Self Evaluation- Shooting Stage

Now i have finished the shooting stage of this unit and am moving into the publishing phase, I thought it would be good for me to reflect on what I have achieved and what I have learnt during the shooting and reshooting process.

My very first shoot of this unit, with Kiera when she had blue hair, I thought was really good to start with and didn’t really see myself improving from that stage as I didn’t think I could or would. Now skipping to the end of my 7 photoshoots and comparing my first images of Kiera to my last images of Precious, I can very clearly see where I have improved as a photographer and as a creative individual. Through the help of meeting with Geraint each week, discussing and knowing where to improve an applying it to my following shoot has definitely paid off, meaning I finished off the shooting phase with the strongest images I had the ability of creating.

Not only I have I learnt new techniques and skills within photography, but also within fashion and colours. When researching colours in fashion and the colour wheel, I was learning new things and felt I could apply my colour matching and contrasting skills well to my pictures, and I feel I have done so. I feel that each shoot shows a good, wide range or colour ways, and contrasts. I also feel my styling improved along the way to which I have improved my personal style too, and I have become a lot more bold and bright with the things I wear since styling and co-styling this project.

The reshooting and meeting with Geraint each week definitely pushed me and helped me improve the most throughout this project unit. I am proud of myself for meeting with him each week to know where to improve and become stronger. I am pleased with how my images and project have turned out as a whole and I am excited to put them into my final book layout.

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