Meeting With Geraint…

I now had quite a good routine going in this unit. I would do a shoot each week and then show Geraint the images and edits in a meeting the same week. I felt that this is a really good way for me to keep improving my work week by week.

I showed Geraint my images and edits from the recent shoot I did with Hollie and Melissa and he said he liked them. He said that he liked my bold choices of colours and patterns and he liked the lighting. I was glad he liked them as I felt a had taken and edited some decent pictures for my book. After Geraint went through them and said what he liked about them, he raised a few points about what he either didn’t like about them, or what I could improve on for my next shoot next week…

  • get rid of the green eyeshadow in the corner of the eye on some images as the bright green is too distracting and doesn’t look right
  • don’t use images that are too revealing with cleavage, not my style so far, keep it more covered like I have before
  • pick edits that don’t look too static in the posing
  • emphasis the shadows more on some of the edits

I agreed and disagreed with some of the points Geraint made, but I was willing to go away and re-edit she of my images going by what he’s said.

I agreed with him on the green eyeshadow, after going back and looking at it properly, the lighting hit it too hard, making it too bright and distracting. I personally didn’t mind some of the more revealing outfits as it showed a bit of diversity in the looks I have shot, but I did also see Geraint’s point where he said it doesn’t go with the images and looks I have shot so far, keep it consistent and flowing through.

I also agreed when he said about the posing being quite static. Going back through my edits and images, I realised how stiff and still Hollie was when I was taking the photos. She struggled at listening to my directions and loosening up a bit on the day of the shoot, however I didn’t think it would come across in the edits. Luckily, there are some that don’t look too static that I can use and the lighting adding some shadow helps lift them out.

I didn’t quite agree with what Geraint wanted me to do to the shadows as I felt that there was quite enough as there is. I didn’t want the shadows being too dark, completely blocking out her face and making my images really dark when they get printed.

Geraint and I then spoke about the next shoot I was going to be doing and what my ideas were. I mentioned to Geraint that I wanted to use Kiera as a model again as I really liked working with her before and she had now changed her hair colour from blue to bright green, and she had some more chest tattoos done and I think that would look really edgy in my shoot. I enjoyed photographing her unconventional ‘model’ look, and I have some more colourful garments in mind I want to experiment on Kiera. Geraint was approving of what I had said and said it would be good for me to use Kiera again as it was such a success on my first shoot.

I am going to take all of the points covered in consideration when it comes to photographing my next shoot with Kiera, and apply Geraint’s advice accordingly to continue to improve my work and create strong images.

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