Photoshoot 4- Edits

These are a selection of my best edits from my photoshoot with Hollie and Melissa. I picked these edits depending on the angles, crop, and which ones I think would look best printed. As the lighting was messing up, it affected the colours. Luckily I managed to fix this in post production. I picked them mainly depending on how much of the pattern and outfit came through, and how the pose looked.

To start off my editing process and choosing my best pictures, I opened them up into Capture One and 5 starred all the strongest images. This narrowed them right down to the best of my shoot. When going through my 5 starred images, I adjusted the white balance and exposure to sort out the dark lighting issues I had. I then amped up the colours to make them bolder, brighter and more in your face. I then played around with the highlights and shadows to enhance the lighting and shadows I created on half of the models face and body and I am very happy with how they turned out in Capture One.

After editing them in Capture One, I then imported them into Photoshop to work on the skin and smoothing out the background of some of my best ones that I wanted to use in my printed book. Skin retouching has never been my strong point as a photographer, so I had to learn a new technique that would give me the best results as this was to showcase my best work to date. The new technique I learnt seemed to work well, it took a bit longer to edit them all, but I knew that the end result would look good. I was excited by how they were turning out and I also felt proud of myself for learning and applying this new skin editing technique in a short space of time to get the images finished for when I meet Geraint for my next tutorial.

Now I had the edits finished, I will show these to Geraint in my next tutorial with him, get his advice and feedback and see where I need to improve and can make my next shoot stronger.

Photoshoot 4- Contact Sheets

I am pleased with how these images turned out for my fourth shoot. Experimenting with patterns and makeup was fun and really added to my images. I am really pleased with how my colour combinations have come out, and how the outfits look against the backdrops. Definitely an improvement from my last photoshoot, and showing that I can develop and become stronger as a photographer.

Once again, I was having problems with my lighting. I had bought a new hot shoe adaptor and sync lead to use for this shoot, so I knew that wasn’t the problem this time around, and I couldn’t figure out where the problem was coming from. When I first set up my studio and tested the lighting on my assistant Julia, it was working perfectly fine, giving me the type of lighting I was after, and some shadows. I started photographing Hollie in the first look, the lighting was fine, and it continued to work up until about half way through the shoot. Then the lighting started playing up, I would take a photo and it would be way too over exposed, then I would take a picture and it would be way too dark, then I would take a picture and it would be fine. Then it would start playing up again, and this kept happening for a good couple of minutes.

At this point, Geraint came into the studio and I asked him for some technical help while he was there. We were trying all sorts of solutions, turning things on and off again, changing the sync lead and hot shoe adaptor, adjusting my camera setting, all sorts, and it was still happening. The last thing Geraint suggested was to change my lens, from the one I was currently using (24-105mm) to the other one I had to hand. Changing the lens completely fixed the problem and the lighting was working fine from then on. Both Geraint and I were left very confused as to how it could have been the lens causing the problem, but we were both glad it was now sorted and I could get back to shooting.

Once the lighting issue was fixed, I got right back into shooting and was very happy with my outcomes.

Photoshoot 4- Lighting & Equipment Planning…


With the lighting for my 4th photoshoot, I am going to slightly develop it from what I have been using for my last 3 shoots. I want to keep the same idea of having the flash on one side of the model, with shadow on the other side of them, lifting the model from the background and making them stand out. However, this time around I want to try and add a reflector into the mix to see if it will improve the highlights on her face and in her hair. As my flash didn’t work on my last shoot, I am hoping it will this time and the reflector will add something a bit more to it. If the reflector adds too much bright light, then I won’t use it and use the same set up I used twice before. Having the octalight on one side and a black polyboard on the other.

Lighting diagram


I made a list of equipment I am going to need to carry out this shoot, I like to make lists of things I will need so I won’t forget anything and always make sure I have it all.

Photoshoot 4- Model & Posing Planning…


After Melissa (the stylist) had sent me images of her friend who wanted to model, I got in touch with her myself to arrange dates and give her some more specific details regarding the shoot. I had a look on her social media to see how she looked in different images, angles and lighting.

