Interview Video- Putting My Video Together

To put my clips together and edit my 2 minute video I used Adobe Premier Pro, I have used this software before so was vaguely familiar with it and knew the basics.

To start of my video editing process I imported all of my clips into Premier Pro, so it made it easier for me to know where they are when I need them as they sit by the side of the editing block.I went through and rewatched them all so I knew which ones I definitely wanted to use.

With my clips, I had the same issue as my images, they didn’t look as dark on my camera screen and when we were filming compared to how they do on my laptop. Again, I knew that this wouldn’t be a major issue as I could adjust the lighting and colours in Premier Pro.

Picking and ordering the clips-

I went through all of my clips numerous times to distinguish which ones I wanted to have involved. Once I had chosen I started to place them into the editing time line, and rearranging them until they went in the right order. I didn’t want to include all bit of every clip, so I trimmed some down and them placed them next to one another on the timeline to create a smooth video effect once it is played.

Overlaying clips-

To add another clip into the video, so you could use more than one and not just have one long clip playing, I overplayed some clips onto the timeline to add extra elements to my story. All I simply did was dragged and dropped the clip I wanted to use, on top of the length of video I had already created, and then just shortened it down to how much of the overlaid clip I needed.

Voiceover and sound-

To get the idea of a voice over effect on my video, I simply had to keep the original video clips I had placed together with the talking on below all of the extra video clips I placed on top. Keeping the clips with Paige talking at the bottom of the ‘layer’ allowed the sound to be played constantly over the top throughout. Anything else than laid over the top couldn’t be heard loudly over the top over the story telling voice over. I went into the audio section and muted all of the other small clips that I didn’t want to make any noise, meaning Paige’s voice was 10x clearer.

Adding music-

To create the affect of a sob story video interview, I decided to lay some music over the top of my video and voiceover when it needed to come in. Adding some sad music over the top of Paige telling the sad part of her story really adds emotional affect to the viewer and captivates their attention more. To add the music in, I converted the Youtube video to an MP3 file, saved this to my iTunes and then imported it into Premier Pro, where it then sat with my imported clips. To add it into my video I dragged it underneath the initial video sequence I had started making. Adding the music underneath the video sequence meant that it sat underneath the voice over too. This worked well as when the music and voice over played at the same time, the music wasn’t as loud as the voice as it was underneath it. The song I had chosen was a little loud, and I still decided to turn it down a little bit more in the audio setting by dragging the adjuster down.

Effects and Transitions-

As my clips were a bit dark when I put them onto my laptop, I needed to adjust the setting so they were a bit brighter. I was able to do this in Premier Pro and apply the same effect to each clip individually. This didn’t take long as I slightly adjusted the exposure, saturation, vibrance and sharpness. I was able to create a lighter and clearer looking video.

Between each clip I decided I was going to add a transition to ensure that my video ran smoothly between clips and it didn’t seem jumpy. I went through the effects and tried all of the ones available to see which would look best. In the end I decided that the cross dissolve worked best and worked well with my video sequence and video style.

My Edited Video Sequence-

Once I had spent a few days editing and refining my finished video, this is what the final finished sequence looked like in the form of a Premier Pro file…

It was difficult to keep it within the two minutes, 120 seconds, exactly, I ran over by 5 seconds. I have hear mixed reviews on how this will be as some people have said that Matthew has said we have to strictly keep it to 120 seconds and cannot go over or under, and some other people have been saying that we have a few seconds lenience each way. I tried my best to keep it 120 seconds but I needed the extra few to create a video I was happy with.

I am now going to convert and export this finished video as a HDR 1080p mp4 file. This will allow the tutors to watch it in good quality when we hand it in. I am also going to upload it to my university Youtube channel to make it easier and quicker when handing it in online.

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