Video Planning- Lighting, Props, Equipment…


A lot of the video interviews I looked into were on the main stage of either the X Factor or Britain’s Got Talent, which lighting I can’t replicate. So I am going to light my interview video in a similar style to the Vogue 73 questions video. After having watched 73 questions for a while now, I am familiar with their style of filming and lighting and a lot of the light comes from the natural light within their homes. At most I can image they use a large soft box light behind the camera to enhance the natural light in the home.

I am going to be filming my interview video in Paige’s home on the same day we do our ‘before’ shot, so I know what space and natural lighting I have to work with. As I am going to be keeping the styling the same with the dog and the colour pink being dominant in the image, I want the lighting to be bright to enhance the look of the plastic outfit and the texture of her dogs fur.

I am mainly going to rely on natural light coming into the living room through the windows but will have a portable flash kit on me if I need to use it to lift the room scene a bit.

Props and Equipment-

For the props and equipment for my video, I am not going to need anything different from what I used for my before shot, apart from a camera tripod, to keep it steady while filming. All I will need it Paige (dressed as her character), her dog, a chair/sofa to sit, tripod, spare SD card and camera battery. I know I will already have all of these with me on the day as I am using them in the ‘before’ shot beforehand.

Mixed Lighting-

With the possibility of me having to use an extra source of light in the form of a portable flash, due to the natural light not being enough from the windows, I decided to look at some examples of mixed lighting to see how it could possibly make it look. Mixed lighting is where another source of light is used in addition to there already being one present. For example, me filming in a house will have natural light coming through the windows, and me also potentially using a portable flash kit, makes it a mixed lighting set up.

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