After Shot- Contact Sheet 1

These are some of the images I took at the start of my ‘after picture’ shoot. I started off by getting my model in the outfit I had chosen to show the ragga colours, and the black wig that I was going to get her to wear with her black dog in the picture too. Seeing as the dog wasn’t happening any more I decided to still experiment with the black wig as I thought it would really show a transformation and a transition in character through their genre of music. I started photographing Paige in the black wig and also use it as a test shoot. I thought I’d start with the black wig and also test the lighting with the colours of the outfit and everything tied together. At the start I liked the black wig, but the more images I took, the more I realised it hadn’t grown on me as much as I thought, however I continued to photograph it anyway to give me some more options of images to go through at the end, incase I didn’t like any others I wanted to take.

I chose my favourite ones and outlined them in blue. I chose my favourite ones depending on how they were lit, the shadows, how the wig sat and how the character was portrayed. I am going to pick some of my very very best ones to put into Capture One for a draft edit and then import them into Photoshop to work on the skin, lifting the lighting and amping up the colours.

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