Bringing A Dog Into The Studio…

Since it has been brought up a couple of times and I really wanted to try and push myself to experiment with it, I wanted to bring a dog into the studio to photograph my model with the dog for my ‘after’ shot. I wanted it to add an element of subtle comedy and also something I haven’t really worked with or photographed before. I had a plan to bring one of Paige’s dogs into the studio, it was going to be a black beagle/cocker spaniel cross breed she has, called Charlie. I had ideas of keeping my after shot as I had planned with the lighting and styling etc but adding in the black dog with Paige and potentially getting her to wear a black wig so they look the same.

I wanted to use the dog in a sense to show that my character doesn’t just love dogs because she grooms them but because she is obsessed with them. I thought that getting Paige to wear a black wig to replicate her dogs long black ears would look interesting and unusual.

I created a few mood boards for visual references and lighting references…

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