Interview Video- What Music I Added & Why…

To add emphasis on the emotional side of my video, I decided to involve music as part of my interview video. When watching Britain’s Got Talent or X Factor myself, I always tend to start to really feel the emotions of the video when I hear the sad tone music start. I was debating whether to include it at first as I know probably majority of the class would but it really added emotion and affect so I decided to add it in.

For a while I had been trying to think of what kind of emotional music to include, and at first I was just going to add in some generally sad piano style music, which didn’t seem to work with my video. I tried it once within the sequence and instantly changed it as it didn’t work well. I then tried to have a long hard think about what songs make me emotional. There are very few songs that make me emotional when I hear them, but once stood out to me in particular.

That song is ‘A Thousand Year’ by Christina Perri. It is an emotional song from one of my favourite films, and whenever I hear it, it makes me feel emotional and like my attention really turns to its meaning.

I went on to Youtube to try and find a karaoke piano version of the song, as I didn’t want the singing to overlap with my voice over. I then converted the video to an MP3 file, placed it accordingly within my video sequence and turned the volume down so it didn’t drown out my character telling their story.

When I played it back, it worked really well with the video I had made. I was pleased with how it looked and sounded. When the song started playing it made me more captivated to hear my clients story, as the emotion of the song caught my attention.

As an extra play on my characters ‘barbie doll’ attribute and with me making my character very girly, pink, bubbly and common, I thought it would add a subtle sense of humour by adding another bit of backing music over the top of my video up until the sad music starts.

The character that I created and that Paige portrayed in my video is very much like someone from the reality TV show, The Only Way Is Essex. I decided that to add to her character profile, I would add the theme tune from the TOWIE TV show. It adds a sense of style, character and a little something extra to the video than just having her talking. I cut the song down to start playing from the chorus as thats how the TOWIE theme tune starts, and people should instantly make a connection and be able to get a sense of character.

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