Project Evaluation

For our final major project, we had from January-May to produce a portfolio/book of work. Our book had to show individual photographic style and show what we are capable of as photographers. We were advised to tailor the style of our book towards the career path we want to take in photography. As I like photographing colours, portraits and fashion, and could like a portrait or fashion photography based career in the future, I decided to focus my images on this style of photography.

The project was broken down into 3 stages and time frames- Research stage from January 15th-February 5th, Practise stage from February 5th-March 19th and Publishing stage from April 16th-May 15th. The research phase was a short amount of time to get your ideas and inspiration together, that will help you generate ideas and images for this unit. During the practise stage, we had to shoot and reshoot a number of times to ensure we were generating enough images and improving each time with the help of weekly tutorials with Geraint and reshooting our shoots. The final publishing stage was for us to put our book together, adjust it where necessary and send it off to be printed.

During this project, I faced a few minor problems, nothing really major which I was surprised about. One of the minor issues I faced was some technical faults with the lighting on two of my shoots, these were larger issues at the time of the shoots but afterwards it wasn’t such a major issue as I was able to fix the lighting in Capture One and Photoshop. Another minor issue I faced was my time keeping. At the start of the project I was on a roll with it, I was planning, shooting and reshooting all on schedule, but towards the end of the unit we were set another project brief, meaning it was a stressful time and I had to plan my time management skills well. As I work as well, it did become a challenge at times, however I am proud of how my project went and that I managed to get everything finished in time for hand in.

As well as a few minor issues, I also had a fair few amount of positives to my project too. The first positive of the project being that I was able to book the studio for a big chunk of dates each week, meaning I knew I was going to have plenty of opportunities to shoot and reshoot the images that would build my final portfolio. Another huge positive to my project, is the fact that I created my whole portfolio by not paying anyone for their time, it wad all created on a TFP basis. The only thing that I paid for was to get the final book printed, and I was proud of myself for finding these friendly, fun, and willing people to work with. In addition to these positives, another one is that I have developed and improved my photographic skills so much that I am a lot more confident in myself and the work I have produced. Lastly, a nice positive to finish off on for the project was that I got my book back perfect the first time. There were no printing issues or anything like that, meaning I didn’t have to send it back for adjustments.

I found that this project unit did get very stressful at times, and there were so many times where I wanted to give up, and felt so worn out that I couldn’t keep going. Shooting and reshooting a new shoot each week really took its toll on me. Trying to organise people to model for me and help me out, style my shoots for me, try and book equipment and some other little bits for the shoots all got so much at times, but I kept telling myself that this project is the largest one of our final year, and I knew I would feel so pleased and rewarded once I had completed everything. And I do. I feel very proud of myself and the rewarding feeling of having my final book completed and finishing off my wordpress feels so good!

If I was to redo this project, I would probably try and arrange my shoots and reshoots a little bit further apart, having them each week seemed like plenty of time in between each one, but a few extra days between each shoot would have been a lot better and more beneficial to organising everything for the shoots.

Overall, I am beyond happy with how my project has turned out. I feel that my final book and my images meet the briefs criteria. I feel I have managed to stay on track pretty well with this project and got everything completed on time. I managed to stick within the time frames for Research, Practise and Publish and this really helped me succeed in this project. I am really pleased with the quality of images I have created throughout the many months of this project, and feel that I can definitely showcase these images at job interviews in the future.

My Final Book…

This is a video of my final printed book I have received back from Mixam. I am beyond pleased with how it has turned out, they got it perfect first time! I was worried I would have to send it back and adjust it, but I am not going to have to!

The printing quality came out really good and I love how the colours look altogether! All for a really cheap price and really quick delivery!

I am ecstatic to say that my book is complete!

Printers, Costs & Paper Type…

After looking around a lot of different printers and figuring out which would be the best one to use, I decided on using an online based printers called Mixam. I was looking at printers such as ExWhyZed, Blurb, ABC, The Magazine Printing Company, and BOBS Books.

I decided not to use any of the others I had looked at due to a number of factors that put me off using any of them. Factors including the price, delivery, bulk buying and print quality paper. Maxim seemed to tick all the right boxes in all of these factors, which is why I chose to use it.

I came across Mixam when searching online for printers. I had a look on the website and it seemed very easy and clear to use. All I had to do was put in the number of copies I wanted, choose my paper type for my covers and inside pages, select the thickness, finish and the delivery date I wanted it by. It seemed the perfect one to use, so I decided to give it a go. Luckily I still had enough time to send it back with adjustments if need be.

I selected the thickest card possible for my front and back cover, I chose 350 gsm and for the inside pages I chose roughly half of the thickness and went for 150 gsm. Gerona tan dI had discussed these thicknesses before so I knew what ones to go for to get my magazine style book.

