Book Name & Font…

I decided on naming my book quite a simple name that is quite self explanatory. I didn’t want to think of some fancy or off topic name that didn’t make sense, so I decided to just stick to calling it something that sued up what it was about.

The name of my book is COLOUR.

I decided on using quite a boxy, graphic font to use on my front page and title as I felt that quite a graphic font would go with my graphic images. Graphic being bold and punchy on the page. The font I also chose as well because some of the outfits styled in some of the shoots were very 90’s kind of style, and having the graphic boxy font reminded me of old 90’s video games.

I got the idea of layering the bold text and the outlined text from an example I saw on Pinterest. I really liked the look it gave and thought it was something different than just having a plain word on the front.

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