Book Layout Ideas- ‘Heidilicious’ by Rankin

As another source of inspiration of ideas, I decided to go into the library and find one of my favourite books by my favourite photographer. The book is called ‘Heidilicious’ and it is by the fashion and portrait photographer Rankin. I really like this book and always have done as I really like the way Rankin uses Heidi as his muse for his creative ideas, and tests them on Heidi. I think that all of the creative, photographic ideas he executed in this book are all very creative, fun and unique and I think that Heidi pulls the looks off and gets into character really well.

I also really like the simple layout of the bold images in the book. Having a simple layout of full page images, some with white boarders and some in a grid form adds a lot to the style of the book as it lets the images take centre stage and be the main focus of the viewers attention.

As my images have quite a lot going on in them by themselves, I wouldn’t want to overload each page or double page spread with things to make the pages look too much or for the photo to not stand out from other things going on around it. Therefore I think I will take quite a lot of inspiration for my book design from this book.

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