Final Shoot Day- 02/05/18

Wednesday 2nd May was the day of my scheduled studio slot. My partner was Lukas and I had the first slot of the day from 10am until 12:30pm. On the morning of my shoot, I got to Ravensbourne quite early, I arrived there around 8:30am. I got there early so that I could go and collect my equipment from CLR’s lockers, which I had previously arranged with them and could set everything up on time to start shooting at 10am on the dot.

I got my models and makeup artist there for 9am, giving them plenty of time to get the first two makeup looks done to start photographing them as soon as possible. My assistant Lukas was running slightly late to help me set up due to travel issues, he didn’t end up arriving until  around 9:45am. I had managed to set my studio up by myself but just needed a hand with the last few bits setting up the camera and testing the lighting.

Once my shoot time had started at 10am, I was taking my first lot of images of Emmy and getting the first makeup trend photographed. Once the first look was done on Emmy, I switched to photographing Nana and vice versa. This ensured that my shoot ran really smooth and everything went to plan with getting the images I had planned.

This was how my schedule ended up going-

  • 10am- Start photographing- l
  • Look 1- Emmy- natural eyebrows and freckled skin
  • Look 2- Nana- bold glow highlighter look/trend
  • Look 3- Emmy- bold pink lip look/trend
  • Look 4- Nana- bright red lip look/trend
  • Look 5- Emmy- pale blue eyelids and light pink lips
  • Look 6- Nana- pastel purple eyelids
  • Look 7- Emmy- subtle peach coloured blush and matching colour on lips
  • Look 8- Nana- subtle golden glow on the eyelids
  • Finished off the photoshoot with portraits of both girls together laughing and having fun

I finished photographing around 5 minutes before my shoot slot ended at 12:30, giving me a small amount of time to have a break before Lukas’ shoot started. Luckily Lukas was using the same lighting and studio set up as me so we didn’t have to change a lot round for him to start shooting.

Overall, I am very happy with how smoothly and calmly my photoshoot went. I feel I captured some good images that I can edit and play around with to put into the layout. I couldn’t have asked to be paired with anyone better, me and Lukas worked really well together, he constantly helped me out and played a huge part in my photos turning out so well.

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 6.58.11 pm
My assistant Lukas posing for a lighting test shoot using QP cards and a light meter. 

Recapping Before My Shoot Day

As my studio slot to use a Phase One camera is tomorrow, I am quickly recapping on who my team are, my visual references and what I will be photographing during my scheduled time slot.

My Team-

  • Emmy Burrows- Model 1 (white)
  • Nana Boaitey- Model 2 (black)
  • Grace Peploe- Makeup artist
  • Lukas- Assistant

Moodboard/ Visual Reference 1-

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 2.39.42 pmVisual references for colours and which facial features I will photograph each trend on.

  • Pastel colours- eyes
  • Natural look- brows
  • Simple eyeliner- eyes
  • Bold colours- lips
  • Glowing skin- face

Moodboard/ Visual Reference 2-

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 6.36.19 pm

Visual references for the kind of shot I will take to show each trend.

  • Whole face shots-  showing skin makeup and some lip makeup
  • Close ups of the eyes and lips- macro style shots to fit in the 4 small boxes on the layouts
  • Close portraits- turn face to the side to show the glow in the skin
  • Fun facial expressions- pouting to show lip colour boldly and winking to show the eye makeup closely


Progress Map/ Time Schedule

During this unit we have started our dissertation prep lessons, one of the things we have learnt is that it is key to staying on schedule with our planing and research. The best way to do this is to create a personal progress map. This can be done in many different ways but the aim of it is to give yourself a weekly time schedule to work from, to ensure you get everything done in time for hand in.

I thought it would be helpful to myself and my editorial project to create a progress map. I created one so I knew what had to be done and when by, to make sure I had everything done on time. I started my progress map of from the date of my shoot which is 2nd May and ended on the hand in day. My progress map shows what I need to do and when by from my shoot date, to editing, testing in the layouts and having everything completed for hand in.

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 7.49.59 pm

How Do I Know My Lighting Plan Will Work?- Diagrams Explained

In a previous post I uploaded a lighting diagram to give a rough idea of how I am planning on lighting my photoshoot. I want to use lighting that will radiate the models skin and really make the colours of the makeup pop in my images. As I shoot quite a lot of portraiture and beauty in my own time, I am using old photoshoots as a reference to help me with this project.

This was the diagram I sketched out and what I will follow on the day-

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 5.05.07 pm

I will have my model in the centre of the studio set up and around my models I will have two soft boxes, pointing towards the backdrop to make the backdrop brighter and also to light up the back of the models head and face. In front of the model, I will then have a large octalight softbox to light up the front of the face using the flash. At each side of the octalight I will have two white polyboards to reflect the flash and the light onto the models face, which will make the colours and glow brighter in the makeup.

Previous shoots where I have used this set up-


How Does TTM’s Demographic Affect & Apply To My Idea?

When the demographic issue was brought to my attention, it seemed like a big issue and that I would perhaps have to rethink and change my idea to fit the demographic age range of 35+. However, after some debate and conversation, I don’t need to change anything.

I realised I don’t need to change my idea to something different, as makeup and beauty can appeal to anyone of any age. Makeup and beauty trends aren’t just for teenage girls. I explained to Julian that anyone can wear any type of makeup that they want and wear any colour they feel suits them. Everyone is free to express themselves at any age.  I also mentioned the fact that older people are trying to look younger in today’s society and be free with what they wear and how they look.

I gave Julian an example of my mum, who works in an office, and where I am quite stylish and up to date with current trends, my mum is always asking me to help her with her makeup for work and to also borrow some of my products. There was one time where she was asking me which shade of pink lipstick she should wear to work one day, and if green eyeshadow would go with her work outfit another day. My mother is 48… and I love that she is bold and creative with makeup.

My mother is in the age range of the demographic ’35+’ and is very into beauty and makeup, so this type of editorial shoot in the Telegraph magazine would appeal to someone like her.

Older women who are published models, into beauty and wanting to look/feel younger-

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 5.53.39 pm

This moodboard of images show that these older women who are published models, fit within the demographic age range of 35+ and therefore may read the Telegraph magazine. Which also means that they would be interested in seeing an editorial shoot like mine, based on beauty trends for the current season. 


The Telegraph Magazine Demographic

During my meeting with Julian and peers James and Elspeth, something was mentioned to me was ‘how will my shoot idea fit within the Telegraph magazine demographic?’, and it made me think…

The demographic for the Telegraph Magazine is age 35+, applying to business people on their commutes or mature, older people who read at home. The Telegraph magazine is very factual and contains serious articles compared to other newspapers and supplements, therefore, perfect for that age range demographic. A recent study showed that over 46% of their readers were over 65 years of age, while only 15% are under the age of 34. This is probably due to the content it produces, like I previously mentioned, more factual and serious articles etc.

In recent years, The Telegraph Magazine has been trying to appeal to a more younger audience so that they can get their information and facts from their newspaper and supplement rather than social media and the internet. They have been trying to appeal to a younger audience by posting and publishing a lot more of their content and articles online, this way virtually anyone and everyone of any age, will be able to access and read their content, and not be so restricting.