Book Layout Ideas- RouteOne Look Book

While out and about shopping one day I came across this really cool vintage clothes shop that had loads of cool items and brightly coloured garments. I was having a look around and came across some look books they had out on display, I asked the girl working in there if I could take one and she said it was fine. I decided I wanted to have one as it seemed like the type of look book that would feature cool, colourful clothes and present them in a professional and relevant way.

I took some pictures of the pages I like the look of and found inspiring…

What I first of all liked about this look book was how small it was, it was a small square book and it felt really nice to hold and to look through, this still confirmed that I knew I wanted to keep my book small. I also like how there were full page images on one side and then an image next to it with a white boarder, I really liked how this looked and thought that this would work well with my style of imagery. It would work well as the white boarder would break up the colour a little bit and make the contrasting colours stand out more.

I will refer back to this small look book when I am putting my final book together to see if any of the inspiration I have taken from this will work for my style of book.

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