Organising My Shoot Day

Now I had solid ideas in mind and everything was coming together, it was time I started putting dates and times together and to get my studio booked to be able to shoot my pictures.

I started off by emailing Geraint to see if the studio was free for me to use, however while waiting for his reply I saw on the studio calendar that it was really full up. I took to emailing Room Bookings to see if there were any other studio rooms free for me to use, and luckily there was, but on a very restricted time frame. I managed to get room 208 from 8am until 12:30pm. This wasn’t a very long time slot but it was one of the only ones available for me to be able to get my work shot on time. I was confident I would still be able to get my shoot done within the short time.

To make things more convenient of myself, I decided to ask Paige (my model) if she was free to film for the rest of the day after the studio slot had finished at 12:30pm. After waiting a few days response so she could sort out other work commitments, she said it was fine to go to hers and do the filming after our morning in the studio.

The plan for my day of shooting and filming looked like…

  • Morning- 8am-12:30pm photograph my after shot in the studio
  • Afternoon- 1pm-3pm- film my video interview and extra clips at Paige’s house
  • Late afternoon- 3pm- 4:30pm- photograph my before shot at Paige’s house

The next thing I had to try and sort out was filling out the risk assessment for my equipment booking and getting health and safety to agree with me bringing a dog into the studio.

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