Hollie is also a trained makeup artist and is very creative and colourful with her looks. I asked if she would be comfortable doing her own makeup for the shoot and she was more than happy to, an was also asking if she could post them on social media afterwards to promote her makeup work, and I was more than happy for her to do so.


The next thing I needed to think of was how I was going to get Hollie to pose and how I was going to photograph her. I am going to keep the poses roughly the same as my shoot from before hand with Lily. I am going to keep it close up, cropped and playful. I want to experiment with hands playing with her face, hair and accessories, do playful/happy facial expressions and also do some crouching and sitting. I will refer to the moodboard I have made before for the posing.

Photoshoot 4- Styling Planning

The styling is one of the most important elements to my work as that is the main focus that contrasts against the coloured backgrounds. It is going to be one of the first things people see when they look at my pictures so it tends to be the one thing that I plan first so I know I am guaranteed to have a stylist and looks to photograph.

I had a style in mind for how I wanted this shoot to look. I knew I wanted to experiment with more pattern and makeup. I put some adverts out on social media, with moodboards to advertise for a stylist to help me on this shoot and awaited response. I had quite a few people get in touch with me about styling my shoot for me. I looked through each of their styling work and their social media accounts to see who would work best for the style I am after, and in the end I chose a girl called Melissa, and she ended up being a mutual friend of someone I am friends with. Melissa seemed perfect to help me out with this as she seemed to have a very wacky, creative and ‘I don’t care’ kind of style. She seemed confident with the things she wore, and was very creative with patterns and colour palettes. She sent me pictures of some clothing she has that she can use for the shoot…

I was very excited to see some of the clothes she had in mind of bringing. A lot of bold colour and pattern that would work really well in the studio against the coloured backdrops. Once we had confirmed dates, details and exchanged phone numbers, Melissa mentioned that she had a friend who was a makeup artist and model who wanted to help her out on this photoshoot. Mel sent me some pictures of her friend and she fit my model brief perfectly! She had an edgy look with facial piercings and some small body tattoos. She had a very photogenic face, and also had a confident style like Melissa. Working with both of these girls for this photoshoot seemed perfect and really excited me to get it going.

Planning Photoshoot #4

Now I am half way through the amount of studio slots I have booked, I need to make my last few shoots some of my strongest work yet, keeping the theme and elements of my previous shoot flowing. As I had already done 2 photoshoots (that worked) with bright coloured clothing which was quite plain and casual, I decided I wanted to slightly push the styling and involve a bit more pattern and different types of fittings. For example, maybe a thinner jacket, more crop tops, even layering garments? I also wanted to try and experiment with more makeup involved as my first few shoots had been quite subtle on the makeup side. I might try and have the eye or lip makeup matching the colour of the background or the clothing they’re wearing? I had a rough vision of some outfits and makeup I wanted to experiment with. This was a rough moodboard I initially made my my 4th photoshoot…

I want to try and find someone who will pull off bold patterns in their looks, and someone who can work with it rather than get lost in it. It would be interesting to have an ‘unconventional’ model look too and try to find someone with piercings and tattoos. Keeping it edgy, bold and bright.

Photographer Research- Distinctive, Repetitive Style…

Now I had looked into Elaine Constantine, I decided to look into some more famous photographers who are known for their consistent, yet unique style. Without knowing the images are by them, you would know just by looking at them closely. These are photographers I have studied and got familiar with throughout my years in photography education and are still an inspiration to me today.

Bruce Gilden-

Bruce Gilden is an American documentary photographer who documents the streets of New York and takes portraits of every day people. The elements that make his work stand out are the facial expressions and emotions he manages to capture in the people at that exact moment. I have seen videos on how captures his images, and it’s very intrusive on personal space but very clever. The fact he gets up close to people, and shoots a bright flash right in front of their face, means he can capture their true expressions in that very moment, giving his images a sense of true reality. His lighting is very unique to his name, its very bright, highlighting all the good and bad parts of someones face, and whats around them.

