Book Layout Ideas- VIPER Magazine

To get some more ideas and inspiration towards how I want my book to be laid out, I decided to look at one of my favourite magazines. I have had this issue of magazine for a while but thought it would come in handy for ideas for my book as I really liked the way it was laid out and the way they used text with the images. The magazine is called VIPER magazine.

I really like how the layout is simple, but affective. Firstly, I like how the title is simply put on the front cover, I think less is more at times, don’t overload the front cover and let the pictures do the talking. I like how the font is just the outline, it adds something to it rather than it just being plain text. I also like the simple layout of one image per page, I think this simple look looks really affective and I like the idea of a white boarder framing the images, I think this would work well having a small white outline around my colourful images, making them stand out from the page even more than they already do. Another thing I like about VIPER magazine is that they include text on their pages and credit the creative people involved in making the magazine. I really like this idea and want to include text to credit the people who helped me create the images I have.

As my photoshoots were all conducted on a free, time for print basis, the least I can do is credit the creative individuals that helped me by styling, modelling, assisting or doing the makeup.

I also like the look of the grid of images, it kind of replicates a contact sheet and I like how the images flow and work well with one another.

I have definitely taken some ideas and inspiration from looking at VIPER magazine that I will apply to the final layout of my book.

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