Images From The Shoot Day

These were some images I took during the clips being filmed on the day of our shoot. I like how I captured the girls personalities through their facial expressions. The images and clips go really well together and give the fun, casual feel that we wanted.


Filming and Shoot Day- 10/05/18

Thursday 10th May was our filming day for our ‘Mystique Makeup’ advert/short film. We had a team of 7 models, 3 makeup artists and 2 filming assistants, and then me, Emily and Rachel were the directors, filmers and photographers.

All of our models and makeup artists got to Ravensbourne between 3:30 and 4pm, so that they had plenty of time to get ready and we could start shooting as close to 5pm as possible. However, we had to wait for a class to finish in the Walker Space before I had it booked, which delayed us setting up.

Once we were in the room and had our studio set up according to the lighting diagrams, we were just waiting on the finishing touches to the makeup to be done, and we started filming just after 6pm.

We started off by filming clips of the girls individually. We got each of the girls to be talking about themselves, laughing and joking and interacting with us telling us stories. While filming them talking and laughing, this gave a very casual and chilled vibe to the clips, which is what we wanted so it looked like the were ‘comfortable and confident’ in their Mystique makeup foundations. While one of us was filming the clips, we took it in turns to take photographs/portraits of the girls in the studio set ups, almost like documentary style film stills that complimented the footage nicely.

After we had filmed each model individually, we went on to filming the girls in some fun group shots. We filmed it so each girl came on set, in their own fun way, and they were coming together as this strong girl group who have found their ultimate match/skin coverage foundation. Once, they were all on set as a big group of 7, we filmed them laughing and dancing with each other, giving it a very casual and fun feel.

We then wanted to get the makeup artists involved in some of the clips, so it looked like it was behind the scenes, which is the style we were going for. I directed these clips and got two girls to sit either side of the white cube and then had Ryn touching up the makeup of one model, and had Melody doing the other. While they were getting their makeup touched up, we filmed all the girls talking while working and looking like they were having fun.

We then went on to film some more individual shots of the girls in the studio set up, but this time they were looking into a small mirror, which we shot from behind them so they were making eye contact with the camera through the mirror. This gave the impression in the clips that they were happy and confident with how their skin looked.

These clips stuck to our storyboard and therefore we were happy we got the shots we wanted to tell the story we wanted to as well. On the day, we decided not to film on location as we as a group didn’t think it would look very good, having all of these clips filmed in the studio, to then all of a sudden have them outside? We felt that we shot enough clips in the studio that we didn’t need location shots.

Overall, the shoot day went well and went to plan. We filmed the shots that we wanted with help from Harry and Sam assisting us, we followed the storyboard meaning we got the message across within the clips, everyone was on time, all of the makeup looked how we wanted it and all of the outfits fit the models well. The whole team worked really well together and it all paid off in the clips and images we took.

Final Call Sheet

Including Emily, Rachel and myself, this was the final list of names, roles and numbers for the call sheet for our shoot on Thursday 10th May from 5pm.

Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 4.23.46 pm

Our Team- Models, MUA’s & Assistants

We had a new shoot date, I managed to book us in the walker space on Thursday 10th May from 5pm. This was the latest we could film it as we realistically needed enough time to edit before hand in.

As the first team for the original shoot date didn’t work out, we were all hands on deck with finding more models, makeup artists and assistants. Emily had the role of finding and sourcing the models, and Rachel had the role of finding and sourcing the makeup artists. As I had sorted and sourced the clothes for the models, I helped Rachel with finding makeup artists as she was struggling with finding people. I managed to help find 2 of the 3 makeup artists, one of them being a hair stylist as well.

– Models –

Emily managed to find 10 models altogether but only 7 could make it in the end. We were happy with only having 7, as it was the most models we had and they fit the look of our shoot well, with a range of dark skin tones.

[L-R= Lilye, Mary, Precious, Olivia, Blessing, Rene, Solene]

– Makeup Artists –

Me and Rachel together managed to find 3 makeup artists, we wanted to find as many as we could as then it wouldn’t take as long for all of the models to be ready. We could give each of the makeup artists a few models each, speeding up the process. Rachel found a hair and makeup artist called Melody and I found two makeup artists called Ryn and Roxana.

– Filming Assistants –

As we didn’t have a lot of filming experience between us, we wanted to try and find a filmer/s who could assist us on the day of our shoot and help us film the shots we wanted. We asked around and we managed to find two people, Sam and Harry, who were free to come in and assist us.

This was our final team for filming on Thursday 10th May, and as a group we were all more than confident with shooting our short film this time round.


Change Of Shoot Date

We originally planned to shoot our short film on Friday 4th May in the studio, with 8 models in total and numerous makeup artists. When it came to the night before our planned shoot, everything was going wrong. We had four models drop out the night before, no MUA’s could make the date and we couldn’t get anyone to assist us with the filming. This wouldn’t have worked for our shoot as we needed makeup artists and between 6-10 models more than anything for it to work. With all of this going wrong, we had no other option but to reschedule our shoot day. We are going to reschedule it within the next week, as it still gives us enough time to find extra models and makeup artists and also it gives us time to edit it before hand in.


Equipment List

This is a list of the equipment we will be using to shoot our short film makeup advert.

  • Canon Camera– x3 – one each
  • Spare camera batteries x3 – one spare each
  • SD cards– x6 – two each
  • Camera lenses– x4
  • Hot shoe adaptors– x2 – one spare 
  • Camera tripods– x2
  • Macbook laptops– x3 – one each
  • Laptop chargers– x3 
  • Tethering cables– x3 – one for each laptop 
  • Elinchrom square 70×70 softbox– x2
  • Elinchrom strip softbox– x2
  • Elinchrom octalight– x1
  • Quadra Ranger Portable Flashkit– x1
  • Elinchrom Pro 500 Flash Heads– x4 – for the soft boxes
  • Elinchrom 1200RX Flash Head– x1- for the octalight 
  • Lighting Stands– x4
  • Backdrop Stands– x1 set
  • Backdrop– x1- white
  • Small mirror– x3 
  • White Cube x1
  • Clothing/outfits– x8 
  • Surveys for models to fill out 

Lighting Diagrams

As our shoot was fast approaching, we needed to plan out how we were going to have our lighting and studio set up to get the best possible lighting to make the clips and images look good. As we wanted a behind the scenes style to our film, we needed to make sure we had enough lights to be used as flash lighting and then also use some as props for the studio set up style video we would film.

We are going to be taking some images as well as filming clips to put together for our short film. As our short film is based on makeup and close portrait shots, we thought it would be nice to get some portrait images showing their skin and personalities, to almost compliment the video.

For the outside location shots we are thinking of just using a portable flash kit for our lighting, as majority will be lit up by natural sunlight anyway.