Photoshoot 5- Model Choice

For my fifth photoshoot Geraint and I spoke about me using Kiera again. Kiera was the girl I used in my first photoshoot for this project, and she had blue hair at the time. Kiera now has green hair and some more tattoos. Geraint said that he liked her natural and edgy look beforehand and it would be good for me to get Kiera back in to experiment with her new coloured hair, and to try and improve on the good outcomes from before. I told Geraint the visions I had in mind and he said that its all good to go and would be a good shoot to add to my book.

This is what Kiera now looks like…

Using Kiera again and photographing her with her bright green hair and extra tattoos will create a really col and edgy look. She will contrast well with the bright clothing and bright backgrounds, making her really stand out.

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