Meeting With Geraint…

I scheduled in my weekly meeting with Geraint after this shoot and made sure I was going to attend as I had two shoots worth of images and edits to show him, and it was also my last meeting before I went into the Publishing phase of the unit after now having finished the Shooting and Reshooting phase of the unit.

I showed Geraint both sets of edited images, the ones of Paige and the ones of Precious, and Geraint seemed to really like them. He said that they were some of my best and strongest yet and it shows that I have really improved and developed a lot as a photographer and within the unit as I have been improving week by week.

I then mentioned to Geraint I had finished shooting now and was going to start looking at ways I can layout my images and start forming my book/portfolio. He asked me what kind of book style I was going to go for.

Throughout this project, since the start of the unit I have always had the idea of a small A5 magazine/look book style in my head for my final printed portfolio, and this is how I have always wanted it to look. I feel that having a small, compact book will look good for my style of photography as its very casual and fun to look at. My style of imagery wouldn’t look good in a hard back, formal style book, so therefore I wanted to keep it more on the relaxed side. Geraint agreed that this would look good for my style of work, and proceeded to show me some small magazines he had with him.

I mentioned to Geraint that I wanted to have a mixture of full page pictures and some grids of images involved in the layout and he liked this idea, I showed Geraint an example image of what I meant and he thought my images would look good in a grid format on some pages.

He was showing me the sizing, how images looked at that size, he showed me how they were made and bound and the type of paper. I took notes down during the meeting to make sure I had record of everything mentioned as it was all going to be useful to me when I am putting my book together and sending it off to be printed.

I will now start researching and looking for ways to start putting my book together and how I am going to lay out my images, and will return to show Geraint next week for another weekly tutorial.

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