Book Layout Planning- Page Sketches

After looking at numerous sources for some inspiration and ideas towards the layout of my final book, I combined everything into one and drew up some page layout sketches.

While planning my layout, I decided that I want to have each model have their own ‘section’ within my book, for example, I would start off with images of Kiera for a few pages and then go into images of Paige and so on. Meaning each model would have their own feature and section to be focused on, rather than having them all jumbled up into one book and just placed on random pages.

I decided I don’t want an image on my front cover as that immediately gives away what is going to be inside the book, and if people don’t like what they see instantly on the cover, then they know they’re not going to like what is inside, whereas if you keep whats inside the book a secret beyond the cover, more people are likely to pick it up and read it to find out more about it. I kind of want to have the title simple, like the style VIPER magazine has, where it is a small, faint routine of the title of my book. I will have the text title placed either at the top, middle or bottom of the cover, I haven’t quite decided the placement part yet.

For the inside pages I wanted to have a repeated layout throughout. I wanted to make sure it all flowed and had repetition otherwise I feel that it looks messy, I think having an order and repeated style makes it look more professional, and people always say that less is more. I got the idea of having the models name in text behind their opening image from my Pinterest board. I saw it being done quite a lot on Pinterest and thought it looked visually pleasing. So therefore, I tried to take the idea and I think it will work really well in my style book. I will have this layout repeated throughout and then have the back cover plain. I don’t think it is necessary to have anything on the back cover.

I decided on the style of grid after seeing Rankin’s book ‘Heidilicious’. I thought the grids worked really nicely on a page, and also looked good next to a larger, full page image. I thought it looked good on the eye to have two opposite style pages next to each other, one being full and one being small and tiled.

After the repeated style pages, and once all of the models have had their own section, I am going to have a double page spread of credits on the last two pages. I want to include all the names and instagram tags of all the people who helped me, I want to include them and give them credit, as without their help and unpaid work, I wouldn’t have been able to produce the images I did.

I am now going to start playing around with these layout ideas in Adobe InDesign to see how they look, and to see if I need to change or move anything around. I will show Geraint the progress I have made on my layout next week as I want to see what he says about it and see if/what he would change.

Book Layout Ideas- ‘Heidilicious’ by Rankin

As another source of inspiration of ideas, I decided to go into the library and find one of my favourite books by my favourite photographer. The book is called ‘Heidilicious’ and it is by the fashion and portrait photographer Rankin. I really like this book and always have done as I really like the way Rankin uses Heidi as his muse for his creative ideas, and tests them on Heidi. I think that all of the creative, photographic ideas he executed in this book are all very creative, fun and unique and I think that Heidi pulls the looks off and gets into character really well.

I also really like the simple layout of the bold images in the book. Having a simple layout of full page images, some with white boarders and some in a grid form adds a lot to the style of the book as it lets the images take centre stage and be the main focus of the viewers attention.

As my images have quite a lot going on in them by themselves, I wouldn’t want to overload each page or double page spread with things to make the pages look too much or for the photo to not stand out from other things going on around it. Therefore I think I will take quite a lot of inspiration for my book design from this book.

Book Layout Ideas- RouteOne Look Book

While out and about shopping one day I came across this really cool vintage clothes shop that had loads of cool items and brightly coloured garments. I was having a look around and came across some look books they had out on display, I asked the girl working in there if I could take one and she said it was fine. I decided I wanted to have one as it seemed like the type of look book that would feature cool, colourful clothes and present them in a professional and relevant way.

I took some pictures of the pages I like the look of and found inspiring…

What I first of all liked about this look book was how small it was, it was a small square book and it felt really nice to hold and to look through, this still confirmed that I knew I wanted to keep my book small. I also like how there were full page images on one side and then an image next to it with a white boarder, I really liked how this looked and thought that this would work well with my style of imagery. It would work well as the white boarder would break up the colour a little bit and make the contrasting colours stand out more.

I will refer back to this small look book when I am putting my final book together to see if any of the inspiration I have taken from this will work for my style of book.

Book Layout Ideas- VIPER Magazine

To get some more ideas and inspiration towards how I want my book to be laid out, I decided to look at one of my favourite magazines. I have had this issue of magazine for a while but thought it would come in handy for ideas for my book as I really liked the way it was laid out and the way they used text with the images. The magazine is called VIPER magazine.

I really like how the layout is simple, but affective. Firstly, I like how the title is simply put on the front cover, I think less is more at times, don’t overload the front cover and let the pictures do the talking. I like how the font is just the outline, it adds something to it rather than it just being plain text. I also like the simple layout of one image per page, I think this simple look looks really affective and I like the idea of a white boarder framing the images, I think this would work well having a small white outline around my colourful images, making them stand out from the page even more than they already do. Another thing I like about VIPER magazine is that they include text on their pages and credit the creative people involved in making the magazine. I really like this idea and want to include text to credit the people who helped me create the images I have.

