After Shot- Contact Sheet 2

After I photographed Paige in the black wig, I decided to get my hair and makeup artist to change the hair back to her natural blonde hair as I wanted to give myself a number of options to pick from when it came to choosing my after shot.

I really liked photographing the blonde hair as soon as I set my camera on Paige to photograph her. She has naturally pretty hair as it is and I think that helped as the colour and style suited her way more than the black wig I made her wear did. It wasn’t the colour of the wig that put me off, it was the style, it was a bit too all over the place and made my image look clumsy. Which is why I almost instantly preferred her natural blonde hair.

After going through and selecting my best pictures from this contact sheet I feel they are stronger as Paige’s personality comes alive a bit more. She seems more confident, I asked her to keep it playful yet give attitude and I feel like she delivered well. During the shoot we had a break so Paige could go and smoke, and she had a small shisha pen with her in her pocket.

While doing the shoot I thought about maybe trying a few photos with her blowing some smoke in the image using the shisha pen. It wouldn’t create enough smoke to set off the fire alarms or cause any concern to anyone so I knew it wouldn’t cause harm or be a problem. I thought of using the smoke to act as if she was smoking weed. As the Rastafarian culture is associated with smoking weed and being chilled out, I thought this would help add an extra element to get across the ragga element of my character.

I will use the same editing process of Capture One and Photoshop to edit these images.

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