Project Evaluation

For our final major project, we had from January-May to produce a portfolio/book of work. Our book had to show individual photographic style and show what we are capable of as photographers. We were advised to tailor the style of our book towards the career path we want to take in photography. As I like photographing colours, portraits and fashion, and could like a portrait or fashion photography based career in the future, I decided to focus my images on this style of photography.

The project was broken down into 3 stages and time frames- Research stage from January 15th-February 5th, Practise stage from February 5th-March 19th and Publishing stage from April 16th-May 15th. The research phase was a short amount of time to get your ideas and inspiration together, that will help you generate ideas and images for this unit. During the practise stage, we had to shoot and reshoot a number of times to ensure we were generating enough images and improving each time with the help of weekly tutorials with Geraint and reshooting our shoots. The final publishing stage was for us to put our book together, adjust it where necessary and send it off to be printed.

During this project, I faced a few minor problems, nothing really major which I was surprised about. One of the minor issues I faced was some technical faults with the lighting on two of my shoots, these were larger issues at the time of the shoots but afterwards it wasn’t such a major issue as I was able to fix the lighting in Capture One and Photoshop. Another minor issue I faced was my time keeping. At the start of the project I was on a roll with it, I was planning, shooting and reshooting all on schedule, but towards the end of the unit we were set another project brief, meaning it was a stressful time and I had to plan my time management skills well. As I work as well, it did become a challenge at times, however I am proud of how my project went and that I managed to get everything finished in time for hand in.

As well as a few minor issues, I also had a fair few amount of positives to my project too. The first positive of the project being that I was able to book the studio for a big chunk of dates each week, meaning I knew I was going to have plenty of opportunities to shoot and reshoot the images that would build my final portfolio. Another huge positive to my project, is the fact that I created my whole portfolio by not paying anyone for their time, it wad all created on a TFP basis. The only thing that I paid for was to get the final book printed, and I was proud of myself for finding these friendly, fun, and willing people to work with. In addition to these positives, another one is that I have developed and improved my photographic skills so much that I am a lot more confident in myself and the work I have produced. Lastly, a nice positive to finish off on for the project was that I got my book back perfect the first time. There were no printing issues or anything like that, meaning I didn’t have to send it back for adjustments.

I found that this project unit did get very stressful at times, and there were so many times where I wanted to give up, and felt so worn out that I couldn’t keep going. Shooting and reshooting a new shoot each week really took its toll on me. Trying to organise people to model for me and help me out, style my shoots for me, try and book equipment and some other little bits for the shoots all got so much at times, but I kept telling myself that this project is the largest one of our final year, and I knew I would feel so pleased and rewarded once I had completed everything. And I do. I feel very proud of myself and the rewarding feeling of having my final book completed and finishing off my wordpress feels so good!

If I was to redo this project, I would probably try and arrange my shoots and reshoots a little bit further apart, having them each week seemed like plenty of time in between each one, but a few extra days between each shoot would have been a lot better and more beneficial to organising everything for the shoots.

Overall, I am beyond happy with how my project has turned out. I feel that my final book and my images meet the briefs criteria. I feel I have managed to stay on track pretty well with this project and got everything completed on time. I managed to stick within the time frames for Research, Practise and Publish and this really helped me succeed in this project. I am really pleased with the quality of images I have created throughout the many months of this project, and feel that I can definitely showcase these images at job interviews in the future.

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