As my photoshoots were all conducted on a free, time for print basis, the least I can do is credit the creative individuals that helped me by styling, modelling, assisting or doing the makeup.

I also like the look of the grid of images, it kind of replicates a contact sheet and I like how the images flow and work well with one another.

I have definitely taken some ideas and inspiration from looking at VIPER magazine that I will apply to the final layout of my book.

Portfolio Book Examples- Previous Years Work…

During the first lesson we had for this unit, Geraint showed us some examples of last years portfolio books and made us guess what grade we thought they got. Most of the ones we guessed we either got wrong or weren’t far off but it was hard to guess them right as there was such a variety of work.

I took pictures of the examples we were shown that got A or B grades. I wanted to take pictures and use them for a reference as I thought it would be good for me to look back at them and see what kind of layout I could create and what sort of grade I would achieve if I got everything else including shooting, reshooting and my workbook up to a good standard.

I liked how the book layouts were very simple and kept within their photographic theme. I want to create a book that is also simple, so the focus isn’t taken away from my images, but also add some style and text to it to emphasis the standard of the book as a whole product.

My least favourite of the examples we were shown was the first one on masculinity. I liked the imagery bur I just wasn’t fond of the layout. For me there is too much white space, awkward placing of the images and I am not a fan of blank white pages. This example helped me to distinguish how I don’t want some of my final pages to look in my book.

I liked the plain and simple look of the second example book about tides, I thought it looked very professional with the hard cover too and the imagery was very good quality and I like the story it told. However I don’t feel that that kind of book layout would work for my style of imagery. I feel that style of book works better for landscape or documentary. As my project is based on portraits, all of my images are vertical, therefore would look odd in a horizontal style book. So therefore I know that I won’t want to create a book in that style.

The last example in the images is my favourite one I looked at. It was kind of similar to what I wanted to create for my final outcome. It was small and compact and had a lot of imagery and graphics in there. I liked how the images filled majority of the pages and went in an order. I also thought that the graphic shapes and lines worked really well and added to the books style, rather than it just being a plain page with an image, it added something more to it and it worked.

Reflecting on these examples I am going to continue to look for inspiration and ideas and keep making note of what I find to put together when it comes to forming my final book.

Book Layout Ideas- Pinterest Board

To start off looking into how I want to lay out my final book, I decided to have a look on Pinterest for creative ideas and inspiration. I decided to create a board so that I can save images onto the board and keep them all in one place when it comes to referring to them at a later date when making my final book. On Pinterest I found some very interesting and inspiring design ideas that will really help to influence the way I lay out my book. I found images that were similar to the ideas I have in mind and therefore I managed to fill up a board pretty quick.

The main elements of how I want my book to look are: bright, bold, graphic and colourful. I feel that the images I have found are a good source of design inspiration as I will easily be able to replicate and play about with the styles of typography and image layout. I feel that the type of style I want will look best in a small A5 magazine/look book style print. I think that involving text and words within my book will add a sense of a modern zine to my final book and this would work well with my style of photographic work.

I showed Geraint a few of these images that I had on my phone during our previous meeting and he really liked the design and visual ideas I had in mind for my book, and agreed that this style of book will work well with my images and will define my style as a photographer.

I am going to continue to look for inspiration and ideas in the form of books and magazines give me further inspiration and ideas as to how I am going to get my final book to look.

Self Evaluation- Shooting Stage

Now i have finished the shooting stage of this unit and am moving into the publishing phase, I thought it would be good for me to reflect on what I have achieved and what I have learnt during the shooting and reshooting process.

My very first shoot of this unit, with Kiera when she had blue hair, I thought was really good to start with and didn’t really see myself improving from that stage as I didn’t think I could or would. Now skipping to the end of my 7 photoshoots and comparing my first images of Kiera to my last images of Precious, I can very clearly see where I have improved as a photographer and as a creative individual. Through the help of meeting with Geraint each week, discussing and knowing where to improve an applying it to my following shoot has definitely paid off, meaning I finished off the shooting phase with the strongest images I had the ability of creating.

Not only I have I learnt new techniques and skills within photography, but also within fashion and colours. When researching colours in fashion and the colour wheel, I was learning new things and felt I could apply my colour matching and contrasting skills well to my pictures, and I feel I have done so. I feel that each shoot shows a good, wide range or colour ways, and contrasts. I also feel my styling improved along the way to which I have improved my personal style too, and I have become a lot more bold and bright with the things I wear since styling and co-styling this project.

The reshooting and meeting with Geraint each week definitely pushed me and helped me improve the most throughout this project unit. I am proud of myself for meeting with him each week to know where to improve and become stronger. I am pleased with how my images and project have turned out as a whole and I am excited to put them into my final book layout.