Alexander Rodchenko-

Rodchenko is a Russian photographer who before photography was an artist and graphic designer. Rodchenko’s work I have been familiar with for a long time, from a young age of studying photography back in school. I am so familiar with his work and his style that I am pretty confident in identifying his work without seeing his name on it. The elements of Rodchenko’s work that are very dominant are that he works in black and white, uses a lot of geometric shapes, lines and patterns and sometimes even involves people with the shapes and lines. He creates leading lines in his images, to allow your eyes to follow the lines and take in every inch of the whole image. The way he uses lines, shapes, light and shadows makes his images slightly abstract and very visually interesting. His graphic design and artistic flare is very visual in his images through the use of lines and geometry.


Rankin is a British portrait and fashion photographer. Rankin is the one photographer I always go to for inspiration, ideas and concepts. Ever since my school days and reading Hunger magazine, his work has always been amazing in my eyes and I like to take aspects of his work and add them to my own. The main style of work that Rankin creates that stands out to me and tells me it is his, is when he creates close up portraits of women with very eccentric and artistic makeup on. It could be on the cover of a magazine, online or on a billboard and his style of work would stand out to me to make me see it is his work. His lighting is very bright on the models face, leaving little to no shadow, but enhancing colours and facial features as well as making the makeup pop. He has a very eccentric style to what he likes to photograph and thats why I love his work.

From looking at these photographers, and seeing how they carry certain elements through each of their images, giving them a unique style has made me think about what elements of my work I can carry through for the rest of this project unit…

  • flash lighting on one side of the model, creating shadow on the other side to lift the model and not make the images look flat
  • contrasting colours between the clothing and the backdrop
  • close up portraits, from torso up
  • coloured hair, piercings and tattoos

These are some of the main elements I will try and keep consistent in my work to make my style something of my own.

Photographer Research- Elaine Constantine…

Elaine Constantine is a photographer and film director, who in the 1990’s became renowned for her bright, colourful documentary style portraits of young women. Elaine’s work has appeared regularly in publications such as French, Italian & US Vogue, i-D and W magazine and sh4 has also shot for clients such as Vivienne Westwood, Diesel and Burberry, but more recently for Gucci, The NY Times and Vogue China.

Elaine is a photographer who has her own unique, distinguished style of photography as she keeps important elements the same each time. When looking at her work, I noticed three main things that she kept the same that makes her work stand out as hers. I noticed the way she lights her images, the models facial expressions an hair styles and the colour blue.

From looking at her work, I can tell that she uses a mixture of natural daylight and a form of portable flash to light her documentary style portraits of young women. I can tell as we have done projects on portable flash before and her results look the same as how our lighting turned out too. I feel that her using a portable flash really accentuates the models moods through their facial expressions and the colours in her imagery. It also adds texture to their big hair that always looks naturally wind swept of in their face. The colour blue is also dominant in a lot of her work, either in the sky/background or in the models clothing. Blue is a very calming and relaxed colour, and that may have been used to make the audience feel that way when viewing her work.

Even in some of Elaine’s more recent work for Gucci and Dior, some of her personal photography elements are still present. She has kept a number of things consistent, including…

  • young female models
  • exaggerated facial expressions, mainly smiling and laughing
  • wind swept and lots of movement in the hair
  • bright lighting that highlights the smile and the texture in the hair
  • the colour blue

I think it is very clever how she has shot her work to always include at least a few or all of these elements. She has created a unique style that is now attached to her name. So without anyone even knowing its her work, they will already know.

Tutorial With Geraint…

The day after my photoshoot, I had a morning tutorial with Geraint. I was excited to show him my images and my edits and get his opinion and advice for my next shoot coming up next week.

I showed Geraint my image and my edits and he agreed that my photos were getting stronger and that I had a more developed style of photography coming along. He liked the styling and the colour combinations and he was also keen on this idea of me using someone like Lily. In my last meeting we discussed me using normal, interesting girls rather than ‘models’, and he thought Lily worked well.

I explained to Geraint about the flash not working on the day of the shoot and he gave me some tips on how I can edit my images to be a bit brighter and how to add a bit more shadow, which the flash would’ve added if it was working. I was feeling happy about the feedback and help he was giving me.

