Photoshoot 6- Edits (Paige)

These are the images I have chosen as my best ones from the shoot I did with Paige. I chose these as my best ones down to the posing, lighting and colours. I used the same editing process that I have been each week for these edits. I started off by putting them into Capture One and editing the brightness, contrast, shadows and colours. I then imported them into Photoshop to edit the skin and backdrops, making sure they were looking smooth and bright.

The posing worked really well in these images as they show a lot of movement, attitude and they don’t look flat or static. I feel like these poses have really developed from my early on shoots, and with the help of Geraint and knowing where to improve each week, I have managed to create strong images through the movement and posing of my models.

The lighting in these images worked really well. I feel that using the same lighting set up each week has really helped me develop as a photographer and I now know how to perfect the lighting to achieve the look I want, and also how to get the shadows to work with the posing and direction of the model.

I also feel the colours turned out well in these edits. The way they turned out when I was editing them has made them look really bold and bright and the contrast between the outfits and backgrounds has turned out really well.

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