Video Research- Sob Stories & Interviews…

As another part to our client’s ‘before fame’ story, we have to create a short 2 minute video. In the form of a sob story interview, like the ones you see on Britain’s Got Talent and X Factor. This video is to allow us to tell our characters story through the use of film as well as photography. We are allowed to portray our character however we want and have total control over how and what we film.

To give myself some ideas and inspiration for my video, I looked into some examples of sob story videos that have already been seen on the talent shows on TV. When watching them I will note down elements from each one, and make a list of things I need to apply to my own video…

Susan Boyle- Britains Got Talent
  • she is asked questions to find out information about her as a person
  • reveals name, age and where she is from
  • asked about future aspirations
  • asked why she entered and wants to win the competition
Mark McCollum- Britains Got Talent
  • asked the same questions about name, age, where they’re from
  • judges asked him why he was there and what he entered the competition for
  • emotional family story capturing attention of judges and audience
  • gives his audition more of a purpose
J Sol- X Factor
  • asked about name, age, location
  • why they want to do this competition, what they will be singing
  • emotional story of family loss
  • makes judges and audience upset and captivated by emotional performance
  • sad music after he finished singing adds emotion

As well as talent show auditions/interviews, another style of interview I looked into was Vogue 73 questions. I have been watching these videos for a long time now and have always loved how they communicate with the celebrity and how they easily find out so much about them.

I like how the interviewer enters the celebrities house, instantly showing us a bit about their style and personality, through no words. The questions and answers are very short and quick, making sure they get 73 fit into the video. I find it a really interesting way to learn a lot about someone and keep it quite fun and interesting to watch. If I am to do a video in this style, I won’t ask 73 questions, but a fair few in this similar style. Creating a personal connection to my character and learning a lot about them and their home.

After watching these audition and interview videos and noted down aspect of each one that I can apply to my own video, I am going to start planning how I am going to film it and writing the script for what I can get my character to say.

I want a few of my scenes to look like homely, light hearted and personal…

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