Geraint then asked me what my plan was for my next shoot, I was unsure at this point as I had just finished shooting this one, but again I knew I had some ideas in mind that experiment with colour and an interesting model to photograph. I would like to incorporate some animal print or some bold patterns into my next shoot, I know it didn’t pay off well before, but now I have a set style of how to take my images, I feel that it could work better.

To finish off my tutorial, we went back to discussing sticking to this style of photography for the rest of the book and how consistency is key in this unit. Which then lead to Geraint showing me a photographer to look at called Elaine Constantine. He suggested I look at her work as she has a unique style to her photography that you can always tell when it is one of her photos. She is so consistent and different that she’s made her own niche in her photos. Geraint also suggest I look into some other photographers such as Martin Parr, who also always have consistency in their style.

Photoshoot 3- Evaluation

Having spoken to Geraint prior to this shoot and establishing that from now on, this be my style of photography for my portfolio, I feel like this shoot is a pretty strong outcome from this. From my first shoot with Kiera being ‘good’ to my second shoot being ‘not so good’, I feel like I am now at a place where I am confident with ideas and what to do for each shoot.

This shoot is the start of my style of photography developing and going forward with it I am excited to see what I can create.

The way I have used the lighting (with flash when it works), the posing, the colour combinations and assisting with the styling is all what I will take forward in my photoshoots from now on. I have a better idea of what looks good and what doesn’t and how to photograph the rest of my book.

I will continue to shoot in this style, then have a tutorial with Geraint, show him and get his advice on how to improve it, go away, reshoot it and do the same the following week. This will allow me to become a stronger photographer and create a more consistent work flow.

Photoshoot 3- Edits

These are the best edits from my shoot with Lily and Ella. These ones came out the best in terms of colours, lighting and posing. I really like how Lily wasn’t afraid to play with her body movements and interact with her hair, the clothes and her face, she was able to create some interesting looks and I managed to capture them well.

To edit these images, I first imported them into Capture One so I was able to adjust the white balance, exposure, contrast, highlights and shadows. Doing this in Capture allowed the colours to pop, her makeup and accessories to stand out and also improve the look of the shadow I captured on her face. Considering I had technical difficulties with the flash for this shoot, I am happy with how the edits have come out, to a stranger it would look like I have used flash.

Photoshoot 3- Contact Sheets

I like putting my images into the form of a contact sheet as it allows me to go through each look that I shot with Lily and Ella and pick out which ones are my strongest/best pictures. I chose my best pictures depending on the lighting, pose and how the image looked as a whole, I was going through them carefully as I can only pick the best for this project to go into my final printed book.

These images didn’t come out as bright as the others, these images came out with more of a yellow/orange tone to them. This is due to a technical fault before starting my shoot. I was testing the lighting on the stylist Ella, while Lily was getting ready and it worked fine, then when I went to start photographing Lily, either the sync lead or the hot shoe adaptor wasn’t working, I couldn’t pin point which one it was. I tried all sorted with my assistant Julia to try and over come the issue, she let me borrow her hot shoe adaptor she had on her, and that still wasn’t working so it must have been a fault sync lead. I was gutted about this as my work relied on flash to allow the colours to stand out and be as dominant as what they have been. However, I still went on with the photoshoot as I knew I could try and fix it in post production.

I tried to push it to the back of my mind and get on with the shoot, and overall I am happy with how the images turned out. The styling and outfits is exactly as I had pictured, and Lily was great fun to work with, she had a very easy personality to get on with and she brought that into the pictures which is obvious to see through her body language and facial expressions.

I am going to go through the best images that I have chosen and edit them using Capture One for the lighting and colours, and then finish them off in Photoshop for the skin retouching. I am hoping that changing the white balance and exposure in Capture will lift the orangey tone and make it brighter, as if it was taken with a flash. I am going to slightly enhance the colours and the shadows on Lily’s face and body, so my images don’t look flat.