I was able to choose however many copies of my book that I wanted, and I decided to go for 3 copies. So that I could hand one in, keep one for myself and then use one to take to interviews and things like that. The pricing was really cheap so that made it all the more better to use Mixam. I also knew I would get my copies back within plenty of time for hand in.

Book Name & Font…

I decided on naming my book quite a simple name that is quite self explanatory. I didn’t want to think of some fancy or off topic name that didn’t make sense, so I decided to just stick to calling it something that sued up what it was about.

The name of my book is COLOUR.

I decided on using quite a boxy, graphic font to use on my front page and title as I felt that quite a graphic font would go with my graphic images. Graphic being bold and punchy on the page. The font I also chose as well because some of the outfits styled in some of the shoots were very 90’s kind of style, and having the graphic boxy font reminded me of old 90’s video games.

I got the idea of layering the bold text and the outlined text from an example I saw on Pinterest. I really liked the look it gave and thought it was something different than just having a plain word on the front.

Speaking With Geraint…

A few days after putting my draft book layout together, I had a tutorial with Geraint so I could show him what I had made and get his advice/help on how or what to improve and change on the layout I had made.

I showed Geraint my InDesign document and let him scroll through the pages, and as he was going through I was talking him through it, and explaining why I did what I did and where I got my ideas from. When Geraint was going through it, he seemed to like what I had done and said it was near enough good to go the way it was. Then when going back through it a second time, he mentioned a few little tweaks I could make to improve it slightly. I made notes on what he wanted me to adjust, as he was speaking…

  • repeat the title on the inside page and move my website details down to the bottom of the page
  • make sure there is a colour flow through each image, leading to the next. for example if an image has yellow in it, make sure there is a bit of yellow or another colour the same as the first image in the one following it
  • reduce the size of the text on the last few pages
  • add credit page on how it was made through a collaboration only basis
  • swap paige and precious around as paige is the strongest shoot to finish the book on
  • move the grid of lily around to make sure there is consistent colour flow

I will now go away and adjust these tweaks that Geraint would like me to make and then confirm where I am going to get it printed and get it sent off.

InDesign- Putting My Book Together

This is draft book layout I have put together on InDesign to see how my ideas and images worked.

I have used InDesign numerous times before, I know it so well I was able to use it with ease and have no issues with using it. I started off by creating my pages, and getting the right amount of however many I needed for my covers and inside pages. I then placed text boxes and rectangular frames on the pages for where I wanted my pictures to go, and then started dragging my images in from my desktop.

For a draft layout, I like how this layout style works. I feel I have managed to put together a professional and interesting looking layout, involving text, boarders and colours, yet still letting the images do the talking and standing out.

I will show Geraint the draft book layout I have created and will get his opinion on what I have made and the way I have laid things out. I would like him to tell me if there is anything he would change, add in or takeaway and I want to really work with Geraint so I can achieve the best book possible.

My Final Images Going Into My Book…

Now it has come to putting my final book design together and getting it ready to print, I went through all of my edited images from each shoot and decided which ones would make the final cut and which ones wouldn’t. After a lot of thinking, asking for opinions and changing my mind, I finally managed to select a good amount of images from each model that I feel will make my book bold and strong.

There are more images of some girls compared to others, but I don’t think this is a problem as I don’t want to include images that aren’t as strong, just to make it an equal amount of images per model, so I have decided to stick with the ones I have chosen. I feel that the ones I have chosen are a good selection as they all show a range of contrasting colour ways, posing, and different personalities.

Kiera (Round 1)-



Kiera (Round 2)-



I will now experiment with these chosen images on InDesign in a draft book layout I will create to start piecing it all together.

Book Layout Planning- Page Sketches

After looking at numerous sources for some inspiration and ideas towards the layout of my final book, I combined everything into one and drew up some page layout sketches.

While planning my layout, I decided that I want to have each model have their own ‘section’ within my book, for example, I would start off with images of Kiera for a few pages and then go into images of Paige and so on. Meaning each model would have their own feature and section to be focused on, rather than having them all jumbled up into one book and just placed on random pages.

I decided I don’t want an image on my front cover as that immediately gives away what is going to be inside the book, and if people don’t like what they see instantly on the cover, then they know they’re not going to like what is inside, whereas if you keep whats inside the book a secret beyond the cover, more people are likely to pick it up and read it to find out more about it. I kind of want to have the title simple, like the style VIPER magazine has, where it is a small, faint routine of the title of my book. I will have the text title placed either at the top, middle or bottom of the cover, I haven’t quite decided the placement part yet.

For the inside pages I wanted to have a repeated layout throughout. I wanted to make sure it all flowed and had repetition otherwise I feel that it looks messy, I think having an order and repeated style makes it look more professional, and people always say that less is more. I got the idea of having the models name in text behind their opening image from my Pinterest board. I saw it being done quite a lot on Pinterest and thought it looked visually pleasing. So therefore, I tried to take the idea and I think it will work really well in my style book. I will have this layout repeated throughout and then have the back cover plain. I don’t think it is necessary to have anything on the back cover.

