Before Shot- Contact Sheets

These are the images I took for my before shot, I have put them into a contact sheet format so I can easily look through them and select my favourite ones. The before shots are the part we did last, after the studio shoot and the video filming.

I went through and selected my favourite ones by the image crop, lighting, colours and how Paige interacted with the dog.

I will be honest, these are not the greatest images I have taken, but I am happy with how they have turned out for the project and convey my characters story/attritubes. When first doing a couple of test shots before the shoot started, the window lighting was making things seem really dark, so I moved things around to get the best sense of light in the room. Once that was sorted, it was difficult to get the dog to sit still and cooperate, Paige’s mum had to come in and help us with the dog, and she managed to get it to be calm and look at her.

I feel that Paige played the character well, she was good at taking direction and comfortable with the look and what I needed her to do. After we had got enough images of Paige with her small dog, I decided I would try involving her other dogs and some of the dog grooming accessories. This proved to be difficult as the two larger dogs were harder to control, they managed to sit for a little while, but not very long, hence the lack of images with the two dogs. I then decided to try images again with the small dog by himself with some of the dog grooming accessories in the image, and then got her black dog back in by himself with a brush.

If I was to do this shoot again I would’ve used more lighting, when taking the images, the lighting seemed fine when looking back through them on my camera, and then when I imported them to Capture One, they were a lot darker than I realised. This wasn’t the end of the world as I knew I could sort it out in post production, but it was slightly annoying.

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