Photoshoot 3- Lighting & Equipment Planning…


The lighting for this shoot is going to be the same as how I shot my first photoshoot with Kiera. I am going back to using this style of lighting as when I spoke to Geraint a little while ago, he mentioned about having some shadow in the face so my images don’t look so flat, and too washed out with having too much light on the model. In order for me to create some shadow in my images, I am going to use an octalight on the right hand side of the models face and body, and then have a black sided poly board on the left hand side, so there will be no light bouncing and reflecting on the models face and will leave the shadows. I don’t want the shadow to make the coloured backdrops dark, I want majority of the shadow on the face. I want my lighting to look a little bit like this…


I am going to be using the same equipment I have used for all of my shoots so far, the only difference this time around is I will be using one less flash head.

Photoshoot 3- Posing Planning…

Now I had a model and styling looks confirmed for my photoshoot, it was time for me to start planning and putting ideas together of how to get Lily to pose. I knew I wanted to keep it similar to the poses I had already photographed in my previous 2 shoots but I knew I needed to adapt it a little bit.

With my two previous photoshoots, I have realised that I am personally not a big fan of photographing whole body shots. Unless the model is either crouching to sitting, I don’t really like photographing whole body shots standing up, so I will apply this to my shoot. To give myself a range of images, I will photograph Lily sitting, crouching, from her tips upwards, from her torso up and some close shots ranging from her shoulders to the top of her head.

This is a moodboard I created for some references when taking my images…

I will refer to this moodboard during my shoot to see if these poses work or not and how I can adapt them to make them into something that will work for the shoot.

Photoshoot 3- Model Planning

With the styling for my third photoshoot being based on the theme of 90’s casual wear, I wanted to have quite a plain looking girl for these outfits, as they would do a lot of speaking themselves. But, I wanted to get someone with a lot of confidence, attitude, someone who would really wear the clothes and not let the clothes wear them. I wanted to try and find someone who wouldn’t be afraid to experiment with poses and facial expressions, and who could really let their personality come through in my imagery.

With that in mind, Ella responded to me about staying the shoot and said she would be more than happy to do so, which I was very pleased about as I knew she would be able to make it look great! I sent her over my moodboard and ideas and she was so easy to communicate with and more than happy to create the looks I wanted out of the outfits and accessories she had. I also mentioned to Ella the kind of model I was on the look out for, and if she knew anyone then to let me know…

She then mentioned that her friend Lily, an ex Ravensbourne student was up for the shoot and she would fit the model description near enough perfectly. Lily was tall, slim, had naturally long blonde hair and a fun, boisterous personality. Ella sent me some images of Lily…

Looking at the images of Lily that Ella sent me, she had the perfect look I was after for my model. She had naturally long hair that could be easily styled, she was naturally pretty and seemed confident in front of the camera, and she already seemed to wear similar clothes to Ella so I knew shed enjoy wearing the outfits for my pictures. It seemed like we were the perfect team!

Photoshoot 3- Styling Ideas

Now I had an idea in my head of how I roughly wanted my next photoshoot to look, I started planning how I want it to be styled. I have an idea of having it very bright, casual and 90’s themed. I want to use garments such as bright, block coloured sports t-shirts, puffer jackets and hair scrunchies, as this is quite similar to my personal style, I can give a stylist some direction and put my own personal touch to it with how I want my model to look. I started putting some ideas into moodboard so I could visualise where my head was going with it…

90’s inspired moodboard

This is the kind of style I would like to see in my images… bright, bold, simple yet quite graphic and in your face. I want to use a mixture of cropped tops, baggy t-shirts and big coats to get my 90’s/vintage sports style idea across. I will want most of the outfits paired with chunky white trainers, a hair scrunchie and some jewellery to complete the looks.

Luckily, for me, I used to do my foundation course with a girl called Ella, and she has this exact style! I knew a while back she wanted to go into fashion, and she is very good at styling herself, so I thought she would be perfect for this. I am going to ask her and see if she will help me with styling this photoshoot. She has a lot of brightly coloured garments in this kind of style so it would be a perfect collaboration!

Photoshoot 3- Planning and Ideas…

After speaking to Geraint about what to do next for my next photoshoot, I had lots of ideas come into my head… lots of ideas based around colours, fashion styles and portrait shots.