I decided on the style of grid after seeing Rankin’s book ‘Heidilicious’. I thought the grids worked really nicely on a page, and also looked good next to a larger, full page image. I thought it looked good on the eye to have two opposite style pages next to each other, one being full and one being small and tiled.

After the repeated style pages, and once all of the models have had their own section, I am going to have a double page spread of credits on the last two pages. I want to include all the names and instagram tags of all the people who helped me, I want to include them and give them credit, as without their help and unpaid work, I wouldn’t have been able to produce the images I did.

I am now going to start playing around with these layout ideas in Adobe InDesign to see how they look, and to see if I need to change or move anything around. I will show Geraint the progress I have made on my layout next week as I want to see what he says about it and see if/what he would change.

Book Layout Ideas- ‘Heidilicious’ by Rankin

As another source of inspiration of ideas, I decided to go into the library and find one of my favourite books by my favourite photographer. The book is called ‘Heidilicious’ and it is by the fashion and portrait photographer Rankin. I really like this book and always have done as I really like the way Rankin uses Heidi as his muse for his creative ideas, and tests them on Heidi. I think that all of the creative, photographic ideas he executed in this book are all very creative, fun and unique and I think that Heidi pulls the looks off and gets into character really well.

I also really like the simple layout of the bold images in the book. Having a simple layout of full page images, some with white boarders and some in a grid form adds a lot to the style of the book as it lets the images take centre stage and be the main focus of the viewers attention.

As my images have quite a lot going on in them by themselves, I wouldn’t want to overload each page or double page spread with things to make the pages look too much or for the photo to not stand out from other things going on around it. Therefore I think I will take quite a lot of inspiration for my book design from this book.

Book Layout Ideas- RouteOne Look Book

While out and about shopping one day I came across this really cool vintage clothes shop that had loads of cool items and brightly coloured garments. I was having a look around and came across some look books they had out on display, I asked the girl working in there if I could take one and she said it was fine. I decided I wanted to have one as it seemed like the type of look book that would feature cool, colourful clothes and present them in a professional and relevant way.

I took some pictures of the pages I like the look of and found inspiring…

What I first of all liked about this look book was how small it was, it was a small square book and it felt really nice to hold and to look through, this still confirmed that I knew I wanted to keep my book small. I also like how there were full page images on one side and then an image next to it with a white boarder, I really liked how this looked and thought that this would work well with my style of imagery. It would work well as the white boarder would break up the colour a little bit and make the contrasting colours stand out more.

I will refer back to this small look book when I am putting my final book together to see if any of the inspiration I have taken from this will work for my style of book.

Book Layout Ideas- VIPER Magazine

To get some more ideas and inspiration towards how I want my book to be laid out, I decided to look at one of my favourite magazines. I have had this issue of magazine for a while but thought it would come in handy for ideas for my book as I really liked the way it was laid out and the way they used text with the images. The magazine is called VIPER magazine.

I really like how the layout is simple, but affective. Firstly, I like how the title is simply put on the front cover, I think less is more at times, don’t overload the front cover and let the pictures do the talking. I like how the font is just the outline, it adds something to it rather than it just being plain text. I also like the simple layout of one image per page, I think this simple look looks really affective and I like the idea of a white boarder framing the images, I think this would work well having a small white outline around my colourful images, making them stand out from the page even more than they already do. Another thing I like about VIPER magazine is that they include text on their pages and credit the creative people involved in making the magazine. I really like this idea and want to include text to credit the people who helped me create the images I have.

As my photoshoots were all conducted on a free, time for print basis, the least I can do is credit the creative individuals that helped me by styling, modelling, assisting or doing the makeup.

I also like the look of the grid of images, it kind of replicates a contact sheet and I like how the images flow and work well with one another.

I have definitely taken some ideas and inspiration from looking at VIPER magazine that I will apply to the final layout of my book.

Portfolio Book Examples- Previous Years Work…

During the first lesson we had for this unit, Geraint showed us some examples of last years portfolio books and made us guess what grade we thought they got. Most of the ones we guessed we either got wrong or weren’t far off but it was hard to guess them right as there was such a variety of work.

I took pictures of the examples we were shown that got A or B grades. I wanted to take pictures and use them for a reference as I thought it would be good for me to look back at them and see what kind of layout I could create and what sort of grade I would achieve if I got everything else including shooting, reshooting and my workbook up to a good standard.

I liked how the book layouts were very simple and kept within their photographic theme. I want to create a book that is also simple, so the focus isn’t taken away from my images, but also add some style and text to it to emphasis the standard of the book as a whole product.

My least favourite of the examples we were shown was the first one on masculinity. I liked the imagery bur I just wasn’t fond of the layout. For me there is too much white space, awkward placing of the images and I am not a fan of blank white pages. This example helped me to distinguish how I don’t want some of my final pages to look in my book.

