Evaluation- Process, Pros,Cons & Team Efforts


This project was an open brief to create a style of short film of our choice. We could choose who we worked with, in a group of 3 and we had total creative control over what we made. Our final short film was to be no longer than 10 minutes long and had to be edited in Premier Pro.

The process of this project run very smoothly for majority of it, as we were all organised and worked well together, minus a few issues along the way, we quickly resolved them and carried on with our project. We managed to plan, film and edit our short film in time for hand in and we all worked really hard to achieve the outcome.


There were a lot of positives to our group project overall. We established specific job roles for each group member right at the start of it all, which made it clear what we would each be focusing on to get it all sorted and planned. I was doing the styling/accessories/, Emily was finding and booking the models, and Rachel was focusing on the makeup looks and finding MUA’s who could help us out. I was really happy with my role as I am very into fashion and styling and knew I had some good ideas in mind to make out film look good in terms of finding the right outfits. We all fulfilled our job roles really well, and if anyone had an issue with anything, we all helped each other out. Making it easier and less stressful for one another.

When it came to shooting the short film, we all took it in turns to film some clips and we all took it in turn taking images. This made the shoot day less stressful as there wasn’t a lot of pressure just on one person. Emily did really well at organising all of the models to be there on time and finding the right girls for us to use. Rachel did really well with sourcing makeup artists and I felt that I personally did a really good job at sourcing the outfits they wore and also helping source MUA’s.

There weren’t any arguments within the group throughout this whole project. There were a few disagreements when it came to having certain clips shot a certain way and how we wanted the makeup to look and what shoes they wore, but nothing that affected us working well together. We all fed off of each others ideas and opinions and really came together to have fun with this project.


As well as positives, there were a few negatives. Nothing that majorly effected us creating a short film for hand in, but just a few minor issues. One of the negatives was that we had to rearrange our shoot day to a week after the original day we had planned to shoot. This meant that we lost a week of editing time as we were delayed in filming it. Which meant that when it came to edit the film, it worked out that Emily was the main person who could edit it and complete it on time for our group. On the day of the rearranged shoot, a few models dropped out on the day and didn’t turn up, but it wasn’t a major issue for us as Emily had sorted out more than enough models incase something like that happened.

Time keeping was a minor issue we faced. As we all live in separate areas, all have jobs and a lot of other projects going on at the same time, we found it difficult at times to all meet up as a group. We met up in uni whenever we could, but other than that, majority of the communication and idea sharing was being done via our group Google Drive and Whatsapp group.

Team Efforts-

All of us worked so well together and I am really proud of what we have created and achieved as a group. We all had job roles to carry out, meaning that the work load was shared equally, and no one was left out or had too much to do by themselves. Emily did a really good job with sorting out models, and editing the film. Rachel did a really good job with sorting out the MUA’s and directing the filming and I feel that I did a really good job with the styling, helping Rachel source MUA’s, direct the filming and also taking images. If we were to improve as a group, time keeping is what we would need to improve on. Next time around, I feel we should make more time and more of an effort to all meet up in person. This way, we could’ve all contributed to the editing equally.

Other than this, the project went well and how we wanted it to. We had planned and thought out an original idea and we managed to make it come to life, exactly how we had pictured from the start. I am more than pleased with how our final film looks, and I am more than happy with the two group members I chose to work with. We have done really well.

Web Media Platforms & Advertising

In terms of advertising and making our brand known via the internet, we made a quick mock up Instagram account to show what our brand advertising would look like. We feel that social media is the best way for us to advertise our brand and get our film known out there. As the age range we were aiming for is 18-30, this is typically a young age group, and therefore majority of this group would use a lot of social media.

We would advertise our video on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even Snapchat. All of these platforms are widely used, and there are always advertisements popping up all the time. Meaning our brand name would always be on peoples minds.

We could even make profit from advertising on social media as there are ways you can earn money per clicks and views on the posts and adverts.

Our Finished Film- Mystique Makeup Advert

Our final outcome is a 2 minute long makeup advert for our own made up brand, ‘Mystique Makeup’. We thought that 2 minutes was a good length for a makeup advert, it wasn’t too long or too short.

We are all more than happy and pleased with how the final short film looks. We are proud of what Emily has achieved with the editing, and me and Rachel are happy with the contributions we made so we all got a final film we we wanted. The final film is exactly what we all envisioned from the start and are relieved we managed to make such a success of it.

