How Much Would An Editorial Client Be Prepared To Pay For VR Content?

I have been reading some online articles and information about the costs of VR content. It is a very expensive load of content to pay for, but if it works for the client, it would 100% be worth it!

I was reading some information online on a VR company website, the company are called ‘VISUALISE’. When reading through their costing information, it really made me realise how much it would all cost, and that an editorial client would have to be willing to pay A LOT of money for HD VR content.

Cost Information I Found-

Understanding how much is costs…

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 1.10.36 pm

Previous project costs from what VISUALISE have worked on…

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 1.13.36 pm


Working on a budget…


What to consider when costing a VR job…

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How Successful Are These VR Videos/Clips?


Out of the two apps, I feel that I got the better experience from NYTVR than I did Guardian VR. Although I had the headset to view both apps for the best quality experience, I personally preferred the content on this app than the Guardian VR app.

I think that these clips were very successful in terms of putting you into another place and triggering all of your senses. I really enjoyed the Marrakesh video and the meditation video I experienced. They really opened my eyes to what its like to be in a place I had never been in before, and having always wanted to go to Marrakesh, it has made me want to go even more.

The Fight For Fallujah video was successful in terms of giving the viewer a good first hand experience at what it would really be like to be there in that environment. The sounds and emotions triggered all of my senses at the same time, really improving the viewing of the footage.

Guardian VR-

I still enjoyed watching the Guardian VR content, but not as much as I did the NYTVR. If I wasn’t to have the headset and a pair of headphones then the videos would have been un-viewable, which limits their audience. Only because I had a headset and headphones, was I able to fully immerse myself into the virtual reality world.

Guardian VR- The Party- Review

This video called The Party was about experiencing the emotions and feelings of a teenage girl with autism at her mum’s surprise birthday party.

Putting on the headset and watching/experiencing this footage, took you into her world and showed in depth what she feels and how she copes with situations. It has made me view autism in a different way to what I did before.

The emotions you learn from what the girl feels while watching this visual reality is that she can’t cope with a lot of people in the room at once, she can sometimes be unsociable when it gets too much. When the surprise of the party happens, the girl freezes at that moment in time.

This clip really opened my eyes to what people with autism feel and experience compared to myself. I think that this style VR could in the future be used in education. Such as medical students or psychology students using it for studies on mental health, autism, and how people think etc.

Guardian VR- 6X9 Video- Review

The Guardian VR app only had VR footage that could be viewed through a cardboard headset, so I was glad that I had one so I could get the full experience from watching these VR videos. Without the VR set, the screen was split in two and it didn’t give the same experience watching it without the headset.

I was quite excited to experience this video as I have always had in interest in prisons and crimes. I have done previous projects and interviews with prisons and have always loved watching crime documentaries etc. The video takes you into a small confined prison cell for 9 minutes and gives you facts as the video goes along.

This video warns you at the start that it may make you feel uncomfortable and emotional, and it did. By the end of the video I felt confined and emotional just from watching/ experiencing the video. Hearing the other prisoners shout around me felt really real, as I had my headphones in, that was all I could hear and concentrate on.

As I immersed myself into the small prison cell for 9 minutes, it really made me feel like I was trapped there. Although it was slightly scary, I knew it wasn’t real and watched it until the end.  I couldn’t imagine really being stuck there for more than 9 minutes in real life.

NYTVR- Meditate By The Ocean- Review

The next video I watched out of choice as I thought it might actually help me at this particular time. I watched a meditation VR video through my headset.

It was a 5 minute long video where it took me to the the cliffs in Northern California. It put me in a peaceful atmosphere where I was enjoying the sunny weather and listening to the ocean waves. While taking in the breathtaking views of the cliff tops.

I chose to watch this video so I could have a peaceful five minutes to myself. As I was feeling a lot of stress, this video helped me to unwind and recollect my thoughts while watching through the headset.

This video would not have been the same if I was just to be watching it on my phone or laptop screen. Using the VR headset really allowed me to fully concentrate on being there and calming myself down. I enjoyed listening to the waves and relaxing. It really was a calming experience.

NYTVR- 52 Places To Go: Marrakesh- Review

After we had watched the NYTVR videos from the brief, we then had the free choice to watch some more videos of our choice. While looking through the app to find a VR video of interest to me, I came across a playlist of videos called 52 Places To Go. I went onto this playlist and selected to watch the Marrakesh video. I chose this particular video because I have always wanted to go to Marrakesh and I am really fascinated by all of the colours in their architecture.

Watching this video in the VR headset was really interested to me and I wish it was longer than 1 minute 10 seconds. I felt like I was actually in Marrakesh for a slight minute. Looking around the preserved gardens through the headset made me want to visit Marrakesh even more than before.

The colours, architecture and people really came alive in this short clip and I felt part of the atmosphere.

Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 8.29.23 pm