My Chosen Before & After Shots…

I have chosen these two images as my final choice Before Fame and After Fame shots. I decided on these two as at a first glance they are quite the opposite from one another, showing that characters transformation through fame, style and their genre of music.

Before Transition-

I chose this particular shot out of all of the other ones I had in mind for my final before image as it stood out to me for a number of reasons.

  • Paige’s face looks good in terms of lighting and angle, showing the pink makeup and posing like a girly girl with the put on ‘pout’
  • The dog cooperated with Paige in the image and I managed to capture him while he was still
  • The subtle pink hints of the outfit coming through shows barbie doll, and the matching pink with the dog
  • The subtle hint of teddy bear adds a playful, childish side to her character
  • Shows that she loves dogs by how close they are posing together
  • Alfie looks like a well groomed dog, showing she’s into dog grooming

After Transition-

I was in two minds whether to chose this image as my final one or not as during my shooting and editing process I wasn’t too keen on the images I took of Paige in the black wig, I initially preferred her with her blonde hair. I was going to choose one of the blonde hair images with the smoke pertruding from her mouth, as to me it showed more of a Rastafarian culture and look in terms of the colours and the shisha pen smoke. I then had another look through the images of the black hair and this one stood out to me as I think I have managed to produce a well composed image that really shows a transition.

  • Shows a big change of style and character
  • Involves styling I researched from Rihanna and her album covers
  • Touches on elements of all Rastafarian colour elements (yellow, red, green and black with gold jewellery and hair bandana)
  • Change in personality, going from sweet, innocent, girly dog groomer, to Ragga star with attitude
  • Strong pose, dominating the picture frame
  • Jewellery in the mouth adds attitude
  • Shows my client is more than what you initially see

I am really happy with my two final chosen images and feel they will look really good printed A3 too.

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