This is our final, finished short film for this project brief-

The Final Brand Logo

Rachel had made an original logo at the start of the project which was simple and we all liked it. It was two M’s, one in grey and overlapping one in black, which stood for ‘Mystique Makeup’. While editing the film, Emily made a new version of the logo which fit the film a bit better. It is bolder, stands out more and it looks really good over the top of the film.

The Final Soundtrack/ Audio

After debating about which music to use over the top of our short film for a while, we all finally came to a group decision that we liked 7/11 by Beyonce the best. The karaoke version of this song fit the style of our film best out of all the songs we were considering. Having this song over the top gave our short film a happy and upbeat vibe and it just worked really well with the clips overall.

Some other songs we were debating to add over the top were…

  • On My Mind- Jorja SMith
  • Be The One- Dua Lipa
  • Nice For What- Drake
  • XO- Beyonce

In the end we decided that having no voice overs and that the beat, feel and timings of the 7/11 fit best. We decided on no voice overs in the end as it just didn’t fit or work as well over the top of the short film as we had imagined. It was the wrong style film to have voice overs over the top of, and therefore we thought music fit better.

The Editing Process On Premier Pro

As we were delayed shooting by a week, this delayed and slowed down the process when it came to editing our short film and putting it all together. When it came to editing our short film, we all had a lot going on with other project shoots, other deadlines and also busy work schedules, meaning we all found it very hard to meet up as a group to try and edit this short film. In the end, the only group member who had a few free days to put it together was Emily. So Emily look control of editing the short film for our group.

While Emily was editing this film, we were always in constant contact with each other, sharing ideas and opinions to improve the film where it needed it. Emily was always sending short clips over via whatsapp meaning we could see her editing process and what it looked like, and we all contributed by saying what we liked and what we would change. Although Emily was the one editing it on her laptop using Premier Pro, me and Rachel still contributed where we could.

One of the days Emily was editing the film, I was at work all day so I couldn’t help Emily as much as I would’ve liked, but she came down to where I work and sat at a table editing it so I could constantly go over and see how she was doing and also give her my opinion and tips where I could. Me and Emily also met up one day to edit our Sky Atlantic posters and was discussing the short film then, and I was contributing ideas towards what music we should try over the top and also that we should maybe change the ending clip, as I wasn’t personally too keen on it.

Once all of the slight changes were made, and the logo was added into the film, Emily sent us the newest version to watch and we were more than happy with it altogether. Emily has done a really good job with putting this together in a short time frame, we are all proud of how it has come out as a final short film.

This was Emily’s editing process on Premier Pro…

Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at 12.43.31 pm

Clips We Filmed- Contact Sheet

Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at 12.32.09 pm

On the day we filmed around 40 short clips in total, this gave us more than enough to work from to piece together into a short film. The clips we filmed include all the shots we wanted from our storyboard. We filmed scenes such as the girls individually talking and laughing, the girls looking at themselves in a small mirror, the makeup artists touching up the models makeup, the models taking selfies and dancing, and the girls coming together having fun and feeling confident.

We now need to decide which clips would fit together the best and which would make our film look good overall.

These are some screenshots of some of the clips-



Images From The Shoot Day

These were some images I took during the clips being filmed on the day of our shoot. I like how I captured the girls personalities through their facial expressions. The images and clips go really well together and give the fun, casual feel that we wanted.


Filming and Shoot Day- 10/05/18

Thursday 10th May was our filming day for our ‘Mystique Makeup’ advert/short film. We had a team of 7 models, 3 makeup artists and 2 filming assistants, and then me, Emily and Rachel were the directors, filmers and photographers.

All of our models and makeup artists got to Ravensbourne between 3:30 and 4pm, so that they had plenty of time to get ready and we could start shooting as close to 5pm as possible. However, we had to wait for a class to finish in the Walker Space before I had it booked, which delayed us setting up.

Once we were in the room and had our studio set up according to the lighting diagrams, we were just waiting on the finishing touches to the makeup to be done, and we started filming just after 6pm.

We started off by filming clips of the girls individually. We got each of the girls to be talking about themselves, laughing and joking and interacting with us telling us stories. While filming them talking and laughing, this gave a very casual and chilled vibe to the clips, which is what we wanted so it looked like the were ‘comfortable and confident’ in their Mystique makeup foundations. While one of us was filming the clips, we took it in turns to take photographs/portraits of the girls in the studio set ups, almost like documentary style film stills that complimented the footage nicely.