As Geraint and I had spoken about, and agreed on, my style of imagery/theme for this project is going to be brightly colours clothes/outfits photographed against a brightly coloured background that either compliments or clashes with the colour the model is wearing. We both thought this made very strong, eye catching portraits so this is why I am going forward with it and developing it.

Now I know I am sticking to bright colours, I had ideas on types of fashion come into my mind, and I wanted to try and experiment with a more 90’s kind of style. I like the idea of using sports wear, a puffer jacket, scrunchies etc, as that is my kind of style I wear and it would be interesting to see it in a photoshoot.

For that style of fashion I am going to try and find a confident model, who can bring a bit of attitude, and isn’t afraid to pose and use facial expressions in the images. I would like my model to have longer hair so it can be easily styled up or down.

Now I have ideas running through my head, its time for me to start putting things together and organising everything for my upcoming studio slot…

(Old) Lesson Notes…

These are some noted I made from a lesson we had about “Managing Your Assets”. Geraint spoke to us about how to define and store our assets and how to maximise financial opportunities. I found this lecture very useful and wrote down lots of notes to keep for future reference.

More Magazine Research…

After speaking to Geraint, I needed to start planning my next photoshoot. All I know about it at the moment is that it is going to involve bright, contrasting colours between the clothing and the background and that the lighting needs to not look flat and have some shadow involved.

With this in mind, I decided to look at a few magazines to see if I could get some inspiration and ideas on poses, image cropping, colour ways and styling. I went into a WHSmith store to browse at their magazine selection and purchased ‘Glass’ Magazine and the latest issue of Cosmopolitan. I went with these particular magazines as the covers of Glass magazine intrigued me with a bold portrait on the front, and it also had a mens Glass magazine inside too. However, I could’nt see the inside content as it was wrapped in cellophane, so I had to judge it by its cover. I also chose Cosmopolitan as it had Kylie Jenner on this issue, and she had a spread inside. The photographic and creative content that Kylie creates, or if it has her in it, always inspires me in terms of styling, makeup and clothing, so I bought it because I knew I would find one aspect of it inspiring.

I picked out my favourite images from the magazines and analysed why I liked them and how I can apply bits to my images…

Tutorial With Geraint

Before I could go any further with my project, I needed to speak to Geraint so I could show him my photoshoots and get some ideas/help from him to progress forward.

I started off by running through my initial ideas with Geraint, reminding him that I like to photograph colour and portraits.

Then I showed him my first photoshoot with Kiera, (where she had blue hair) and he said that they were good, strong images for my first shoot of the unit. He really liked the contrasting colours between the clothes and the backdrops, and he also really liked Kiera’s ‘edgy’ look, with her blue hair and tattoos. I agreed with him on the things he was saying in terms of the contrasting, bright colours looking good and Kiera’s style adding something different to my images. Geraint also mentioned that he liked the lighting, he liked how there was some shadow in some of the pictures, not making them look so flat.

I then went on to show Geraint my second photoshoot images, and when going through the edits, Geraint said they weren’t as strong as my first photoshoot with Kiera. He liked the intentions I had but he felt that the first set of images worked better. He said they didn’t work as well because there was nothing about them that stood out as such, and he said that the lighting looked flat, as the white background had no shadows. What he did like about them was the range of poses I got the models to do, he said some of them looked a bit static, but majority looked good.

After speaking about my first two photoshoots, we spoke about what to do for my next few shoots for this project. Geraint and I agreed that carrying on the style of imagery from the first photoshoot (Kiera) would be best to ensure I have a strong project throughout. We also agreed on keeping some shadow within the lighting to make the images look less flat. I also mentioned that I wanted to carry on using ‘edgy’ models. People who had something different about them, whether it be hair colours, piercings, tattoos or their attitude/confidence. I felt comfortable and happy photographing models like that, and Geraint agreed it would make an interesting project.

I am happy I have spoken to Geraint before carrying on with my project, I feel a lot more confident about how I can carry on with it and what I need to do from now on before making my book.

