Photoshoot 5- Contact Sheets

I really enjoyed shooting these images and working with Kiera again, we made a good team the first time round and I knew we would be even better this time around. Everything I had planned went to plan and the lighting actually worked this time! I had no issues with the flash or anything this time so that made me enjoy it more, rather than being stressed at the lighting.

I really liked how the colour combinations turned out, experimenting with new colour ways was very exciting and something different to each shoot I had done before. With these colour ways I tried to pay more attention to the colour wheel and pair colours together that go well together but still create contrast between them. For example, yellow and purple, blue and red and also playing around with blue and yellow a lot which makes green, and Kiera’s hair is green. I feel that the colours I paired together worked well and makes a bold clash.

I thought that Kiera’s posing and her getting her attitude across worked really well. I showed her my moodboard of Billie Eilish and luckily she’s really into her music and style so she knew exactly what I was after and thought that her personality and attitude came across well. Her green hair, extra tattoos and facial expressions combined together created some good, strong images to contribute towards my project.

I am now going to edit them using Capture and Photoshop. I will subtly edit the lighting exposure, shadows and colours and then do a little bit of skin work in Photoshop.

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