Interview Video- Contact Sheet Clips

Shooting the video was a lot easier than I thought, before doing it I had worries that it would be really difficult and the clips would look awful, however, I have proved myself wrong and managed to produce some clips that I can put together to make a 2 minute video.

To film my clips I sat Paige down on one of the chairs in her living room that had the most natural light provided on it, placed my camera on a stable surface, and clicked record. I started off my running through the script with Paige quickly. I decided to record this to see if Paige was going to say anything in character that I could later on use. Once Paige was familiar with her characters story and what she needed to say we were good to go. I recorded a few clips of Paige chatting away to me about her, her life story and the competition. I didn’t say anything as I just wanted to have a clip of her chatting and her voice by itself. We then watched the clip over, listened to it, I told Paige what to adjust when she spoke, and we tried it again. We did this twice more until she got the story down well and really sold it to me.

After this, I decided to film different style of video clip, where I am interviewing Paige and asking her the questions and you hear me ask her. We tried this twice as I messed up and laughed in the first take. I didn’t like this style clip with me talking in it as much as I strongly despise the sound of my own voice on recording, but there was still a possibility of me using it for some of the answer Paige gave to my questions.

Once I was happy with the main interview and story clips being filmed, we moved onto filming a few short ‘fillers’. These were some very short little clips that I was going to use to insert on top of the main video to help elaborate the clients story.

I filmed some of Paige checking herself out in the mirror, checking her outfit in the mirror, grooming her dog and giving her dog a cuddle. These clips worked well within the first couple of takes, and I knew they would look good being inserted over the top of the main video interview.

I am now going to start editing my video by using Premier Pro. I have experience with using PP in the past so feel confident enough I will be able to put it together and make a watchable 2 minute video interview.

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