Photoshoot 7- Contact Sheet (Precious)

These are the contact sheets of images for my final photoshoot for this project. I have gone through and outlined my favourite and strongest images from this shoot with a coloured box around it. I chose the strongest ones due to the lighting, colours, posing and how the image looks overall and if it would look good in a print form.

I am very happy with how this shoot went. I thought the Precious did a really good job of styling herself, I gave help when she asked for my opinion but majority of it was her and I thought she accommodated outfits to my project theme really well. They were full of colour and personality and that what I was after.

Precious was a very good choice of model as her confidence shines through in my pictures, she was very confident, lively and experimental in front of the camera, always trying new poses and facial expressions and this really helped portray her bubbly personality and what she’s like as a person. I am happy that I chose to use her as I feel like these are definitely some of my strongest images from this project.

All of the elements I was trying to get right, I feel like I did. I feel like I got the lighting right, to not make her look flat or static in the image ad to also bring out the colours. I feel that I gave her good direction to get the right poses in the images and also good assistance on the styling. So overall I am very happy with myself and the outcome for my last photoshoot for this project unit.

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