Photoshoot 2- Edits

These are a few of the edits I did from my second shoot for this project. I started off by going through the images of Chesca when editing. To edit them I didn’t do a lot, I adjusted the brightness, contrast and the vibrance and I then did a bit of work to the skin and makeup. Adjusting the brightness and contrast allowed the colours to stand out a bit more and to make the image brighter overall. Upping the vibrance made the colours pop more. For the skin and makeup I used the spot healing tool, dodge and burn. This allowed me to create a smoother finish, enhanced highlight and darker eye shadow.

I really liked these images as general fashion/portrait based images, but they didn’t seem to stand out to me as much as my first photoshoot. They don’t stand out as much as I thought they would. These images were a result of me doing an experiment with having the clothes as the bright colours in the images and nothing else. I think that they look good and work well as general fashion/portrait images but not for this project.

These are some of my other favourite images from the photoshoot which I didn’t finish editing…

My next step in this project is to now arrange a meeting and speak to Geraint about where I am at so far, what I can do next and I want to show him my two shoots I have already done. I want to get his opinion on my edited images, see what he thinks works best and get his advice on how I can go forward.

Photoshoot 2- Contact Sheets

Putting my images into contact sheets allowed me to be able to view them easier. Having them in a grid, meant I could go through and outline my favourite ones. I outlined my favourite images depending on whether I liked the posing, lighting, shadows and colours. I decided to pick some brightly lit and some with more shadow as my favourite ones, so I had a range of styles when I go through and edit them.

I didn’t experiment with coloured backgrounds in this photoshoot as I wanted the clothes to stand out a bit more, but I experimented with lighting instead. I used the octalight, an extra flash head, the black side of the polyboard, and the white. Doing this gave me a wide range of images which I am happy with.

To edit these, I will slightly adjust the brightness, contrast and shadows, I will edit the skin to get rid of the large blemishes but mainly leave them to look unedited as I don’t want them to look ‘airbrushed’ or too fake.

Photoshoot 2- Lighting & Equipment Planning…


I want to keep the lighting relatively similar for this photoshoot to the last one. I liked how the lighting made the images look before, but I want to experiment with them being a bit lighter, to enhance the colours a bit more. I will try some extra light in there in the form of an extra flash head and maybe an extra white polyboard or reflector.

This is how my shoot set up will look…

Equipment List-

I will be borrowing the lighting equipment, stands, and lenses from the Kit Store, I am going to rent out the same lenses as last time as well as a 50mm lens to see how some portrait images turn out using it.

Photoshoot 2- Model Planning

Now I had an idea of what the styling of my shoot will look like, it was time for me to start looking for a model. As I wanted the clothes to be really bright and bold, I wanted to try and find a ‘plain’ looking model, someone quite the opposite to Kiera. Either blonde or brown hair, tall-ish, slim and had distinctive features.

I put some mood boards and emails together, and I sent them to modelling agencies to see if they would get back to me and let me use someone. I emailed PRM, Bame, Oxygen and Models1. Unfortunately none of the agencies got back to me, which was slightly annoying, but it wasn’t a problem as I still had enough time to find a back up model somewhere else. I had to have a look for someone using social media.

I put numerous posts on Facebook model pages, and Instagram and patiently waited for someone to reply to me. Within a couple of days I had a lot of girls messaging me saying they were free on the day I had the studio booked for. I went through the girls that messaged me and picked which ones I thought would be best. As a last minute decision, I booked two girls for the shoot, to try and give myself some more diversity and a wider range of images.

These are the girls I chose for the shoot…



I went with Chesca and Tajarne as my final two models as they both seemed like really nice, easy people to work with. They were free on the dates and times I needed them and they were also willing to bring some extra items of clothing and accessories along to the shoot too.

Now I have my models sorted, I need to think of the equipment I will need and how I am going to light my photoshoot.