After we had filmed each model individually, we went on to filming the girls in some fun group shots. We filmed it so each girl came on set, in their own fun way, and they were coming together as this strong girl group who have found their ultimate match/skin coverage foundation. Once, they were all on set as a big group of 7, we filmed them laughing and dancing with each other, giving it a very casual and fun feel.

We then wanted to get the makeup artists involved in some of the clips, so it looked like it was behind the scenes, which is the style we were going for. I directed these clips and got two girls to sit either side of the white cube and then had Ryn touching up the makeup of one model, and had Melody doing the other. While they were getting their makeup touched up, we filmed all the girls talking while working and looking like they were having fun.

We then went on to film some more individual shots of the girls in the studio set up, but this time they were looking into a small mirror, which we shot from behind them so they were making eye contact with the camera through the mirror. This gave the impression in the clips that they were happy and confident with how their skin looked.

These clips stuck to our storyboard and therefore we were happy we got the shots we wanted to tell the story we wanted to as well. On the day, we decided not to film on location as we as a group didn’t think it would look very good, having all of these clips filmed in the studio, to then all of a sudden have them outside? We felt that we shot enough clips in the studio that we didn’t need location shots.

Overall, the shoot day went well and went to plan. We filmed the shots that we wanted with help from Harry and Sam assisting us, we followed the storyboard meaning we got the message across within the clips, everyone was on time, all of the makeup looked how we wanted it and all of the outfits fit the models well. The whole team worked really well together and it all paid off in the clips and images we took.

Final Call Sheet

Including Emily, Rachel and myself, this was the final list of names, roles and numbers for the call sheet for our shoot on Thursday 10th May from 5pm.

Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 4.23.46 pm

Our Team- Models, MUA’s & Assistants

We had a new shoot date, I managed to book us in the walker space on Thursday 10th May from 5pm. This was the latest we could film it as we realistically needed enough time to edit before hand in.

As the first team for the original shoot date didn’t work out, we were all hands on deck with finding more models, makeup artists and assistants. Emily had the role of finding and sourcing the models, and Rachel had the role of finding and sourcing the makeup artists. As I had sorted and sourced the clothes for the models, I helped Rachel with finding makeup artists as she was struggling with finding people. I managed to help find 2 of the 3 makeup artists, one of them being a hair stylist as well.

– Models –

Emily managed to find 10 models altogether but only 7 could make it in the end. We were happy with only having 7, as it was the most models we had and they fit the look of our shoot well, with a range of dark skin tones.

[L-R= Lilye, Mary, Precious, Olivia, Blessing, Rene, Solene]

– Makeup Artists –

Me and Rachel together managed to find 3 makeup artists, we wanted to find as many as we could as then it wouldn’t take as long for all of the models to be ready. We could give each of the makeup artists a few models each, speeding up the process. Rachel found a hair and makeup artist called Melody and I found two makeup artists called Ryn and Roxana.

– Filming Assistants –

As we didn’t have a lot of filming experience between us, we wanted to try and find a filmer/s who could assist us on the day of our shoot and help us film the shots we wanted. We asked around and we managed to find two people, Sam and Harry, who were free to come in and assist us.

This was our final team for filming on Thursday 10th May, and as a group we were all more than confident with shooting our short film this time round.


Change Of Shoot Date

We originally planned to shoot our short film on Friday 4th May in the studio, with 8 models in total and numerous makeup artists. When it came to the night before our planned shoot, everything was going wrong. We had four models drop out the night before, no MUA’s could make the date and we couldn’t get anyone to assist us with the filming. This wouldn’t have worked for our shoot as we needed makeup artists and between 6-10 models more than anything for it to work. With all of this going wrong, we had no other option but to reschedule our shoot day. We are going to reschedule it within the next week, as it still gives us enough time to find extra models and makeup artists and also it gives us time to edit it before hand in.


Equipment List

This is a list of the equipment we will be using to shoot our short film makeup advert.

