Dog In The Studio- Update

After having planned to bring Paige’s dog into the studio to use as part of my project, I emailed health and safety and included all the relevant information on the risk assessment. After waiting a few days for a reply I finally got one, and it wasn’t good news.

Due to the policy of the university, I was only going to be allowed to bring a dog into the studio if it was a Guide Dog used for assistance or a Pet Therapy dog assigned by therapists. Due to Paige’s dog being none of these, and nothing other than just a loving, well behaved pet, I tried to fight my corner with it but it was a losing battle and I wasn’t allowed to involve the dog in my shot in the studio.

I didn’t want to have to change my whole idea and find a relevant location to now shoot at with the dog, as time really was running out and I had everything set to go. After a lot of deliberation on whether to change it all or keep things the same but just not involve the dog in my after shot, I decided on the latter decision.

As I liked the idea I had planned and limited time to finish things in, I kept everything the same as it was going to be but just wasn’t going to include the dog in my studio session for my after shot.

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