Props & Equipment- Moodboard

When it comes to the props and equipment to use in our images, we are all going to try and source as much as we can. We felt as a group that this role was one to be shared equally. These are our moodboards for the kind of props, equipment and set ups we want for our posters. We need to set the science and make it look realistic that we are photographing in a science lab so therefore we are going to need items such as beakers, test tubes, racks, tubes, measurement jugs, scissors, pliers, tools, a bunsen burner and jars.

Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 5.32.07 pm

SFX Makeup- Moodboard

Rachel’s role in the group was to sort out the makeup artists and create the kind of looks we wanted in our posters. Rachel created these mood boards to send to makeup artists to see if they’d be able to achieve the looks we wanted. As a group we were all happy with the ideas and moodboards that were being sent out. The first moodboard is for the alien style SFX makeup. We all agreed to keep the alien still very human like so you can still tell its a human that can change from human to alien. The second moodboard is for the SFX makeup when it comes to the images of the scientists being bitten. We want a simple yet effect looking bite/wound and some blood to make it look like they have been badly hurt by Hatch.

Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 5.33.46 pm
Alien SFX Moodboard

Models- Moodboards

While I have been sorting the styling and Rachel sorting out the makeup, Emily has been sorting out models and trying to find the right person to fit our character profiles. She has been trying to find three models to play Hatch, Lucy and Thomas. Emily has created some moodboards to help visualise the kind of person we are after.

To play Hatch, we are after an androgynous looking girl to play the role. Taking reference from Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things, we want her to act, look and be like her. Emily is trying to find a girl with very short or shaved hair and to also have boyish features.

Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 5.32.28 pm
Hatch Moodboard

The moodboard for Lucy, shows that we are looking for a very pretty and mature woman, preferably a bit older than a teenager/young adult. As long as the woman Meily finds has long hair, pretty features and a smart look, she will work very well for our character.

Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 5.32.49 pm
Female Scientist Moodboard

For our male scientist we want to find a more scruffy and nerdy looking guy to play him. We want the male to look the opposite to the female scientist so it changes our images a bit and they don’t both give off the same vibe. Scruffy hair, facial hair and a young wish face with glasses is the kind of look we are after and hoping Emily can find.

Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 5.33.02 pm
Male Scientist Moodboard

Character Styling- Hatch/ Child

Our main inspiration behind the character, Hatch, has come from Millie Bobby Brown playing her character Eleven in Stranger Things. Mainly because it has a slightly similar story line to our TV show synopsis. In the show Stranger Things, Eleven comes to planet earth from ‘the upside down’ which is a darker, more evil and dangerous version of the world and she comes to planet earth with special powers. With her special powers, she can stop the demogorgans from taking over planet earth and shut off the ‘upside down’ port hole. In our TV show, Hatch is found in an egg form on an island and is brought to the NYCSL lab for testing. She is then used  for information and her powers as a human/alien child to communicate with the rest of the aliens invading planet earth.

Eleven has a very androgynous look about her, she has a pretty feminine face, yet she has a shaved head, making her look more boyish. She has a young face and looks like an innocent child. I think this is a good look to go for when it comes to getting our model to represent Hatch.

For the styling of Hatch, I am going to either put her in some form of gown so that it looks like she is being tested on in the lab, which sticks to our storyline, or I was going to have her in a plain coloured vest top to show more skin and that she can change into a human.


Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 12.03.19 pm

Character Styling- Scientists

For the styling for our two scientist characters, Lucy and Thomas I am going to keep it quite plain and simple. As they both work in a science lab I am going to get them to wear quite plain clothes underneath a lab coat.

Where we have made the character profile for Lucy to be quite a pretty, smart and plain looking woman, I am going to style her in either a smart pencil skirt or some skinny fit work trousers, a plain shirt and some small high heels or pump style shoes. Over the top, she will wear a lab coat, to show that she is working in a lab. Her hair and makeup will be plain and simple and she will have her hair tied back in a ponytail with little to no makeup on.

