Photoshoot 5- Styling & Posing Planning…


With the styling for this photoshoot, I knew I needed to keep it consistent like my previous shoots, and take on Geraint’s point of not using revealing clothing. With a few things in mind, I decided I wanted to style the photoshoot myself, as I had a number of garments at home I wanted to use, and Kiera and I worked so well together before, just us two, I wanted to repeat the same success again.

In the first photoshoot Kiera and I worked on where she had blue hair, the styling was very casual, baggy and bright, and I feel that that really worked on her as it was similar to the style she wears, so I knew she would feel comfortable. It was also styled by myself and I feel that Kiera really worked well with the outfits I put her in, and I knew we were a good enough team to do this again. With this in mind, these are some of the garments I have at home that I want to use and why…

I decided I wanted to use these garments that I had as they were slightly different to what I had used before. I wanted to experiment with some more toned down pastel colours to see how they would turn out against the bright backdrops and I wanted to experiment with more graphics and writing as I hadn’t done any of that style yet.

  • In the first photoshoot with Kiera, I really liked the images I did with her in the orange jumper against the orange background, I feel they turned out good. When looking back on them I feel maybe it was too much plain orange going on and should’ve had something subtle to break it up a little bit, so this time around I have chosen to use orange again but with some white writing on the jumper to break it up a bit.
  • Also in the first shoot I did with Kiera, I used a neon yellow/green t-shirt, and I liked how the colour clashed with the background and her blue hair, this time around I wanted to try and recreate a similar look with her green hair and longer sleeves.
  • One of my favourite shots of Kiera from our first shoot was one of her in a pink roll neck jumper and she’s starting to undress herself, revealing some of her stomach tattoos. I really enjoyed shooting this and I liked the results I got from it. I feel the colours came out really well and I wanted to try it again in a different colour way. I had the same style jumper but in a blue version, and I thought this would look really cool against a yellow or a red background, I really wanted to experiment with it and try and create images stronger than the ones before, and also revealing some of her new tattoos she has had done, which Geraint liked before.
  • The purple t-shirt and the rainbow jumper are a few extra items I am going to bring along as I didn’t photograph a purple garment before, and although its a simple t-shirt, I feel that Kiera can make a good image with it with her attitude too. The rainbow roll neck jumper I will experiment with towards the end of my shoot as I am unsure as to how good Kiera will look all covered up in a high roll neck.


The posing I am going to keep similar to before, Kiera knows her angles, face and body well and she knows how to pose in front of the camera. I would like to try and replicate a few of the poses from before but also add some of Billie Eilish’s style and attitude into it too.

I am excited to do this shoot and feel that the results will be 10x stronger than before as I feel I have improved a lot as a photographer through the process of shooting and reshooting each week.

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