I liked the plain and simple look of the second example book about tides, I thought it looked very professional with the hard cover too and the imagery was very good quality and I like the story it told. However I don’t feel that that kind of book layout would work for my style of imagery. I feel that style of book works better for landscape or documentary. As my project is based on portraits, all of my images are vertical, therefore would look odd in a horizontal style book. So therefore I know that I won’t want to create a book in that style.

The last example in the images is my favourite one I looked at. It was kind of similar to what I wanted to create for my final outcome. It was small and compact and had a lot of imagery and graphics in there. I liked how the images filled majority of the pages and went in an order. I also thought that the graphic shapes and lines worked really well and added to the books style, rather than it just being a plain page with an image, it added something more to it and it worked.

Reflecting on these examples I am going to continue to look for inspiration and ideas and keep making note of what I find to put together when it comes to forming my final book.

Book Layout Ideas- Pinterest Board

To start off looking into how I want to lay out my final book, I decided to have a look on Pinterest for creative ideas and inspiration. I decided to create a board so that I can save images onto the board and keep them all in one place when it comes to referring to them at a later date when making my final book. On Pinterest I found some very interesting and inspiring design ideas that will really help to influence the way I lay out my book. I found images that were similar to the ideas I have in mind and therefore I managed to fill up a board pretty quick.

The main elements of how I want my book to look are: bright, bold, graphic and colourful. I feel that the images I have found are a good source of design inspiration as I will easily be able to replicate and play about with the styles of typography and image layout. I feel that the type of style I want will look best in a small A5 magazine/look book style print. I think that involving text and words within my book will add a sense of a modern zine to my final book and this would work well with my style of photographic work.

I showed Geraint a few of these images that I had on my phone during our previous meeting and he really liked the design and visual ideas I had in mind for my book, and agreed that this style of book will work well with my images and will define my style as a photographer.

I am going to continue to look for inspiration and ideas in the form of books and magazines give me further inspiration and ideas as to how I am going to get my final book to look.

Self Evaluation- Shooting Stage

Now i have finished the shooting stage of this unit and am moving into the publishing phase, I thought it would be good for me to reflect on what I have achieved and what I have learnt during the shooting and reshooting process.

My very first shoot of this unit, with Kiera when she had blue hair, I thought was really good to start with and didn’t really see myself improving from that stage as I didn’t think I could or would. Now skipping to the end of my 7 photoshoots and comparing my first images of Kiera to my last images of Precious, I can very clearly see where I have improved as a photographer and as a creative individual. Through the help of meeting with Geraint each week, discussing and knowing where to improve an applying it to my following shoot has definitely paid off, meaning I finished off the shooting phase with the strongest images I had the ability of creating.

Not only I have I learnt new techniques and skills within photography, but also within fashion and colours. When researching colours in fashion and the colour wheel, I was learning new things and felt I could apply my colour matching and contrasting skills well to my pictures, and I feel I have done so. I feel that each shoot shows a good, wide range or colour ways, and contrasts. I also feel my styling improved along the way to which I have improved my personal style too, and I have become a lot more bold and bright with the things I wear since styling and co-styling this project.

The reshooting and meeting with Geraint each week definitely pushed me and helped me improve the most throughout this project unit. I am proud of myself for meeting with him each week to know where to improve and become stronger. I am pleased with how my images and project have turned out as a whole and I am excited to put them into my final book layout.

Meeting With Geraint…

I scheduled in my weekly meeting with Geraint after this shoot and made sure I was going to attend as I had two shoots worth of images and edits to show him, and it was also my last meeting before I went into the Publishing phase of the unit after now having finished the Shooting and Reshooting phase of the unit.

I showed Geraint both sets of edited images, the ones of Paige and the ones of Precious, and Geraint seemed to really like them. He said that they were some of my best and strongest yet and it shows that I have really improved and developed a lot as a photographer and within the unit as I have been improving week by week.

I then mentioned to Geraint I had finished shooting now and was going to start looking at ways I can layout my images and start forming my book/portfolio. He asked me what kind of book style I was going to go for.

Throughout this project, since the start of the unit I have always had the idea of a small A5 magazine/look book style in my head for my final printed portfolio, and this is how I have always wanted it to look. I feel that having a small, compact book will look good for my style of photography as its very casual and fun to look at. My style of imagery wouldn’t look good in a hard back, formal style book, so therefore I wanted to keep it more on the relaxed side. Geraint agreed that this would look good for my style of work, and proceeded to show me some small magazines he had with him.

I mentioned to Geraint that I wanted to have a mixture of full page pictures and some grids of images involved in the layout and he liked this idea, I showed Geraint an example image of what I meant and he thought my images would look good in a grid format on some pages.

