Video Planning- Storyboard

To also help me when it comes to filming my 2 minute video, I decided to sketch up a rough storyboard so I had an idea of what I wanted each scene to be like and what order I wanted it all to go in.

I am going to try two types of video interviews when it comes to filming. I am going to try one way of me asking Paige the questions and having me speaking in the video, or I am going to try with just having Paige talking away while I am guiding her with questions from behind the camera. I hate the sound of my own voice on recording so I think I know which way of filming I am going to prefer the look and sound of, but I am going to try both anyway.

As I am adding an emotional story into my video, I thought it would add good affect to have sad music playing over the top of my filming when she starts talking about the sad part of her story. I feel this will add affect and benefit the audience in knowing there is emotion behind it.

In between the video interview of Paige (Abi) telling her story, I want to cut in some extra little clips that will help give the story of who she is. For example, letting her barbie doll attribute be made obvious by her checking herself out in the mirror, checking her hair and makeup looks good, and showing she is a dog groomer by showing her grooming her dog with clippers or scissors, and adding emphasis on the fact she loves dogs by having her interact with the dog by hugging and kissing it.

Although it doesn’t sound much, I have a feeling that adding a few little extra clips in like those will emphasis my story of Abi, before she becomes famous.

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