Photoshoot 2- Styling and Posing Planning…


The styling for this photoshoot is going to be different from my first photoshoot with Kiera. As previously mentioned, I want to experiment with colour in a slightly different way to before, I want the colours in the clothing, with pattern and print make them stand out, and I also want a pop of colour within the makeup. I am going to be working with Alice on this shoot who has a very unique and quirky sense of style, and I am confident she will be able to piece together some bright outfits for me to photograph. Alice has sent me images of some of the garments and accessories she will bring, this allows me to visualise what my shoot may start to look like.

stlying garments and colours


During my first photoshoot with Kiera, I shot quite close up portraits of her, mainly from the torso upwards, which created a more intimate and personal feel with the final outcomes. This time around for this shoot, I want to capture more long body shots, to photograph the whole outfit and also allow the model to create some more movement in the posing. I have been looking at Hanina’s work again as some inspiration and I like the poses she gets the models to do, from crouching, to sitting, to standing and even bending. Having more long body shots focusing on whole outfits will allow all of the colours and patterns to stand out in the images.

Planning My Second Shoot

Now I had started working in the studio for this unit, and had the studio booked every Monday, I needed to finish planning and sorting out things for my next photoshoot, which was soon approaching.

I knew I wanted to stick within the theme of colour and had some ideas of people in mind who I wanted to work with and roughly what I wanted the shoot to look like. While sticking with colours, I wanted to push the boat out a little bit and experiment with colours in a slightly different way. I wanted the colours to be more in the clothing and makeup, rather than having the colours in the backdrop clashing with the plain coloured clothes. I wanted to have bright, quirky outfits with some pattern in that would be bold enough by themselves.

I have a stylist in mind that I would like to work with, her name us Alice Fletcher and she is currently doing fashion at Ravensbourne herself, we used to be friends when we did the same Foundation degree at Ravensbourne too. Alice has recently worked with Hanina Pinnick who is one of the photographers I am taking inspiration from for this unit and I really like the work they i made together.

I made a rough moodboard for the styling and makeup of the shoot, that I then used to advertise for models…

Photoshoot 1- Edits…

I am very pleased with how my edits have turned out from not doing an awful lot to them. I slightly adjusted the brightness and contrast to enhance the shadows and lighting, and I then topped this up using the dodge and burn tool. I then used the paint brush to make some of the colours brighter and bolder. After that I then slightly touched up her skin using the spot healing tool and the patch tool.

I didn’t want to do too much to the images so that they looked ‘too edited’ or fake and I feel like I have achieved a naturally edited look quite well.

Photoshoot 1- Contact Sheets…

After doing my first photoshoot for this project, I put my images into contact sheets so I could go through and pick out my most favourite ones and the ones that I think look the best overall. Once I had been through them, I put a coloured X on the images I liked the most. I picked them as my favourite ones from each look depending on the lighting/shadows, colours and the posing.

Although it was my first photoshoot, it was more of an experiment/test to see how my ideas and research combined together would turn out, and I am not disappointed with the results. I am very pleased with how these images came out overall. I feel that I have put together a good photoshoot and produced some strong images that could potentially be used in my final portfolio at the end of this project.

I will now go through and subtly edit them. I will edit them by slightly adjusting the brightness, contrast, saturation and I will emphasise the light and dark areas by using the dodge and burn tool. I will also edit the main parts of her face that may need some patching up.

Magazine Research…

As well as finding useful books in the library, I also looked at the wide range of magazines that the library also holds. I knew that I wanted to look at magazines such as i-D, Love, Vogue and ELLE as I am always finding inspiring images in there when I purchase them. I found lots of bright colourful images in the magazines I looked at!

I liked these images in particular because of the way that the colours compliment each other. Using more than one colour in an image is what I will experiment with and I will put colours together that compliment each other as being opposite on the colour wheel. I also liked some of these images for the close crops the photographer has used to get their final image.

I will refer back to these images as inspiration during my photoshoot.

Library Research…

Before kickstarting this project and cracking on with doing photoshoots, I decided to head back into the library for some last minute ideas and inspiration on how colour is used in fashion, portraits and photography. I found some books that had some interesting images in them, showing how colour was used differently in different eras, in different ways and how different colours contrast/ work well together.

I will refer back to these images as inspiration when it comes to photographing my work.