He was showing me the sizing, how images looked at that size, he showed me how they were made and bound and the type of paper. I took notes down during the meeting to make sure I had record of everything mentioned as it was all going to be useful to me when I am putting my book together and sending it off to be printed.

I will now start researching and looking for ways to start putting my book together and how I am going to lay out my images, and will return to show Geraint next week for another weekly tutorial.

Photoshoot 7- Edits (Precious)

For the same reasons I went through and chose all of my edits so far, I chose my final lot of edits the same way. I chose them for the posing, lighting, colours and attitude.

I felt these ones were the best in terms of showing Precious’ personality and confidence and they really show how experimental she is with posing.

To edit my images, I used the same technique that I have been throughout the project. I first imported them into Capture One to edit the brightness, contrast, shadows and colours, and I then put them into Photoshop so I could edit her skin and the backdrops.

Overall I am pleased with how the edits have turned out and I feel they are some of my strongest yet, I definitely finished shooting for this project on a high.

Photoshoot 7- Contact Sheet (Precious)

These are the contact sheets of images for my final photoshoot for this project. I have gone through and outlined my favourite and strongest images from this shoot with a coloured box around it. I chose the strongest ones due to the lighting, colours, posing and how the image looks overall and if it would look good in a print form.

I am very happy with how this shoot went. I thought the Precious did a really good job of styling herself, I gave help when she asked for my opinion but majority of it was her and I thought she accommodated outfits to my project theme really well. They were full of colour and personality and that what I was after.

Precious was a very good choice of model as her confidence shines through in my pictures, she was very confident, lively and experimental in front of the camera, always trying new poses and facial expressions and this really helped portray her bubbly personality and what she’s like as a person. I am happy that I chose to use her as I feel like these are definitely some of my strongest images from this project.

All of the elements I was trying to get right, I feel like I did. I feel like I got the lighting right, to not make her look flat or static in the image ad to also bring out the colours. I feel that I gave her good direction to get the right poses in the images and also good assistance on the styling. So overall I am very happy with myself and the outcome for my last photoshoot for this project unit.

Photoshoot 6- Edits (Paige)

These are the images I have chosen as my best ones from the shoot I did with Paige. I chose these as my best ones down to the posing, lighting and colours. I used the same editing process that I have been each week for these edits. I started off by putting them into Capture One and editing the brightness, contrast, shadows and colours. I then imported them into Photoshop to edit the skin and backdrops, making sure they were looking smooth and bright.

The posing worked really well in these images as they show a lot of movement, attitude and they don’t look flat or static. I feel like these poses have really developed from my early on shoots, and with the help of Geraint and knowing where to improve each week, I have managed to create strong images through the movement and posing of my models.

The lighting in these images worked really well. I feel that using the same lighting set up each week has really helped me develop as a photographer and I now know how to perfect the lighting to achieve the look I want, and also how to get the shadows to work with the posing and direction of the model.

I also feel the colours turned out well in these edits. The way they turned out when I was editing them has made them look really bold and bright and the contrast between the outfits and backgrounds has turned out really well.

Photoshoot 6- Contact Sheet (Paige)

These are the contact sheets for the photoshoot I did with Paige. I selected my best ones and outlined them in a coloured square. I went through and chose them as my best and strongest ones down to the posing, lighting, colours, attitude and if they would look good in my final book.

I am really happy with how this photoshoot went, and feel I have managed to capture some strong images, improving on my last shoot and getting stronger.

I didn’t face any problems or issues during this shoot, the equipment and lighting all worked perfectly fine, giving me the type of lighting and effect that I wanted, giving me the right kind of shadows and colours. All of the outfits and clothes came on time and all fit Paige well for her to wear them for the shoot. I must say, I am pretty proud of myself for how the styling turned out, I think the outfit styles and colours work really well together and I have managed to style some on trend outfits that fit well within my project theme.

Paige has a very similar personality, confidence and posing style to Kiera, so she was very very easy to work with and she was good at taking direction. Paige managed to give attitude and personality similarly to how Kiera did, which took me back to the moodboard and research I did into Billie Eilish. This shoot gave me that kind of vibe again and I love how my pictures turned out.

I will now go through the ones I have selected as my best and strongest ones and edit them in Capture One and Photoshop to improve and enhance the shadows and colours.

Photoshoot 6 & 7- Posing, Lighting and Equipment Planning…


The posing for this photoshoot is going to be similar to what I have shot in my previous 5 shoots. for my last shoot, I want to make sure the consistency of my images is there right until the end. I want to involve a lot of movement, close crops, attitude and personality in the posing, and I am confident enough in the models that they will be able to bring that to my photoshoot and create some strong imagery.


The lighting is going to be the same set up as my previous shoots. I will use an Octalight on one side of the model, with a black polyboard to create strong shadow and contrast on the models face and body.


The equipment will be the same as what I previously used for my last shoot, however this time around I need to remember to bring all of the clothing and accessories I need to style the photoshoot.

