Photoshoot 6- Contact Sheet (Paige)

These are the contact sheets for the photoshoot I did with Paige. I selected my best ones and outlined them in a coloured square. I went through and chose them as my best and strongest ones down to the posing, lighting, colours, attitude and if they would look good in my final book.

I am really happy with how this photoshoot went, and feel I have managed to capture some strong images, improving on my last shoot and getting stronger.

I didn’t face any problems or issues during this shoot, the equipment and lighting all worked perfectly fine, giving me the type of lighting and effect that I wanted, giving me the right kind of shadows and colours. All of the outfits and clothes came on time and all fit Paige well for her to wear them for the shoot. I must say, I am pretty proud of myself for how the styling turned out, I think the outfit styles and colours work really well together and I have managed to style some on trend outfits that fit well within my project theme.

Paige has a very similar personality, confidence and posing style to Kiera, so she was very very easy to work with and she was good at taking direction. Paige managed to give attitude and personality similarly to how Kiera did, which took me back to the moodboard and research I did into Billie Eilish. This shoot gave me that kind of vibe again and I love how my pictures turned out.

I will now go through the ones I have selected as my best and strongest ones and edit them in Capture One and Photoshop to improve and enhance the shadows and colours.

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