  • Canon Camera– x3 – one each
  • Spare camera batteries x3 – one spare each
  • SD cards– x6 – two each
  • Camera lenses– x4
  • Hot shoe adaptors– x2 – one spare 
  • Camera tripods– x2
  • Macbook laptops– x3 – one each
  • Laptop chargers– x3 
  • Tethering cables– x3 – one for each laptop 
  • Elinchrom square 70×70 softbox– x2
  • Elinchrom strip softbox– x2
  • Elinchrom octalight– x1
  • Quadra Ranger Portable Flashkit– x1
  • Elinchrom Pro 500 Flash Heads– x4 – for the soft boxes
  • Elinchrom 1200RX Flash Head– x1- for the octalight 
  • Lighting Stands– x4
  • Backdrop Stands– x1 set
  • Backdrop– x1- white
  • Small mirror– x3 
  • White Cube x1
  • Clothing/outfits– x8 
  • Surveys for models to fill out 

Lighting Diagrams

As our shoot was fast approaching, we needed to plan out how we were going to have our lighting and studio set up to get the best possible lighting to make the clips and images look good. As we wanted a behind the scenes style to our film, we needed to make sure we had enough lights to be used as flash lighting and then also use some as props for the studio set up style video we would film.

We are going to be taking some images as well as filming clips to put together for our short film. As our short film is based on makeup and close portrait shots, we thought it would be nice to get some portrait images showing their skin and personalities, to almost compliment the video.

For the outside location shots we are thinking of just using a portable flash kit for our lighting, as majority will be lit up by natural sunlight anyway.

Music & Voice Overs

We have been thinking about having some sort of music over the top of our short film to give it a more happy and fun vibe. We thought it might be a good idea to include voice overs over the top of the models clips, of them talking about the makeup brand and explaining how it matches their skin tone near enough perfectly.

We have a rough idea of how we want our film to look and how the clips will go together and thought it would be nice to have voice overs of the models talking over the top as well as some music.When it comes to the end of our film we then want all the girls to be together and to show them having fun in front of the studio set up. At this point we then want louder music and the voice overs to end.

For the voice over clips, we would record each model talking about who they are, where they’re from, what shade of our foundation they are and what their ethnic background is, To make it quite personal and intimate with the models. Then once these voice overs ended, we wanted some upbeat music to be playing but slightly louder.

We had some ideas of the sort of songs we want layered over the top…

These are three examples of potential songs we may use over the top of our makeup advert. Each song is quite relaxed but upbeat at the same time. As our video is a more calm behind the scenes style film, having a more relaxed/slow song will fit it better. Also, having a calmer beat in the background of the voice overs won’t be too distracting. There are some parts of the songs which are slightly more upbeat, which will work well when theres more movement within the models and when the voiceovers have ended.

The Storyboard

After looking over our inspiration videos from KKW, Kylie Cosmetics and Missguided and once we had discussed as a group what kind of shots we wanted and the general look of our advert, we created a storyboard.

We discussed the ideas as a group and then Emily drew up this rough storyboard so we make sure we get all the shots we want when it comes to the day of filming.

These were the kind of film shots we wanted to capture…

  • We wanted some shots of the girls looking at themselves in mirrors and smiling to show they’re happy with how they look
  • Some shots with the MUA’s involved, having some slightly touch ups to their skin
  • We wanted some shots of the girls laughing and dancing together to show that they are happy and confident within their skin now they have found the perfect products
  • We also wanted some group shots to show them ‘coming together’, kind of like an unbeatable girl gang with their flawless skin makeup

Capturing all of these style shots will get across the ‘behind the scenes’ vibe we are after, and having the models happy and connecting with each other will be a feel good style advert, making it look like they are beyond happy using our ‘Mystique Makeup’ products.

We are aiming for a 5 minute short film overall, meaning each style shot would be about 30 seconds long.

Final Outfit Choice

For the final outfit, I chose for a subtle brown bodysuit with matching black leggings. This will give the models a very neutral look meaning no one will stand out more than someone else, and it won’t take too much attention away from the makeup.

I ran this idea past Emily and Rachel and they were both happy with what clothes I had chosen to get for the short film, and they were also happy with the way it would look/work with the models and makeup.

Styling/Fashion- Moodboard 2

Following on from my first moodboard to do with styles and colours, I had a look at the actual clothes I could possibly get for our shoot day. I found the style of clothing I wanted online on websites such as Pretty Little Thing, BooHoo and Missguided.

I found co ordinating outfits in a range of nude and brown colours, that had matching tops and bottoms to make a whole outfit. My favourite outfits from these mood boards are the brown bodysuit, with the matching leggings and also the brown bodysuit, to be worn with no bottoms.

Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 4.47.33 pmScreen Shot 2018-05-24 at 4.47.45 pm

I think the brown toned clothes would work well with the different range of skin tones that will feature in our advert, and it wouldn’t stand out as much, meaning they will be subtle against the makeup. I want all of the models to look the same as well, so then what tells them apart is their skin and the tone of their skin. All of these factors put into play would make the subtle skin makeup stand out more than anything else in the images/film.

Styling/Fashion- Moodboard 1

My job role within the project was to sort out and source the styling for our short film. I had already looked at neutral colour swatches for the clothes but now I need to decide on what the models are going to wear.

As we were keeping the makeup subtle, I think it would be best to also keep the clothes subtle, so then they aren’t too distracting and the main focus is still on the skin. From previous inspiration mood boards featuring the KKW and Kylie Cosmetic adverts, their styling is very simple, and in some shots, the clothes aren’t even seen, so all of the viewers attention is on the face thats advertising the makeup.

Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 3.30.34 pm

For the clothing, I am thinking of sourcing either some plain t-shirt style dresses, plain shirts/blouses or a plain co-ord set (leggings and a matching coloured top for example). I am going to look around at different ways/places I can source this and see which would work best.

Makeup- Moodboard

The makeup and MUA role within the group was being done by Rachel, it was her job to find and source makeup artists and to let them know what kind of makeup we wanted for our advert.

Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 2.59.11 pm

Rachel created a makeup moodboard to show the style of makeup we wanted. As a group we agreed that we wanted it natural looking with a slight hint of highlighter on the cheeks, or a very subtle smokey eye style look.

We want to keep it as natural looking as we can so that our brand guidelines are obvious within our film. As our brand, Mystique Makeup, is a brand aiming at matching the different ranges of black skin tones, the main focus had to be on the skin. Therefore, the more subtle everything else is makeup wise, the more attention is paid to the skin and how the colours match.

Models- Moodboard

Within our group, we had certain roles that we would focus on as well as working as a team. Emily’s job within the group was finding and sourcing models for us to use to create our short film. Now we had a better understanding of where our idea was heading, found some inspiration and also spoken with Matt, it was time to work out who we would be filming.

Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 2.41.13 pm

This is the model moodboard Emily created to help her with sourcing the models. Me and Rachel were happy with the look that Emily was aiming for. As a group, we weren’t fussy with how their hair looked, as our main focus for our makeup advert was the skin and the range of skin tones we offer products for.

Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 2.41.24 pm

Emily also created a skin shades chart to give us all and idea of the type of skin colours she will be trying to find for our short film. This then helps me when it comes to styling the clothes, and Rachel when it comes to finding an MUA and seeing if they can source makeup for these skin shades.


Who Are Our Target Audience?

Since we have adapted our idea for our short film to look similar to the Kylie Cosmetics and KKW adverts, in terms of the behind the scenes style footage, it seems we are creating a brand image that fits in with millennial in todays society.

Our brand is mainly based on skin colour matching products for black people to use on their skin, for example, foundations, concealers and powders. Although makeup can be worn by anyone at any age, our advertising and short film style will appeal more to a younger age market.

We decided that a good age range to aim at was 18-30. People within the age range are usually up to date with the latest things on social media, the latest celebrity makeup trends and new product releases, therefore, they would get the type of advert film we are making, and what our aim is for our makeup brand.

Questionnaire Results

I made a questionnaire for us to hand out to our models, the public and also to post online. We got a good number of responses from a wide range of people. The results concluded what we wanted them to and it supported why we have made our brand guidelines the way they are and also why we are creating this type of short film.

The answers from the models on the questionnaire supported what we were looking for. Majority to all of the models said that they struggle/ have had problems with buying makeup to suit their skin tones perfectly and that they all agree that there should be more range for darker skin tones. All of the models were really keen on our project idea and they were in full support of if this was to be a real brand. Some of the models even said to us that it would be good if we pursued it as they would definitely purchase our products.

Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at 5.16.45 pm

[Models questionnaire answers]

The online questionnaire results also gave us positive answers in support of our project idea. Although majority of the people who answered online were white/british/caucasian, they were still in support and agreement that there should be more shade ranges on offer for all skin tones from light to dark.

Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at 5.18.19 pm
Majority of the chart shows that a lot of people wear makeup everyday, meaning they think about products and skin shades a lot more than someone who doesn’t wear makeup that often
Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at 5.19.06 pm
As majority of the people who answered online were white, the chart says that majority of people haven’t ever had trouble buying makeup to suit their skin tone. This goes to show that people of a lighter skin colour, don’t have an issue and that there needs to be broader shade ranges so that darker skin tones can have the same luxury of finding a shade that matches.
Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at 5.18.36 pm
These answers show that people think their should be more ranges on offer to suit darker skin tones as well as they do lighter skin tones.
Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at 5.18.53 pm
Some people think the brands are already offering enough and are getting better at catering to all skin colours.
Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at 5.19.30 pm
Majority of people answered saying that they would be likely to watch an advert on social media for a product/range they were interested in. This is good for our brand as our age range we are aiming at use a lot of social media and watch a lot of adverts online, meaning our brand name and what we are about would be spread round through the use of social media adverts and word of mouth between friends.
Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at 5.19.44 pm
People think it would be a good idea for us to release our brand to offer a good range of dark skin tone makeup.

Research- Questionnaire

To further our research as a group, we thought it would be a good idea to survey the public to get their opinions on makeup brands, skin tones and pricing. This is a good way to get more primary research and to find out what our target audience think of the makeup industry today.

Below are the questions we will be handing out and asking people to support our makeup brand Mystique.

Questionnaire- Makeup

1.How old are you?
2.What is your gender?
3.How often do you wear makeup?
 4.What price range would you want to spend on a few items of makeup? (foundation, concealer, eyebrow pencil, mascara and face powder)
 5.Do you feel that current makeup brands focus more on makeup for white people rather than black people?
6.Do you or have you ever had trouble buying makeup to suit your skin tone?
7.If you were highly interested in buying a new makeup product that you saw being advertised on social media and the internet, how likely would it be that you watched the advertisement for it?
8.What would you think about a new makeup brand releasing products just to suit darker skin tones?
9.Do you think already existing makeup brands, should consider focusing on black skin tones more?

Slight Idea Change

After looking into some more studio based adverts and having group discussions after our meeting with Matt, we decided to change where we were going to shoot our makeup advert.

Our original plan was to visit a number of different locations and shoot certain clips of certain models in different places, however, this was a huge stress and struggle for us to organise! Trying to organise models and makeup artists to travel to locations in London, and then travel around with us for the day, with no payment for it, was hard! Having all of the equipment on us, as well as bags of clothes, shoes, camera, food etc, all seemed a bit too much for us to do. With all this in mind, we as a group, decided that it would be better to shoot it in the studio.

We will still be keeping the same brand, the same style advert in terms of models and what they will be doing, we’ve just changed it to a more neutral studio style than in different locations.

It makes it a lot easier for us as a group, and a lot easier for the team of models, makeup artists, hair stylists and fashion stylists we are trying to organise. With doing it in the studio, we can have everyone in the same location, at the same time, and not have to carry everything wherever we go as we can set it all up and shoot all day long.

With shooting in the studio, we want to tone it down a little bit, from bright coloured clothes in funky arty locations, we want to have more neutral coloured clothing and a softer looking style overall. We as a group like the ‘behind the scenes’ style video, and capturing the models getting ready and having fun on set, while all in similar neutral clothing but with slightly different makeup looks on each model.

Continuing Research

After looking into brands and people more such as Missguided, Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, I looked more into their ad campaigns in terms of the sets and styling. A lot of them were filmed in a studio and I really liked the look of this style video.

What I liked about these campaign adverts for Missguided, KKW Beauty and Kylie Cosmetics is that the set is so simple but they’ve made a really good video from it. The Missguided videos show the models talking about themselves while having fun on set. They each wear a different outfit and have a different look but all the separate videos still relate to one another. I like how it is intimate and personal with the model in the video. I like how it shows them having fun on set and being themselves in what they feel comfortable in. I think this would be a good vibe to carry through into our makeup ad for Mystique. Having an intimate set with our group of models, in simple clothing, different makeup looks and filming them all connecting with the makeup brand and having fun on set.

The same sort of thing with the behind the scenes videos for KKW Beauty and Kylie Cosmetics, the personal intimate feel with the models and them interacting with the makeup would make a good makeup advert in my opinion.

I think that this style video would give a more intimate feel to the makeup brand and make it more personal.

I am going to discuss this with my group when we next meet and see what they think, to see if they have any idea changes as well.