Photoshoot 6 & 7- Styling Planning…

As I previously mentioned to Geraint in an email, I will be styling part of the shoot myself as I have been unable to find a stylist to help me in time for my shoot. Precious does fashion styling and had clothes to fit my shoot style, so she was confident doing that herself, but due to Precious and Paige being different clothes and shoes size, I was going to have to style Paige myself. I didn’t mind that I was having to do this as I am quite confident when it comes to fashion styling and putting outfits and colours together, so I knew I would be capable of doing so.

I didn’t have a particular style in mind for this photoshoot. As it was my last studio slot I knew it needed to be bright, bold and make the image stand out, but I couldn’t pin point one particular style to go for. As I am on social media a lot, I am always seeing outfit inspiration from celebrities and friends so I had a few images in my mind with some outfits and accessories I had seen online and used my initiative as to what would look good and make an interesting look, and what wouldn’t.

I looked into some trends that are popular at this time, and a lot of websites and celebrities have things such as gold jewellery, oversized jumpers, jogging bottoms and scrunchies. So with use popular things in mind I started looking for outfits I could get Paige to wear for my shoot.

These are some items I found that I would like to style Paige in for my shoot. I chose these items of clothing based on the colours, style and popular trends. Each of these items can be styled within a whole outfit and can have accessories added to them too. I have gone for very plain items, yet they are bold and have texture to them, I feel that this will give a good strong contrast in the images. AsI like to photograph quite close crop portraits, the bottom half of the outfit won’t need a lot of attention to detail, I have bottoms at home I can pair with the outfits that will fit Paige, and I will also ask Paige to bring some trousers and skirts too. To accessorise and complete the looks I am going to bring some jewellery I have at home. I have a lot of gold chains, hoops and necklaces I can bring that will add something to the outfits, sticking within the current popular trends.

Precious and I have been discussing ideas and thoughts about the items of clothes she will bring to style herself in for the shoot. I didn’t give her a set moodboard at all, all I gave Precious was the terms ‘bold, bright and colourful’ and she could take that however she wanted. While planning the shoot Precious sent me images of the items of clothing she had and what she would bring and all of the ideas she showed me were great. There was one outfit (image 3) she sent me that I wasn’t so keen on. It had bits of bright colour in it, but not enough for the style of my project so far, and there was way too much white for it to stick with the consistency of my project so far. After numerous conversations Precious said she had packed outfits and accessories and she would bring them all to the shoot and we could decide on the day what we want to use and what we don’t. I was glad that Precious was understanding and able to source a lot of clothes for me, I was very grateful.

Photoshoot 6 & 7- Model Planning…

The last date I had booked in the studio was going to be two photoshoot in one. I wanted to make sure I got the most out of my studio booking while I had the chance to ensure I had enough images to choose from for my final book.

In the email feedback with Geraint, I mentioned I had a white and black model in mind I wanted to use. I wanted to experiment with photographing a black model on my last shoot as I did use a black model very early on in this project and unfortunately the shoot didn’t end up turning out well and it is the weakest one I have executed this term. So as I already knew I wouldn’t be using those images in my final cut, I wanted to photograph a black model again now I have improved my techniques, lighting and photographic skills.

To source the two models for my last photoshoots, I put adverts out on social media and awaited response.

Precious (black model) is a friendly, lively, confident model I have worked with before on other projects and become very familiar and friendly with. She saw my advert on social media and was almost immediately interested. I was very excited that Precious offered to model for me as I knew what she was capable of in front of a camera and I knew that she would be a good addition to my project to get attitude and personality across in my images. As well as modelling, Precious also does fashion styling, so she was therefore able to source and style clothes for herself that met my shoot requirements of colour. I couldn’t have had a better person offer to help me really!!

A few days later, I had another girl approach me called Paige (white model), she seemed very interested in the concept of my shoot and was very willing to work with me, I showed her some of my previous shoots for this project to give her an idea of what the shoot would be like and she was very up for it. I had a look on her social media profiles and through her images and I was pleasantly surprised again that someone came forward to help me and they met the requirements I was looking for. Paige has a lot of tattoos, facial piercings and a lot of previous modelling experience. When looking through her previous modelling work, it was obvious to see she would bring confidence, attitude, personality and individuality to my images, so I decided to use Paige as well as Precious.

These are the two model I will be using…

Talking With Geraint…

After my fifth photoshoot I had arranged another meeting with Geraint to show him my images and edits but unfortunately I was unwell to physically attend the meeting, therefore I emailed Geraint instead. I messaged him to let him know I wouldn’t be attending and sent him a contact sheet of my personal favourite/ best images and I wanted to see which ones he liked and what he had to say about them. I also emailed him the plans and ideas I had for my next photoshoots. This was our email conversation/online tutorial meeting…

I am pleased with how the conversation went and that he liked my images, ideas and plans. I also like the images that he marked up as some of my strongest ones and agreed with him that they worked best. Now I have Geraint approval on my ideas and plans for my next shoot it was time to start executing them and getting everything ready.

