeding. Her facial expression will have changed so she looks like she is in pain.

Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 3.02.25 pm
Poster 2- Female Scientist

Poster 3- Male Scientist-

This poster will look the same as the previous two posters of our main character except this time it will be a male model as a scientist. We wanted our male scientist “Thomas” to look more smart/nerdy than Lucy. Our character will be wearing the same lab coat as Lucy’s portrait and he will also be wearing glasses. His poster will then morph into him being bitten and bleeding and looking in pain but the SFX makeup will be in a different position to Lucy’s. These posters will be on a constant loop, like a GIF, so that you constantly see the faces morphing from normal to bleeding all the time.

Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 3.02.36 pm
Poster 3- Male Scientist

Poster 4- Egg

The next poster we are going to make will be a props poster of an egg. This egg symbolises the egg that Hatch, our main character came from. The first image will be of a large, plain egg, on a stand and then the next image it will morph into the same egg except it will be cracked/open. To show that the alien/child has hatched and come to life. The backdrop for the props posters will be set up to look like some form of science lab. With a white board showing scientific equations and we will also have some props in the background to make it look like a science lab.

Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 3.02.46 pm
Poster 4- Egg

Poster 5- Petri Dishes

The next prop poster will be shot at a birds eye view, showing two small petri dishes in the ‘lab’. The first image will show the petri dishes normal with some equipment laying around them and then the poster will morph into the same image/position except the petri dishes will be cracked and leaking. This will symbolise that organisms they are testing in the peri dish was radioactive/dangerous and therefore broke the glass. This is to show that there could be a danger with the egg hatching and Hatch being bought to life. Again, this will be on a constant loop so the poster is always changing/moving.

Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 3.02.56 pm
Poster 5- Petri Dish

Poster 6- Test Tube or Beaker

The last of our 6 moving image posters will be of a glass test tube or beaker. The first image will start off it being filled with a clear liquid (water) and then it’ll morph/change into being filled with a bubbling green liquid that will overflow. This is to show that again, they are testing something from the alien/egg and it is radioactive/dangerous and the scientists are yet to discover this.

poster 6 drawing
Poster 6- Test Tube

References & Inspiration

Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 4.24.46 pm

These are the main TV shows and films we are taking references and inspiration from for our moving image posters. As a group we have watched all or majority of them already, so we can apply the inspiration to our work. The references we have included are Stranger Things, Black Mirror, Species, Alien and The Walking Dead.

Stranger Things- 
From Stranger Things we have mainly taken inspiration from the main character Eleven, played by Millie Bobby Brown and the ‘upside down’ world she came from. In the show, a boy goes missing, and after months of searching, he is found in ‘the upside down’, the world where Eleven came from into the real world. Eleven has to adapt and fit into human life, and she has special powers. We want our main character Hatch to be similar to Eleven’s character in that sense, and that she comes from a different world to every other human. There are scenes in Black Mirror where Eleven is being tested on in her fathers secret lab and this is where the inspiration for the styling for our images came from. We are going to get an androgynous looking girl to model as our character so that the references are there in our final poster.

Black Mirror-
From Black Mirror we are taking references and inspiration from their main image and some scenes from certain episodes. The main image of Black Mirror is a black screen with broken glass shattered on top and it says “Black Mirror”. This is where the inspiration for our egg and petri dish posters came from with the cracking glass and egg shell. As it shows some sort of hidden danger and suspense, we liked the look of it and anted to apply it to our posters. We are also taking some reference from a few episodes where they take people into labs and rooms for testing for their new technology devices. We are taking this inspiration for the styling of our posters, our storyline and what our posters are showing. The styling will include costumes and props that show Hatch is being kept in for testing and security reasons.

We aren’t taking much from this film except for the storyline similarities and the imagery used. The storyline is similar to the one we have made up and the image they use for the film shows a human and alien life form merging into one. This is what we will be showing within our posters of the two life forms coming together so this is the inspiration we will be taking from this film.

From Alien, we are taking inspiration for our egg poster. As the image used for Alien is a big egg in a space style scene, and we are creating a poster with an egg, we are going to reference this. We want to use the reference in terms of the positioning of the egg and what it symbolises.

The Walking Dead-
This is one of my own references I found. I have been watching this series lately and in one of the scenes, you see two humans keeping a zombie in their make shift lab for testing and experiments to try and get answers behind the disease. This is good reference and inspiration for our storyline and also the reasons as to why we are creating the posters we are. They’re all about the alien and being tested.

Ways We Could Edit Our Posters

Now we have been looking into different ways we could edit our posters, I decided to look at some tutorials on different softwares (Photoshop and Premier Pro) to see how much of a challenge it would be for us to make them.


After Effects-


Morphing & Double Exposure

After explaining to Matt the ideas we had for our 6 posters, and after looking into the different types of moving image we could make, we decided that morphing and/or double exposure would give us the best look for our style posters.

I already included video examples of morphing and double exposure in a previous post, but these are some photo examples I have found.

As we want to have one image and then have it changing into another, these effects will give us the best result of how we want it to look.

Types Of Moving Image

Now we had a clearer understanding of where we were going with our project and the kind of idea we were going with, we needed to decide which type of moving image would best suit our 6 posters. We looked at some examples of each type of moving film to see which would work best with the sci/fi horror look we were going for. The different types of moving image we considered were parallax, cinemagraph/gif, time lapse, lenticular, stop motion, multiple exposure and morphing.


What is a parallax?- A parallax is where you take still images and make them move. The images are put together and then edited within photoshop to give the effect that its a moving video. This effect looks really dramatic and gives the pictures a lot of life, making them look like they were filmed. 


Cinemagraph/ GIF

What are cinemagraphs?- A cinemagraph/GIF is a still image in which a very small repetitive movement occurs, forming a small video clip. They are published in GIF video formats and give the illusion that the viewer is watching an animation. The videos are usually on repeat, to show the stillness of majority of the image compared to the small part that is moving. 


Time Lapse

What is a time lapse?- A time-lapse is a technique where the frequency/speed at which film frames are captured is much lower. When played at normal speed, time appears to be moving faster. Time lapse looks really interesting with nature themed videos, having moving clouds and leaves, it gives an interesting effect. 



What is a lenticular image?- Lenticular printing is a technology in which lenticularlenses are used to produce printed images with an illusion of depth, or the ability to change or move as the imageis viewed from different angles. If you hold or move the image at different speeds and angles, you get the effect that the still image is moving, or popping out of the page. 


Image result for lenticular image gif

Image result for lenticular image gif

Stop Motion

What is stop motion?- A cinematographic technique is where the camera is repeatedly stopped and started, for example to give animated figures the impression of movement. It gives the sense that lifeless objects are moving/ have some life in the videos. 


Multiple Exposure

What is multiple exposure?- Double Exposure, or Multiple Exposure, is a photographic technique that combines 2 different images into a single image. Giving the effect that there are tow images overlapping. The most common type of double exposure is a human figure being overlapped with a nature image. Giving a really cool effect of the trees and plants being on the humans face. 




What is morphing?- Morphing is where an image changes smoothly from one to another by small gradual steps using computer animation techniques. It gives the effect of changing shapes, or step by step processes such as ageing or disguise.