Project Evaluation

For this short project unit, we had to create 2 images and a short 2 minute video for our ‘client’. Our client took the form of a normal, every day person an them transforming into the next big music star. Our two images had to show a before-after transformation of them changing through their musical career, and the video had to tell their aspirations and transformation. We picked our clients attributes at random from 3 envelopes that included musical genre, physical appearance and day job, and we weren’t allowed to change these, which was a scary thought.

The attributes I picked out were…

  • female solo artist
  • looks like a barbie doll
  • a dog groomer
  • into ragga music

When I first saw the attributes I had chosen, I didn’t quite know what to think to be honest. I was very sceptical as to how they would work and if they would even work well together at all. These attributes seemed that they would form something very out of my comfort zone and I wasn’t sure if the final result would be something I would be happy with. The part that made me worry most, aside from the attributes was the filming part for the 2 minute video. I am not great or confident at videoing/filming and was concerned at how the outcome would turn out.

Although I had doubts and worries towards my attributes and how my project was forming, I cracked on with making a few moodboards to put my initial ideas into a visual form and when I was putting visuals and ideas together, I could sort of see something interesting forming for this project. After speaking to Matthew, Geraint, Mary-Anna and Michele in the first few lessons, I became much more confident with my project and had a much more solid idea that I was excited to photograph and film. The brief ended up being a fun one to produce and made me realise that this is what a job would be like in the industry. It made me appreciate the brief/project a lot more and realised it will be beneficial towards my time keeping and filming skills.

During this project, there were a lot of pros and cons towards certain things such as timing, filming and planning. At the start I felt there were more negatives than positives but towards the end my attitude and outlook changed towards it.

The first major negative I faced, and the main negative that stuck throughout the whole of this project was the timing. The unit was so short it almost seemed impossible to get it all done in the short time frame, on top of our final mako project we had going on at the same time. When we were set the brief, we were told we had 5 weeks to complete this unit, which didn’t seem a lot of time to do it as it was, however, it wasn’t actually 5 weeks that we had, it was 24 days. We were set the brief on Tuesday 16th April and the hand in of all the completed work was on Friday 10th May, that isn’t even 4 whole weeks (a month) to do the project, so I was annoyed that the term ‘you have 5 weeks’ was being repeatedly thrown at us for the whole entirety of the unit, because it was a lie. It was 24 days, not 5 weeks, if it was 5 weeks, the hand in would have been the week after our FMP is due. So that frustrated me and also worried me, I have never turned out a project within such a short time frame before, on top of another large project, so I was definitely stressed!

Due to having such a short time frame to complete everything in, meant my stress levels went through the roof. I don’t usually like to let myself get stressed out over things that are out of my control, but this made me so stressed, I was making myself ill. Due to having our FMP on top of completing this, and also working part time in retail and doing photography jobs on the side, it was all too much. Yes the short time frame made me work a lot faster, made me determined to get it all finished and everything, but I felt it was all a bit rushed. I unfortunately didn’t have time to do a test shoot before any of my filming, which I would liked to have done, as I knew that was going to be the weakest point of my project, but due to having no time and only one available day I could film and shoot with the model, I had to shoot the real thing on that day or my chance to complete the work was gone.

The main challenge I faced in this project was getting everything shot and filmed all in the same day as that was the only available day I had to hire out a studio, equipment and get a model who was free the whole day, who also let me use their home to film in. It was a challenge trying to get people to help me, I was on the look out for a videographer, a stylist, makeup artist and an assistant to help me complete this project, and the only one I could find to help me was a makeup artist for my ‘after’ shots which I completed in the studio. Everyone who I had asked and contacted was either busy, working, or completing their own project for their own deadline so had no spare time. I was gutted as this then meant I had to challenge myself with the filming, styling AND doing it all by myself.

Although there were negatives and challenges along the way, there were also a number of positives that came with the project too. The main positive being that I managed to shoot, film, styling, edit and complete everything all by myself in time for hand in. That made me feel very proud of myself as I really didn’t think it would be possible at the start of the unit, and I felt I had achieved a lot when the hand in day came. Another positive that came from this project was that I improved on my time management skills. I was able to plan and focus on doing things at certain times and on certain days to ensure I had everything ready for the deadline, on top of another project too. This unit also taught me new skills in filming and Premier Pro, two things I am not very familiar or confident with, but after this project feel like I could do again at a better level.

Another large positive is the fact that I managed to create a before shot, after shot and 2 minute video that met the briefs criteria well. I feel that I managed to tell my clients personal story through the use of photography and film, and I feel that it is something you would see on Saturday night talent show TV, such as the X Factor. My video had all of the elements involved like the ones on TV and it really told my clients story of her aspirations and transformation. I was pleased with how my ‘before’ shot turned out as I haven’t photographed a model with dogs before, and this was quite difficult, however I feel I have still managed to produce a good, strong image that shows her attributes. The ‘after’ image is what I am most proud of as studio photography is my strongest skill out of all of the ones involved in this project, and I feel I managed to create some good, strong images that really show my client has transformed into the next big music star of her chosen genre of music.

If I was to or could redo this project again I would say that more time, and actually having 5 weeks would have been a lot more beneficial towards my project, as it would’ve meant I could have planed more test shoots around my work schedule and doing my FMP work. I feel I planned my time and produced good work in the time that I had and there wasn’t much more I could do considering some circumstances. I also would have tried to source a videographer and/or filming assistant a lot sooner as that was the one element I was most worried about.

Putting all negatives and positives aside, I feel I have produced good work that meets the briefs criteria and shows that I have understood the task we were set. I am proud of myself for producing work that was out of my comfort zone and on a short time scale. I feel this project has helped ready me for the kind of challenges I will face in the industry in the future.

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