Speaking With Geraint…

A few days after putting my draft book layout together, I had a tutorial with Geraint so I could show him what I had made and get his advice/help on how or what to improve and change on the layout I had made.

I showed Geraint my InDesign document and let him scroll through the pages, and as he was going through I was talking him through it, and explaining why I did what I did and where I got my ideas from. When Geraint was going through it, he seemed to like what I had done and said it was near enough good to go the way it was. Then when going back through it a second time, he mentioned a few little tweaks I could make to improve it slightly. I made notes on what he wanted me to adjust, as he was speaking…

  • repeat the title on the inside page and move my website details down to the bottom of the page
  • make sure there is a colour flow through each image, leading to the next. for example if an image has yellow in it, make sure there is a bit of yellow or another colour the same as the first image in the one following it
  • reduce the size of the text on the last few pages
  • add credit page on how it was made through a collaboration only basis
  • swap paige and precious around as paige is the strongest shoot to finish the book on
  • move the grid of lily around to make sure there is consistent colour flow

I will now go away and adjust these tweaks that Geraint would like me to make and then confirm where I am going to get it printed and get it sent off.

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