Book Layout Ideas- Pinterest Board

To start off looking into how I want to lay out my final book, I decided to have a look on Pinterest for creative ideas and inspiration. I decided to create a board so that I can save images onto the board and keep them all in one place when it comes to referring to them at a later date when making my final book. On Pinterest I found some very interesting and inspiring design ideas that will really help to influence the way I lay out my book. I found images that were similar to the ideas I have in mind and therefore I managed to fill up a board pretty quick.

The main elements of how I want my book to look are: bright, bold, graphic and colourful. I feel that the images I have found are a good source of design inspiration as I will easily be able to replicate and play about with the styles of typography and image layout. I feel that the type of style I want will look best in a small A5 magazine/look book style print. I think that involving text and words within my book will add a sense of a modern zine to my final book and this would work well with my style of photographic work.

I showed Geraint a few of these images that I had on my phone during our previous meeting and he really liked the design and visual ideas I had in mind for my book, and agreed that this style of book will work well with my images and will define my style as a photographer.

I am going to continue to look for inspiration and ideas in the form of books and magazines give me further inspiration and ideas as to how I am going to get my final book to look.

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