InDesign- Putting My Book Together

This is draft book layout I have put together on InDesign to see how my ideas and images worked.

I have used InDesign numerous times before, I know it so well I was able to use it with ease and have no issues with using it. I started off by creating my pages, and getting the right amount of however many I needed for my covers and inside pages. I then placed text boxes and rectangular frames on the pages for where I wanted my pictures to go, and then started dragging my images in from my desktop.

For a draft layout, I like how this layout style works. I feel I have managed to put together a professional and interesting looking layout, involving text, boarders and colours, yet still letting the images do the talking and standing out.

I will show Geraint the draft book layout I have created and will get his opinion on what I have made and the way I have laid things out. I would like him to tell me if there is anything he would change, add in or takeaway and I want to really work with Geraint so I can achieve the best book possible.

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