Before Shot- Edits

When going through my images I chose these as the best ones as they turned out the best in terms of image composition, lighting and colour. To edit these images all I did was amp up the colours in Capture One, play with the brightness, contrast and highlights. Once I had done a first draft edit of them in Capture, I went over the colours again with a paint brush in Photoshop to make the eye makeup, lips and outfit really really pink. Having the pink stand out more than anything made sure the barbie doll attribute came across really clear.

I played around with cropping some of them to make them stronger images. Some of the images of the dogs being clippers and brushed had too much going on in the background, making the pictures look weaker overall, I found that editing and cropping them in made them stronger as it made your attention really focus on the fact she’s a pink loving, barbie doll type girl who loves dogs and loves to look after them. I have a few favourites that I prefer, and am going to see how they compare to my after shots when I go through and edit them. I want to try and pick the images that are the most contrasting opposites.

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