Speaking With Matthew- Book Examples

After we had spoken to Mary-Anna and Michele, it was Matthews turn to come and speak to our group to see where we were all at and guide us if we had any problems. When joining our group, Matthew brought a selection of books with him. Matthew went through these books, expelling who they were by, why they were created, what the images show and what the story is about, he the passed them round for us to have a look at.

I found it very interesting looking at some of the books. It was enticing to see how many different stories people can tell through the power of photography and how each photographer has their own individual story telling and photo taking style.

After having just spoken about using a dog in the studio with Michele, I ran the idea past Matthew and he was all for it. Matthew seemed excited by it and said it would add something different to my image that no one else was doing in the class.

When passing the books round, Matthew brought one from when he worked at i-D. The book was a book full of documentary and portrait images that tell stories that didn’t make it to the printing process of when an issue of i-D was made. It was a book made to still celebrate and show case the photographers work, even though they didn’t make the cut of the magazine, the book was showing that the images were still good enough and has a story behind them.

I found some images of people and their dogs on a few of the pages, and I took images for reference. I will use the images as reference on how to light my image and how to compose the shot. It will give me an idea on how to get my model and her dog to pose, how I need to go about shooting it and how I can really get the story of their relationship across.

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