Photoshoot 6 & 7- Styling Planning…

As I previously mentioned to Geraint in an email, I will be styling part of the shoot myself as I have been unable to find a stylist to help me in time for my shoot. Precious does fashion styling and had clothes to fit my shoot style, so she was confident doing that herself, but due to Precious and Paige being different clothes and shoes size, I was going to have to style Paige myself. I didn’t mind that I was having to do this as I am quite confident when it comes to fashion styling and putting outfits and colours together, so I knew I would be capable of doing so.

I didn’t have a particular style in mind for this photoshoot. As it was my last studio slot I knew it needed to be bright, bold and make the image stand out, but I couldn’t pin point one particular style to go for. As I am on social media a lot, I am always seeing outfit inspiration from celebrities and friends so I had a few images in my mind with some outfits and accessories I had seen online and used my initiative as to what would look good and make an interesting look, and what wouldn’t.

I looked into some trends that are popular at this time, and a lot of websites and celebrities have things such as gold jewellery, oversized jumpers, jogging bottoms and scrunchies. So with use popular things in mind I started looking for outfits I could get Paige to wear for my shoot.

These are some items I found that I would like to style Paige in for my shoot. I chose these items of clothing based on the colours, style and popular trends. Each of these items can be styled within a whole outfit and can have accessories added to them too. I have gone for very plain items, yet they are bold and have texture to them, I feel that this will give a good strong contrast in the images. AsI like to photograph quite close crop portraits, the bottom half of the outfit won’t need a lot of attention to detail, I have bottoms at home I can pair with the outfits that will fit Paige, and I will also ask Paige to bring some trousers and skirts too. To accessorise and complete the looks I am going to bring some jewellery I have at home. I have a lot of gold chains, hoops and necklaces I can bring that will add something to the outfits, sticking within the current popular trends.

Precious and I have been discussing ideas and thoughts about the items of clothes she will bring to style herself in for the shoot. I didn’t give her a set moodboard at all, all I gave Precious was the terms ‘bold, bright and colourful’ and she could take that however she wanted. While planning the shoot Precious sent me images of the items of clothing she had and what she would bring and all of the ideas she showed me were great. There was one outfit (image 3) she sent me that I wasn’t so keen on. It had bits of bright colour in it, but not enough for the style of my project so far, and there was way too much white for it to stick with the consistency of my project so far. After numerous conversations Precious said she had packed outfits and accessories and she would bring them all to the shoot and we could decide on the day what we want to use and what we don’t. I was glad that Precious was understanding and able to source a lot of clothes for me, I was very grateful.

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