Lesson with Mary-Anna & Michele…

I found the lesson we had with Matthew, Mary-Anna and Michele very interesting and helpful.

We started off by sitting in 3 groups, in circles in the class room, and the 3 lecturers/guests were going to take it in turns to go round each group and chat to everyone individually. This gave us a chance to explain our ideas to each lecturer individually, get their advice and help, and ask them questions.

My group started off with talking to Mary-Anna. We were going round the group and hearing what everyones ideas were and what random attributes they had to work with. I thought my attributes were a hard miss-match to make work together but from what other people had, I started thinking my project won’t be so bad.

It got round to me and Mary-Anna asked for my name and asked me to speak about my project. I started off by explaining my characters attributes, I then briefly explained my ideas for my ‘before’ shot, my concepts and visuals for my 2 minute video and then how I wanted my ‘after’ shot to look. I helped Mary-Anna to be able to visualise what I was talking about by showing her the mood boards I had created and she really liked my ideas. She liked the way I was going to paint my character/client through the use of the fashion, the dog grooming and the colours of the ragga culture. I asked her for some tips on what sort of colour ways she thought would work best and she said either a deep red or yellow will really captivate the attention of the audience, and then dress the model in things that really contrast with the background colour to make your model stand out. She said that either yellow or green would contrast well against red and as long as I had elements of all the colours in there, she thought it would work either way. Mary-Anna also mentioned that she thought it was clever that I wasn’t going quite literal with my music genre, but intact how I was picking it apart through the use of colour and using that to show my client is into Ragga. I felt good after speaking to Mary-Anna as it made me feel I was going in the right direction.

Next up, our group got the chance to speak to Michele, the photographer. Michele started off by introducing himself and telling us a little bit about his past work and career, he then went round our group and got us to introduce ourselves and say what style of photography we are interested in and want to make a career from. When it got round to talking to Michele about my project and my ideas, I showed him my mood boards and sketches so he could really try and visualise what I was saying to him and give him a better understanding. He as well really liked where my idea was heading and thought it would work well. He suggested a couple of things to me to perhaps take it that one step further and push my image through a more funny sense. Michele suggested maybe I do bring a dog into the studio, and get my model and dog to interact with one another, creating a really striking image, still tell her story that she loves dog and wants to involve them in everything she does. Michele then suggested maybe I use an older woman for my model, he said it would add diversity to my work and something that people wouldn’t necessarily expect from my storyline and attributes put together.

I spoke to him about the suggestions he had made and mentioned I also had a thought in the past about using a dog in my studio shot as I think it would make it a more striking and interesting image to look at. I asked him how he would light it with a dog involved and Michele said something bright like a ring light, he said that a ring light would highlight the dogs fur in all the right places, making it look well presented. I mentioned to him that I wasn’t so keen on using an older woman as I already had my model of choice sourced and I didn’t have much time left to get things together and start shooting, he understood my struggle and said I didn’t have to, it was just an idea.

I found this lesson very useful as I got the chance to speak to 2 industry professionals and ask them for some expert advice on improving my work. I like what they both had to say and am going to look further into the suggestions they have made.

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