Billie Eilish- 5th Photoshoot Inspiration

Billie Eilish is a 17 year old, American singer and songwriter who released a single back in 2016 but has more recently come to fame from her latest album going viral worldwide.

I decided to look into Billie Eilish as I find her visions and concepts really interesting. She is different from any one else in the charts right now, and she has a uniqueness that no one else has. Some of the things she creates are a little odd and disturbing but to me thats what makes them all the more intriguing. In all things she does and creates she keeps her edginess and her attitude present and thats what I like the most.

With Kiera’s personality and edgy look, she can give really good attitude and still make it look photogenic, similar to how Billie does. When looking through images of Billie online, I was reminded of Kiera.

I want to try and get Kiera to channel some of Billie’s attitude in our next shoot together.

The way that Billie poses in her modelling is very simple but her face says a lot. I feel I can get Kiera to easily pull this style of modelling off, from having worked with her before I know what she is capable of and how to get the best out of her in front of the camera.

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