Guest Lecturers- Mary- Anna Kearney & Michele Turriani…

One of our lessons for this unit involves two guests joining us and Matthew. We had the privilege of meeting Mary-Anna Kearney and Michele Turriani. Both have worked with well known people and brands from all over the world, and their industry and fashion knowledge is impressive.

Before we had the lesson with Mary-Anna and Michele I decided to do a little bit of background research on them both so I could familiarise myself with their work, what their visions and styles are like and be able to be familiar when they bought their own work up in conversation.

Mary-Anna Kearney-

Mary-Anna is an industry expert fashion stylist. She has worked with brands and publications such Vogue UK, Tatler, Grazia, Yves Saint Laurent, Tom Ford and Louis Vuitton. She’s worked with some of the industries finest to say the least. I had a quick look at her website, and from looking at the styling work she has created you can tell that she isn’t afraid to play, be bold and confident. There was images on there of some very interesting looks that really complete the whole image she was a part of helping to create.

In the lesson we have with Mary-Anna, I hope to be able to ask her some questions about how I should style the colours in my photoshoot and what kind of look she would personally style for this type of shoot. Hopefully she will be able to give me some good tips and ideas that will make my image look good.

Michele Turriani-

Michele is a London based, Italian photographer and director. He has been in the business for over 20 years and has worked with some big name brands such as Levi’s, Honda, Pirelli, Champion, Heineken, Nike and Diesel. I browsed Michele’s website to see what his work was like and to find out a list bit more about him as a photographer, and I was very intrigued by his style of work. Some of the images I came across I haven’t really seen done int hat sort of style before, which tells me he knows his own unique style of work. I like how in his portrait and fashion images he experiments with lighting and image crop. In the lesson I hope to also ask Michele a few questions and get some advice/tips on how to improve my photographic work. I hope to ask him about what he thinks of how I want to light my image, and I also want to ask for his advice on how I should crop my portrait.

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