Photoshoot 5- Edits

These edits happened to turn out how I had pictured them too. I wanted them to be bold, bright and punchy and I feel I have achieved that through my editing processes.

I chose these images in particular as my best ones due to the way the lighting turned out, how I shot and cropped the portrait, how the colours looked and how much attitude Kiera was giving, it was hard to pick as a lot of the poses worked but there were some that didn’t, and I personally thought these were my best ones.

I do feel that these are stronger than my last shoot and with the help of Geraint’s meeting each week I feel I am getting stronger as a photographer and my project is improving shoot by shoot.

I am excited to show these to Geraint, see what he says, work out a plan for my next shoot and start planning it.

Photoshoot 5- Contact Sheets

I really enjoyed shooting these images and working with Kiera again, we made a good team the first time round and I knew we would be even better this time around. Everything I had planned went to plan and the lighting actually worked this time! I had no issues with the flash or anything this time so that made me enjoy it more, rather than being stressed at the lighting.

I really liked how the colour combinations turned out, experimenting with new colour ways was very exciting and something different to each shoot I had done before. With these colour ways I tried to pay more attention to the colour wheel and pair colours together that go well together but still create contrast between them. For example, yellow and purple, blue and red and also playing around with blue and yellow a lot which makes green, and Kiera’s hair is green. I feel that the colours I paired together worked well and makes a bold clash.

I thought that Kiera’s posing and her getting her attitude across worked really well. I showed her my moodboard of Billie Eilish and luckily she’s really into her music and style so she knew exactly what I was after and thought that her personality and attitude came across well. Her green hair, extra tattoos and facial expressions combined together created some good, strong images to contribute towards my project.

I am now going to edit them using Capture and Photoshop. I will subtly edit the lighting exposure, shadows and colours and then do a little bit of skin work in Photoshop.

Photoshoot 5- Model Choice

For my fifth photoshoot Geraint and I spoke about me using Kiera again. Kiera was the girl I used in my first photoshoot for this project, and she had blue hair at the time. Kiera now has green hair and some more tattoos. Geraint said that he liked her natural and edgy look beforehand and it would be good for me to get Kiera back in to experiment with her new coloured hair, and to try and improve on the good outcomes from before. I told Geraint the visions I had in mind and he said that its all good to go and would be a good shoot to add to my book.

This is what Kiera now looks like…

Using Kiera again and photographing her with her bright green hair and extra tattoos will create a really col and edgy look. She will contrast well with the bright clothing and bright backgrounds, making her really stand out.

Photoshoot 5- Lighting & Equipment


The lighting for this photoshoot is going to be a repeat of the lighting set up I have used for my last few shoots. Geraint and I have been agreeing that the lighting works for my style of images and the shadow works well along with the colours. After looking into photographers who have a unique and repetitive style, I have realised it is important to keep elements such as lighting the same to create that unique style I want as a photographer.

I am going to use the octalight on one side of the model, and a black polyboard on the other to emphasis the shadow coming in on one side of the body and face.


  • Canon camera
  • 24-70mm and 50mm lens
  • SD cards
  • Camera battery
  • Battery charger
  • 1200RX flash kit
  • Octalight soft box
  • Sync lead
  • Black polyboard
  • Polyboard stand
  • Backdrop stands
  • Coloured backdrops
  • Clamps
  • Masking tape
  • Clothing
  • Mood boards

Photoshoot 5- Styling & Posing Planning…


With the styling for this photoshoot, I knew I needed to keep it consistent like my previous shoots, and take on Geraint’s point of not using revealing clothing. With a few things in mind, I decided I wanted to style the photoshoot myself, as I had a number of garments at home I wanted to use, and Kiera and I worked so well together before, just us two, I wanted to repeat the same success again.

In the first photoshoot Kiera and I worked on where she had blue hair, the styling was very casual, baggy and bright, and I feel that that really worked on her as it was similar to the style she wears, so I knew she would feel comfortable. It was also styled by myself and I feel that Kiera really worked well with the outfits I put her in, and I knew we were a good enough team to do this again. With this in mind, these are some of the garments I have at home that I want to use and why…

I decided I wanted to use these garments that I had as they were slightly different to what I had used before. I wanted to experiment with some more toned down pastel colours to see how they would turn out against the bright backdrops and I wanted to experiment with more graphics and writing as I hadn’t done any of that style yet.

