Portfolio Book Examples- Previous Years Work…

During the first lesson we had for this unit, Geraint showed us some examples of last years portfolio books and made us guess what grade we thought they got. Most of the ones we guessed we either got wrong or weren’t far off but it was hard to guess them right as there was such a variety of work.

I took pictures of the examples we were shown that got A or B grades. I wanted to take pictures and use them for a reference as I thought it would be good for me to look back at them and see what kind of layout I could create and what sort of grade I would achieve if I got everything else including shooting, reshooting and my workbook up to a good standard.

I liked how the book layouts were very simple and kept within their photographic theme. I want to create a book that is also simple, so the focus isn’t taken away from my images, but also add some style and text to it to emphasis the standard of the book as a whole product.

My least favourite of the examples we were shown was the first one on masculinity. I liked the imagery bur I just wasn’t fond of the layout. For me there is too much white space, awkward placing of the images and I am not a fan of blank white pages. This example helped me to distinguish how I don’t want some of my final pages to look in my book.

I liked the plain and simple look of the second example book about tides, I thought it looked very professional with the hard cover too and the imagery was very good quality and I like the story it told. However I don’t feel that that kind of book layout would work for my style of imagery. I feel that style of book works better for landscape or documentary. As my project is based on portraits, all of my images are vertical, therefore would look odd in a horizontal style book. So therefore I know that I won’t want to create a book in that style.

The last example in the images is my favourite one I looked at. It was kind of similar to what I wanted to create for my final outcome. It was small and compact and had a lot of imagery and graphics in there. I liked how the images filled majority of the pages and went in an order. I also thought that the graphic shapes and lines worked really well and added to the books style, rather than it just being a plain page with an image, it added something more to it and it worked.

Reflecting on these examples I am going to continue to look for inspiration and ideas and keep making note of what I find to put together when it comes to forming my final book.

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