For our male character, Thomas we have made him out to be more of a geeky scientist that is slightly more scruffy looking than Lucy. I am going to style ‘Thomas” in either a casual long sleeved top or a jumper, with some slightly looser looking jeans, a lab coat over the top of his outfit with a pair of converse or trainers. He will wear a pair of glasses and have scruffy hair and possibly some facial hair too.


Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 11.53.52 am

Character Profiles

Character Profiles-

Name: Hatch
Young teenager. Female. White.

Her hometown is the Andromeda Galaxy but is born and lives on Earth and has never met her alien parents. Has androgynous features, very short hair and pale skin. Dresses in a very tomboy style. Is shy but also very powerful and can change forms between and alien and a human.

Name: Lucy
Young adult. Female. White.

Her hometown is New York, which is also where she works as a scientist at NYCSL. Has very pretty features and dosen’t look like your ordinary scientist. Long brunette hair, skinny and is very well groomed.

Name: Thomas
Young adult. Male. White.

His hometown is New York, which is also where he works as a scientist at NYCSL. Has quite a scruffy looks, skinny and gives off the nerdy vibe. Wheres glasses and is very clever.

6 Poster Ideas- Recap & More Detail

Poster 1- Hatch/ Child-

This poster will start off with an image of our model looking like a normal human, with no makeup or anything on, the poster will then change into an image of the same model dressed up as an alien version of herself through morphing. The costume int arms of the hospital gown will be the same, the only thing that will change will be the face/SFX makeup. The poster will have a plain background so all of the focus will be on our main character.

Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 3.02.07 pm
Poster 1- Hatch

Poster 2- Female Scientist-

This poster will start off with an image of our female character “Lucy” looking normal. She will be a mature looking woman, dressed in a lab coat as she is a scientist. Again, the background will be plain so she is the main focus. The poster will then morph/change into the same woman but she will have been bitten and is bleeding. Her facial expression will have changed so she looks like she is in pain.

Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 3.02.25 pm
Poster 2- Female Scientist

Poster 3- Male Scientist-

This poster will look the same as the previous two posters of our main character except this time it will be a male model as a scientist. We wanted our male scientist “Thomas” to look more smart/nerdy than Lucy. Our character will be wearing the same lab coat as Lucy’s portrait and he will also be wearing glasses. His poster will then morph into him being bitten and bleeding and looking in pain but the SFX makeup will be in a different position to Lucy’s. These posters will be on a constant loop, like a GIF, so that you constantly see the faces morphing from normal to bleeding all the time.

Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 3.02.36 pm
Poster 3- Male Scientist

Poster 4- Egg

The next poster we are going to make will be a props poster of an egg. This egg symbolises the egg that Hatch, our main character came from. The first image will be of a large, plain egg, on a stand and then the next image it will morph into the same egg except it will be cracked/open. To show that the alien/child has hatched and come to life. The backdrop for the props posters will be set up to look like some form of science lab. With a white board showing scientific equations and we will also have some props in the background to make it look like a science lab.

Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 3.02.46 pm
Poster 4- Egg

Poster 5- Petri Dishes

The next prop poster will be shot at a birds eye view, showing two small petri dishes in the ‘lab’. The first image will show the petri dishes normal with some equipment laying around them and then the poster will morph into the same image/position except the petri dishes will be cracked and leaking. This will symbolise that organisms they are testing in the peri dish was radioactive/dangerous and therefore broke the glass. This is to show that there could be a danger with the egg hatching and Hatch being bought to life. Again, this will be on a constant loop so the poster is always changing/moving.

Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 3.02.56 pm
Poster 5- Petri Dish

Poster 6- Test Tube or Beaker

The last of our 6 moving image posters will be of a glass test tube or beaker. The first image will start off it being filled with a clear liquid (water) and then it’ll morph/change into being filled with a bubbling green liquid that will overflow. This is to show that again, they are testing something from the alien/egg and it is radioactive/dangerous and the scientists are yet to discover this.

poster 6 drawing
Poster 6- Test Tube