Photoshoot 6 & 7- Model Planning…

The last date I had booked in the studio was going to be two photoshoot in one. I wanted to make sure I got the most out of my studio booking while I had the chance to ensure I had enough images to choose from for my final book.

In the email feedback with Geraint, I mentioned I had a white and black model in mind I wanted to use. I wanted to experiment with photographing a black model on my last shoot as I did use a black model very early on in this project and unfortunately the shoot didn’t end up turning out well and it is the weakest one I have executed this term. So as I already knew I wouldn’t be using those images in my final cut, I wanted to photograph a black model again now I have improved my techniques, lighting and photographic skills.

To source the two models for my last photoshoots, I put adverts out on social media and awaited response.

Precious (black model) is a friendly, lively, confident model I have worked with before on other projects and become very familiar and friendly with. She saw my advert on social media and was almost immediately interested. I was very excited that Precious offered to model for me as I knew what she was capable of in front of a camera and I knew that she would be a good addition to my project to get attitude and personality across in my images. As well as modelling, Precious also does fashion styling, so she was therefore able to source and style clothes for herself that met my shoot requirements of colour. I couldn’t have had a better person offer to help me really!!

A few days later, I had another girl approach me called Paige (white model), she seemed very interested in the concept of my shoot and was very willing to work with me, I showed her some of my previous shoots for this project to give her an idea of what the shoot would be like and she was very up for it. I had a look on her social media profiles and through her images and I was pleasantly surprised again that someone came forward to help me and they met the requirements I was looking for. Paige has a lot of tattoos, facial piercings and a lot of previous modelling experience. When looking through her previous modelling work, it was obvious to see she would bring confidence, attitude, personality and individuality to my images, so I decided to use Paige as well as Precious.

These are the two model I will be using…

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