After Shot- Contact Sheet 3

After experimenting with my characters look in the hair style, going from a black wig to natural blonde, I wanted to try one last experiment with one of the accessories I had bought for this shoot but not used. It was a pair of bright green circular hoop earrings. They had quite a funky 80’s feel to them and wasn’t sure if they would work with the look I chose at first, but wanted to try them anyway. I also wanted to experiment with them as the colour green in the bandana wasn’t very obvious or very green, so I thought adding a more obviously green element would help tie in all of the ragga culture colours.

I selected my best images and outlined them in orange. I picked these based on the lighting, colours, smoke and posing. I feel that the green hoops really added something attention grabbing to my images, they had good contrast with the red backdrop and lit up Paige’s face.

Now I have selected all of my best images from all three looks I shot, I am going to finalise all of the edits and then select the very best of the best to be considered for my final after shot.

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