Presentation- Planning

To finish off the ‘Working With a Client’ unit we have to create a presentation and present our work to a small group of classmates and tutors to show them our clients debut. Geraint sent us a list of things we need to include in our presentation to cover everything from our first initial ideas, planning, shooting and our final results.

These are the points we need to cover and present-

  • presentation of no longer than 10 minutes and no shorter than 8 minutes
  • show a developmental journey from your initial starting point with your ‘artist’ through to your ideas and concepts and describe how these have developed over the time of the unit.
  • you can mention if/how the guest speakers in the unit have helped develop and refine your concept and refer to any input from matt as the client
  • talk us through initial ideas and tests through to your final images and video. how did the process of working through these ideas change to your final outcome?
  • show your two prints and your final video to finish your presentation

I am going to start putting this together and making bullet points to make sure I cover each int correctly and get all the information I need in there.

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