  • In the first photoshoot with Kiera, I really liked the images I did with her in the orange jumper against the orange background, I feel they turned out good. When looking back on them I feel maybe it was too much plain orange going on and should’ve had something subtle to break it up a little bit, so this time around I have chosen to use orange again but with some white writing on the jumper to break it up a bit.
  • Also in the first shoot I did with Kiera, I used a neon yellow/green t-shirt, and I liked how the colour clashed with the background and her blue hair, this time around I wanted to try and recreate a similar look with her green hair and longer sleeves.
  • One of my favourite shots of Kiera from our first shoot was one of her in a pink roll neck jumper and she’s starting to undress herself, revealing some of her stomach tattoos. I really enjoyed shooting this and I liked the results I got from it. I feel the colours came out really well and I wanted to try it again in a different colour way. I had the same style jumper but in a blue version, and I thought this would look really cool against a yellow or a red background, I really wanted to experiment with it and try and create images stronger than the ones before, and also revealing some of her new tattoos she has had done, which Geraint liked before.
  • The purple t-shirt and the rainbow jumper are a few extra items I am going to bring along as I didn’t photograph a purple garment before, and although its a simple t-shirt, I feel that Kiera can make a good image with it with her attitude too. The rainbow roll neck jumper I will experiment with towards the end of my shoot as I am unsure as to how good Kiera will look all covered up in a high roll neck.


The posing I am going to keep similar to before, Kiera knows her angles, face and body well and she knows how to pose in front of the camera. I would like to try and replicate a few of the poses from before but also add some of Billie Eilish’s style and attitude into it too.

I am excited to do this shoot and feel that the results will be 10x stronger than before as I feel I have improved a lot as a photographer through the process of shooting and reshooting each week.

Billie Eilish- 5th Photoshoot Inspiration

Billie Eilish is a 17 year old, American singer and songwriter who released a single back in 2016 but has more recently come to fame from her latest album going viral worldwide.

I decided to look into Billie Eilish as I find her visions and concepts really interesting. She is different from any one else in the charts right now, and she has a uniqueness that no one else has. Some of the things she creates are a little odd and disturbing but to me thats what makes them all the more intriguing. In all things she does and creates she keeps her edginess and her attitude present and thats what I like the most.

With Kiera’s personality and edgy look, she can give really good attitude and still make it look photogenic, similar to how Billie does. When looking through images of Billie online, I was reminded of Kiera.

I want to try and get Kiera to channel some of Billie’s attitude in our next shoot together.

The way that Billie poses in her modelling is very simple but her face says a lot. I feel I can get Kiera to easily pull this style of modelling off, from having worked with her before I know what she is capable of and how to get the best out of her in front of the camera.

Meeting With Geraint…

I now had quite a good routine going in this unit. I would do a shoot each week and then show Geraint the images and edits in a meeting the same week. I felt that this is a really good way for me to keep improving my work week by week.

I showed Geraint my images and edits from the recent shoot I did with Hollie and Melissa and he said he liked them. He said that he liked my bold choices of colours and patterns and he liked the lighting. I was glad he liked them as I felt a had taken and edited some decent pictures for my book. After Geraint went through them and said what he liked about them, he raised a few points about what he either didn’t like about them, or what I could improve on for my next shoot next week…

  • get rid of the green eyeshadow in the corner of the eye on some images as the bright green is too distracting and doesn’t look right
  • don’t use images that are too revealing with cleavage, not my style so far, keep it more covered like I have before
  • pick edits that don’t look too static in the posing
  • emphasis the shadows more on some of the edits

I agreed and disagreed with some of the points Geraint made, but I was willing to go away and re-edit she of my images going by what he’s said.

I agreed with him on the green eyeshadow, after going back and looking at it properly, the lighting hit it too hard, making it too bright and distracting. I personally didn’t mind some of the more revealing outfits as it showed a bit of diversity in the looks I have shot, but I did also see Geraint’s point where he said it doesn’t go with the images and looks I have shot so far, keep it consistent and flowing through.

I also agreed when he said about the posing being quite static. Going back through my edits and images, I realised how stiff and still Hollie was when I was taking the photos. She struggled at listening to my directions and loosening up a bit on the day of the shoot, however I didn’t think it would come across in the edits. Luckily, there are some that don’t look too static that I can use and the lighting adding some shadow helps lift them out.

I didn’t quite agree with what Geraint wanted me to do to the shadows as I felt that there was quite enough as there is. I didn’t want the shadows being too dark, completely blocking out her face and making my images really dark when they get printed.

Geraint and I then spoke about the next shoot I was going to be doing and what my ideas were. I mentioned to Geraint that I wanted to use Kiera as a model again as I really liked working with her before and she had now changed her hair colour from blue to bright green, and she had some more chest tattoos done and I think that would look really edgy in my shoot. I enjoyed photographing her unconventional ‘model’ look, and I have some more colourful garments in mind I want to experiment on Kiera. Geraint was approving of what I had said and said it would be good for me to use Kiera again as it was such a success on my first shoot.

I am going to take all of the points covered in consideration when it comes to photographing my next shoot with Kiera, and apply Geraint’s advice accordingly to continue to improve my work and create strong images.