Book Layout Planning- Page Sketches

After looking at numerous sources for some inspiration and ideas towards the layout of my final book, I combined everything into one and drew up some page layout sketches.

While planning my layout, I decided that I want to have each model have their own ‘section’ within my book, for example, I would start off with images of Kiera for a few pages and then go into images of Paige and so on. Meaning each model would have their own feature and section to be focused on, rather than having them all jumbled up into one book and just placed on random pages.

I decided I don’t want an image on my front cover as that immediately gives away what is going to be inside the book, and if people don’t like what they see instantly on the cover, then they know they’re not going to like what is inside, whereas if you keep whats inside the book a secret beyond the cover, more people are likely to pick it up and read it to find out more about it. I kind of want to have the title simple, like the style VIPER magazine has, where it is a small, faint routine of the title of my book. I will have the text title placed either at the top, middle or bottom of the cover, I haven’t quite decided the placement part yet.

For the inside pages I wanted to have a repeated layout throughout. I wanted to make sure it all flowed and had repetition otherwise I feel that it looks messy, I think having an order and repeated style makes it look more professional, and people always say that less is more. I got the idea of having the models name in text behind their opening image from my Pinterest board. I saw it being done quite a lot on Pinterest and thought it looked visually pleasing. So therefore, I tried to take the idea and I think it will work really well in my style book. I will have this layout repeated throughout and then have the back cover plain. I don’t think it is necessary to have anything on the back cover.

I decided on the style of grid after seeing Rankin’s book ‘Heidilicious’. I thought the grids worked really nicely on a page, and also looked good next to a larger, full page image. I thought it looked good on the eye to have two opposite style pages next to each other, one being full and one being small and tiled.

After the repeated style pages, and once all of the models have had their own section, I am going to have a double page spread of credits on the last two pages. I want to include all the names and instagram tags of all the people who helped me, I want to include them and give them credit, as without their help and unpaid work, I wouldn’t have been able to produce the images I did.

I am now going to start playing around with these layout ideas in Adobe InDesign to see how they look, and to see if I need to change or move anything around. I will show Geraint the progress I have made on my layout next week as I want to see what he says about it and see if/what he would change.

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